Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences 2023

January 4, 2023

Third-party fence equipment for bandsaw.

Imagine you’re making a straight cut freehand on your bandsaw, and you can’t seem to perfect it. Well, this is pretty much expected, given the unreliability of your hands. Moreover, other factors could make the saw blade veer away from your cut line, like the saw blade being dull, incorrect blade tension, and the slight vibrations of the bandsaw. So, in such a case, you might as well use a bandsaw fence to produce a perfectly straight cut using the bandsaw. 

Of course, you won’t need a bandsaw fence if you only intend to cut curves with your bandsaw. But if you want to rip and resaw, you will surely need a quality fence. If you’re a beginner in woodworking, you might be asking whether you would need a bandsaw fence. My answer is simple: “No one uses a bandsaw solely for making curved cuts.” You would indeed use your bandsaw to make straight cuts now and then. So, it will be best to have a bandsaw fence handy for making straight cuts.

Most Recommended Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences

Although some bandsaw models come with a pre-attached fence, most high-quality bandsaws in the market today don’t come with a bandsaw fence. As such, you must purchase a quality fence for your bandsaw. Yet, buying a bandsaw fence might prove to be a headache, given the myriads of options at hand. Hence, it will be best to know the following most recommended aftermarket bandsaw fences to facilitate the choosing process for you:

1) Kreg KMS7200

One excellent option if you’re looking for a bandsaw fence is the Kreg KMS7200. This bandsaw fence is easy to adjust, enabling you to achieve a higher level of accuracy when making straight cuts. It also lets you achieve varying cuts since it is easy to adjust. 

The Kreg KMS7200 comes with two fundamental adjustments. You only need to set this fence to match the drift of the saw blade for more enhanced accuracy. Moreover, you can set this bandsaw fence to low-profile to position this bandsaw fence closer to your workpiece. You can also complement this bandsaw fence with re-saw guides, and Kreg stops for expanded applications. 

This bandsaw fence features a precise lens cursor. Moreover, it is easy to read, allowing you to make the minutest adjustments with ease. Furthermore, you can engage in magnified reading for clearer and more accurate viewing of the cursor. 

The Kreg KMS7200 offers remarkable versatility. You can attach it with ease to any 14″ bandsaws. Moreover, it is easy to set up. Out-of-the-box, you can immediately use it and adjust its settings to fit other bandsaws. 

Besides, you will not need any tool for removing the fence, for it is easy to remove when not needed. You only need to loosen its locking knob. Afterward, you can remove this bandsaw fence from the rail.


  • Offers ease of use
  • Wrought in quality material
  • Offers remarkable precision
  • Easy to remove


  • Attaching it to some bandsaws might necessitate modifications.

2) Grizzly Industrial H7587

Another excellent bandsaw fence option is the Grizzly Industrial H7587. It allows for ease of adjustment. Depending on how you set it using a simple lever to adjust it, it can go lower and higher. You can use this resaw fence as a retrofit accessory for your Grizzly bandsaw. You can also use this bandsaw fence as an aftermarket fence with other bandsaw models with a 14” depth. 

The Grizzly Industrial H7587 is a bit heavy. Yet, it is a well-built and durable fence. This extra weight sported by the Grizzly Industrial H7587 comes from its cast-iron support fence and aluminum body. The good thing about this bandsaw fence is that it comes with a stop adjustment and mechanism for correcting blade drift.


  • Well-built fence
  • Suitable for 14-inch depth bandsaws
  • Easily adjustable
  • Works well with Grizzly bandsaws


  • A bit expensive
  • Quite heavy


One bandsaw fence that can provide you with a high level of convenience in its use is the CARTER MAGFENCE II V2. This bandsaw fence comes with a magnetic design. This design allows it to attach itself to the worktable without a fuss and fits well most metal (ferrous) tables. Moreover, it’s easy to install and use. 

