Best Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring 2023

October 4, 2023

Different types of saw blades to cut vinyl plank flooring.

You might be thinking of installing vinyl planks on your flooring, and you want to know which saw blades you should use to cut vinyl planks. Well, you’re in the right place, for in this post, you will learn the different saw blades you can use to cut vinyl plank flooring. 

Vinyl plank flooring, of course, is not difficult to work on and install. You won’t need special tools to cut the material into the desired sizes. You can use, for example, hand saw, circular saw, laminate tile cutter, Dremel, Jigsaw, and even miter saw.

Best Saw Blades for Cutting Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you would use a saw to cut vinyl plank flooring, you must consider several essential factors when choosing saw blades. It will also help if you know the following most recommended saw blades by the experts:

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1) Diablo D1080N

The Diablo D1080N is indeed a high-quality saw blade that you can use in your circular saw. It is a ten-inch saw blade that offers eighty teeth. Its teeth, of course, are sharp, capable of giving you clean cuts when working on a vinyl plank. Hence, you will get perfect results using this saw blade. 

The Diablo D1080N is made of TiCo. or a combination of titanium and cobalt. Thus, it is an excellent saw blade when cutting vinyl planks. It also produces fantastic results when cutting aluminum, copper pipe, plastic, laminates, brass, and other non-ferrous materials. Using this saw blade, you get a burr-free finish that you would surely appreciate. 

Moreover, this saw blade features a .094″ kerf. It has a thin kerf that affords you almost laser-cut precision. Besides, it has vents that stabilize it and an anti-vibration feature.


  • Comes with a non-stick coating
  • Features sharp teeth
  • Offers reduced vibrations
  • Durable


  • Prone to bending over time.

2) Freud D1280X Diablo

The Freud D1280X Diablo features a 12″ diameter saw blade that you can use for cutting vinyl plank flooring. It features eighty teeth that are sharp and smooth-cutting. These teeth are likewise durable and come with a coating (Perma-Shield) that is non-stick. This coating prevents overheating. Besides, it lessens pitch buildup. 

The Freud D1280X features a thin kerf that enables this saw blade to cut fast. Its vents stabilize its movement and lessen vibrations likewise. Plus, the tips of its teeth are impact-resistant.


  • Quick cutting
  • Offers flawless cuts on the vinyl
  • Comes with fewer vibrations


  • Prone to bending
  • May heat quickly

3) Makita A-93681

The Makita A-93681 is a ten-inch saw blade that is excellent for cutting vinyl. It comes with teeth that are designed for flawless and chip-free cuts. Its teeth feature 600 grit. It also comes with carbide teeth that resist overheating and remain sharp longer. Thus, you can cut the vinyl plank with ease and other materials like softwood, plywood, hardwood, laminate, and other materials. 

The body of the blade is wrought in stainless steel. Hence, it is durable. For this reason, you can use it for a longer time. It also exhibits remarkable stability even if you work for long hours. 

Its teeth feature hook angles (5-degree). Moreover, it features a very thin kerf of around .071″. Thus, this saw blade is also a perfect choice for cutting vinyl plank. 


  • Hook teeth for excellent cutting
  • Stainless steel body for exceptional durability
  • Thin kerf


  • Produces a bit of noise
  • A bit expensive

4) DEWALT DW3106P5

If you want a saw blade that stays sharp longer, you should consider carbide-tipped saw blades. One such saw blade is the DEWALT DW3106P5. This saw blade can cut with ease vinyl flooring. Yet, you can also use it in cutting softwood, hardwood, and plywood. It offers a fast action that lets you cut through vinyl without any snag. Its plate is computer balanced. Thus, this blade has fewer vibrations for enhanced finish and accuracy. It is perfect for use in miter saws.  


  • Remains sharp for a long time
  • Produces better finish
  • Offers high accuracy of cuts


  • A little expensive

5) Overpeak Table Saw Blade

Another excellent option is the Overpeak table saw blade. This saw blade is very durable. It is also very effective in cutting vinyl plank flooring. It produces low noise and is very stable when cutting. Moreover, it comes with expansion slots and stabilizer vents for reducing vibrations and heat. 

