Guide on Replacing Bandsaw Tires

How to change bandsaw tires.

Quick question: How can you replace your bandsaw tires when they get busted? If you answer I have no idea, you’re not alone because many bandsaw users also find themselves at a loss when the tires of their bandsaw become worn out. If you are the type of bandsaw user who does not tinker with your bandsaw, … Read more

When to Replace Bandsaw Blade?

Conditions of a bandsaw blade

No one can deny the fact that most bandsaw problems are blade-related problems. In fact, this thing about bandsaw blade drift indicates that you’ve used the wrong saw blade or have a dull saw blade. As you use the bandsaw more often, its blade may get out of alignment, become wobbly, or get loose. If … Read more

Best Handheld Band Saws for Wood

Ways of using handheld bandsaw to cut wood.

Woodworkers love portable band saws because they’re great for all kinds of jobs around the house. Several kinds of band saws may complete your job, depending on the type. A portable handheld band saw, known for its accuracy and adaptability, is an essential equipment in woodworking. When comparing the results of a band saw with … Read more

Different Parts of a Bandsaw

Carpenter operating bandsaw in the workshop.

If you want to master a power tool, like the bandsaw, it will be necessary to know its different components. In this way, you will thoroughly understand how it works and learn how to handle it safely. Bandsaws, of course, come in different types and styles. Yet, they have almost the same essential components.  Being … Read more

Best Small Band Saws for Crafts

Cutting wood craft with bandsaw.

If you’re a newbie in woodworking and want to get serious in this craft, it is reasonable to invest in a band saw designed for making wood crafts. Besides, if you’re going to make furniture, it will be best to invest in a quality bench bandsaw. You can use a bench bandsaw to make picture … Read more

How to Use a Portable Band Saw

Cutting wood and metal pipe with handheld bandsaw on jobsite.

The jigsaw, of course, is portable. Most bandsaws, however, are stationary tools. Yet, you can also purchase a portable bandsaw. As such, you can bring this portable band saw to wherever you would like to use it. But what is a portable band saw? The portable band saw is like a mini version of the … Read more

13 Top Portable Bandsaw Uses

The applications of a compact bandsaw.

So, you have decided to have extra stability and power in your cutting works, and thus, you’ve made up your mind to switch to using a portable bandsaw. But the moment you’ve decided to shop around for the best portable band saw, you find yourself confronted with unending brands of portable bandsaws. Choosing, therefore, becomes … Read more

Types of Bandsaw Blades

Different sizes and types of used bandsaw blades.

If you have a new bandsaw, you might not be thinking of purchasing a new bandsaw blade. Yet, time will surely come when its blade will become dull. By then, you will need to replace its blade. When that time comes, you will indeed be asking yourself which bandsaw blade would be best to buy. … Read more

11 Types of Bandsaw

Different types and sizes of bandsaws.

Imagine yourself belaboring to rip a thin board using a circular saw. Such a task would be very challenging given the thicker kerf of the circular saw, even if you are using a specialty blade with a very thin kerf. For such a task, you need another saw like a bandsaw. The bandsaw comes with … Read more