How to Make Plywood Look Good & Smooth

Smoothening the surfaces of plywood to make better quality cabinet.

As a woodworking material, plywood has come a long way since it got patented on December 26, 1865. Since then, plywood had served only as an alternative to solid wood for several decades. Nowadays, however, plywood has become the foremost choice of many woodworkers. The reason is due to the many benefits and advantages afforded … Read more

Can You Paint MDF Furniture?

Apply paint finish on the mdf furniture.

Of course, Yes, you can paint MDF. Yet, you should adequately prepare the MDF for painting and choose the most appropriate paint. MDF usually exhibits 150-grit on its back and front side surfaces, while its edges showcase a rougher texture. Thus, MDF is more porous than other types of boards, so you must prepare its … Read more

Types of Particle Board

Stack of wood particle board stored in the warehouse.

The good thing about modern-day woodworking is that there are several engineered wood products you can choose from for your woodworking projects. One such wood product is particleboard. The particleboard is also referred to as chipboard because it came from wood chips combined with synthetic resin and other binder substances. These combined materials are then pressed and … Read more