The CARTER MAGFENCE II fits well with drill presses, spindle sanders, and other tools in your workshop that come with such a ferrous metal surface. Unlike other bandsaw fences that work only with 14-inch-deep bandsaws, this one works with bandsaws of any size, as long as the worktable is made of ferrous metal. This bandsaw fence is lightweight. It also makes the cutting process easy. 


  • Compatible with ferrous metal equipment and tools
  • Features a magnetic attachment
  • No brackets or mounts required
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with multiple T-slots


  • Not best as a table saw fence
  • Might move when you adjust it

4) RIKON 13-900

Another excellent choice is the RIKON 13-900. This bandsaw fence is perfect for the RIKON 10-320 bandsaw. It comes with a resaw bar to facilitate resawing. It also comes with a glide rail at its rear along with a lever (cam-lock), allowing for superb control to get the best cuts.

The RIKON 13-900 is easy to mount, with its complete hardware for mounting. Moreover, it is easy to fit and works well. It is also easy to adjust to rectify blade drift. Besides, the fence also comes with many adjustment options for squaring and drift. 

Its magnified cursor allows for precise cuts. Moreover, its scale is easy to read. These features will enable you to do your cuts efficiently and effectively without worrying about getting inaccurate measurements. 


  • Well designed bandsaw fence
  • Perfect for multiple projects
  • Easy to use and offers precise cuts. 


  • Might not be compatible with other bandsaw models

5) Shop Fox D3575

The Shop Fox D3575 comes in a larger design to guide woodworkers in making precise cuts. The kit features all the required accessories and guidelines. So, it is easy to set up by simply following those instructions. With this bandsaw fence, you can quickly adjust to enable you to make precise cuts. 

This fence can make intricate adjustments and measurements to allow you to make accurate cuts. It also features an extruded design that you can remove with ease. Thus, you can have the free hand in lowering the blade guides. This bandsaw fence gets manufactured in Taiwan. It fits bandsaws table sizes from 19″ to 19-1/2″ (back to front).


  • Comes with a larger profile
  • Features a complete kit with all the necessary accessories
  • Allows for micro-adjustments
  • Permits modification
  • Suited for larger bandsaws


  • Doesn’t have a universal design


Another excellent option if you’re looking for a reliable bandsaw fence is the POWERTEC BS900RF. The POWERTEC BS900RF is a rip fence that suits well the Powertec BS900RF bandsaw. You can also use it with 11-3/4 bandsaw sizes. 

Wrought in durable aluminum, this fence allows you to get your cutting job done easily and precisely. This one comes with a rugged design. It is convenient to use and reliable if you want straight cuts. 

One feature of this bandsaw fence is its cam-lever, handy for securing and locking the system and making quick adjustments. You can set up this pre-assembled model with ease, and it is lightweight at 13.4 ounces. 


  • Offers ease of installing and use
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Allows for precise cuts


  • Not suited for other bandsaw sizes like a 14-inch bandsaw

Buying Guide: Important Factors to Consider

You will inch closer to the best bandsaw fence by knowing the most recommended bandsaw fences by the experts. Yet, you can further inch closer to finding the ideal bandsaw fence for your needs by familiarizing yourself with the following essential factors you should consider when buying a bandsaw fence:


The durability of the bandsaw fence will depend on its materials. Bandsaw fences get usually fashioned out of aluminum, plastics, and steel. One excellent option is the aluminum alloy. Steel, of course, is robust, but it quickly corrodes. Moreover, steel is heavy. Plastics, however, should be your last option when it comes to bandsaw fences.

Locking System

Another feature you should carefully consider is the lock system. Your choice should allow you to lock the fence down with ease. Once you lock it down firmly, you can make precise cuts with the bandsaw. The locking system can be a cam-lock or magnetic lock. 

The magnetic lock allows for ease of locking. Cam lock is more complicated than the magnetic ones. For this reason, many prefer the magnetic fence over those of the cam locks. Nevertheless, your bandsaw table should be made of ferrous metal before you can use the magnetic bandsaw fence.


