Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences 2023

Third-party fence equipment for bandsaw.

Imagine you’re making a straight cut freehand on your bandsaw, and you can’t seem to perfect it. Well, this is pretty much expected, given the unreliability of your hands. Moreover, other factors could make the saw blade veer away from your cut line, like the saw blade being dull, incorrect blade tension, and the slight … Read more

How to Clean Bandsaw Tires

Clean-up the bandsaw tires that filled with wood dust.

If you often use your bandsaw in many of your projects, it will not be long when pitch and sawdust would accumulate in your bandsaw tires. This accumulation of pitch and sawdust may affect the performance of your bandsaw blade. Hence, if you want the saw blade to ride exactly on the tire center, it … Read more

How Does a Bandsaw Work?

Using bandsaw to cut wood craft.

As you decide to jumpstart your woodworking career, you will surely need to invest in excellent power tools. But as you shop around for power tools, you will soon find yourself face-to-face with an array of woodworking power tools. You might opt for buying a table saw or a miter saw and might overlook the … Read more

Best Band Saw Blades for Metal 2023

One excellent tool that could expand your woodworking capability is the bandsaw. With it, you can do things that you haven’t done before using other power tools. You can cut curves and circles and resaw larger pieces of lumber using it. You can also cut notches using the bandsaw and engage in book matching. Moreover, … Read more

Best Bandsaw for Resawing 2023

Using bandsaw to resaw wood block.

The table saw, being a workhorse, often gets the central space in most workshops. But it takes a lot of space, and it can deprive a workshop of much valuable space. So, many woodworkers prefer the bandsaw over the table saw for some succinct reasons. The bandsaw usually sits up against the workshop wall, taking … Read more

Best Resaw Bandsaw Blades 2023

Bandsaw blade for resawing wood log.

Resawing wood pieces using the bandsaw into thinner and more manageable wood slices isn’t pleasurable if you don’t have the appropriate bandsaw blade for resawing. Even if you have the most powerful bandsaw but don’t equip it with the right resaw blade, you might find yourself enervated after resawing a few pieces of large lumber. … Read more