Bandsaw models come in various varieties and designs. Hence, the accessories complementing a bandsaw model might differ from the other models with different designs and dimensions. When choosing a bandsaw fence, you should first determine the design and dimensions of your bandsaw. Check if the bandsaw fence will fit your bandsaw model. You can also go for bandsaw fences that can work well with any bandsaw model.


Bandsaw fences also differ in designs and dimensions. Some bandsaw fences are specifically designed for a particular bandsaw model. Thus, you should check if the design fits your preference well. Moreover, each bandsaw fence differs from the other. 

So, it will be crucial to choose a bandsaw fence that comes with a well-thought-of design. If you’re unsure whether a particular design will fit your bandsaw well, you can settle for a bandsaw with a universal design.


Another crucial factor you must bear in mind is the size of the bandsaw fence. If your saw is more extensive, then you should go for a larger bandsaw fence. You should also consider the tasks you frequently engage in to figure out the right size of bandsaw fence for your needs. 

Clamping Mechanism

An excellent clamping mechanism offers remarkable accuracy. If you aim for a high accuracy level, you should go for a bandsaw fence with a perfect clamping mechanism. An ideal clamping mechanism will also keep the bandsaw fence fixed and immobile despite the knocks and vibrations produced by the saw.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Aside from knowing the most recommended bandsaw fences by the experts and the essential factors you should consider, it will also help if you familiarize yourself with the following FAQs about bandsaw fences:

Why Should You Consider Ripping & Resawing Using a Bandsaw Fence?

You can achieve quality straight cuts with the bandsaw. But you can only achieve such straight and precise cuts if you use a bandsaw fence to guide the cutting process. If you cut precisely, you save time and energy, and resources like wood. The use of a bandsaw fence is advantageous because it prevents the sliding and rocking of the wood while you cut.

Do You Need a Fence on Your Bandsaw?

Even experienced bandsaw users will sometimes falter in making perfectly straight cuts. But if you have a bandsaw fence to guide you, you can make straight cuts with ease.

What Bandsaw Fence Size Should I Buy?

The fence size you should buy should depend on several factors. First, its size should fit the bandsaw. Second, you should consider the stock type you will often work with.

Which Material Makes Up Most Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences?

Aftermarket bandsaw fence comes in different materials. Some are wrought in steel, while some are made of aluminum or plastics. Steel, of course, is the benchmark for durability, but it is more susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum alloy, on the other hand, is lighter and robust likewise. Plastic bandsaw fence, however, isn’t the primary option of most woodworkers and users of bandsaws.

Can You Use Safely a DIY Bandsaw Fence?

If you know how to create a reliable bandsaw fence, then you can make one and use it for your bandsaw. Yet, it will be best to buy an aftermarket bandsaw fence from well-known manufacturers like the ones mentioned above. In this way, you can ensure the quality of your bandsaw fence. Moreover, you can ensure that the bandsaw fence you will use gets appropriately calibrated for bandsaw usage. 

Can You Use Table Saw Fence on Bandsaw?

The table saw fence is different from the bandsaw fence. As such, each saw type necessitates a unique saw fence designed for such a saw. Of course, you can use a bandsaw fence on a table saw and vice versa.


If you’re still wondering whether you need a fence for your bandsaw, I will categorically tell you that you need one. You will not solely use your bandsaw for cutting curves. You will need it now and then to make rip cuts and resaw. So, it will help to have a bandsaw fence at hand to ensure that you can proceed quickly with the cutting process with precision. 

Yet, as mentioned above, high-quality bandsaws don’t usually come with a bandsaw fence. A few may come with a fence included in the kit, but most of them don’t. Hence, you need to buy one. As mentioned above, to zero in on the best bandsaw fence, you need to know the best aftermarket bandsaw fences and the factors you should consider when buying one.

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