This table saw blade is also capable of high RPM up to 6000 RPM. Furthermore, it comes with ninety teeth and is perfect for cutting vinyl and other materials.


  • Long-lasting
  • Offers excellent stability
  • Reduced noise
  • Usable with miter, table, and circular saws


  • Reduced feed rate onto the wood


The BOSCH TW21HC is a set of jigsaw blades. You will get out of this set twenty-one jigsaw blades for different woodworking applications. With this set of jigsaw blades, you can almost do every woodworking task with ease. 

You can also cut vinyl plank flooring with ease. This set of jigsaw blades will offer you excellent flexibility and versatility that you would indeed appreciate.


  • Comes with 21 pieces in a set
  • Offers precise cutting of vinyl plank flooring
  • Flexible and versatile set
  • With money-back guarantee


  • The case fails to keep the blades compartmentalized


The DEWALT DW3712H comes with five jigsaw blades that you can use to cut laminate and other materials. It is also perfect for cutting vinyl plank flooring. It is easy to use and set up. Moreover, each blade comes with precision teeth that remain sharp for a more extended period. It can also deliver longer and smooth cuts. 

The blades come with deeper gullets allowing for the removal of more material. These blades are perfect for DEWALT and other jigsaws that require universal shank.


  • Offers smooth cuts on materials
  • Allows for quick cuts
  • Easy to grip 
  • Offers excellent precision


  • Not advisable for heavy load cutting with fast pacing

Cutting Vinyl Plank Flooring Using Table Saw, Miter Saw, Circular Saw, and Jigsaw (Simple Tips)

As mentioned above, you can utilize various tools to cut vinyl plank flooring. Below are some succinct tips on using each of the abovementioned tools to cut vinyl plank flooring:

1) Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring with Table Saw

You can use the table saw to cut vinyl planks. It is perfect, especially for making a rip cut. You will sometimes make long rip cuts on the vinyl plank when you finish the flooring edges. So, you need to make a rip cut whether you like it or not. 

In such an instance, you need to trim the plank. So, the table saw will be very useful in this instance. The plank needs to be supported. So, it will be best to use the table when cutting the plank as you feed it through the saw. 

Meanwhile, you can likewise utilize the table saw to make crosscuts. You will need to make crosscuts when trimming the plank to reduce its length. It will likewise come in handy if you want to stagger the design of the boards to produce a staggered timber floor design.

When cutting vinyl planks using the table saw, it will be best to replace the saw blade with something with fine teeth. So, it will help if you go for saw blades with higher TPI counts. The higher the TPI count of a saw blade, the smoother it will cut. 

Besides, you should check the angle of the teeth. The positive rake angle, for example, isn’t perfect for cutting vinyl planks, for it will only aggressively cut the blade. However, the saw blade with a negative or zero rake angle will be perfect for cutting vinyl.  

2) Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring Miter Saw

You can also use the miter saw to cut vinyl plank flooring. Yet, the use of miter saw is only limited to specific cuts. Since the miter saw blade moves downward like a chopping knife, it can only deliver certain cuts. You can perform crosscuts to reduce the length of the vinyl planks. You can also use it to cut angles to fit onto the edges of the floor. 

The miter saw, however, is incapable of making rip cuts. So, you must settle on different tools for making rip cuts on the vinyl planks. Moreover, when using the miter saw, you need to choose the saw blade with care. It will also help to select a saw blade with a higher TPI count for cleaner cuts.

3) Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring with Circular Saw

You can use the circular saw to cut vinyl plank flooring. You can use it to rip long planks to make the right fit for the floor space. Moreover, the cutting process is quick with the circular saw. It can cut faster than the jigsaw. Yet, you need to make sure that you clamp the plank well into the workbench to ensure that it will not move when you cut through it. In this way, you can cut with precision using the circular saw. 

It will be best, however, to be on the safe side when cutting vinyl planks. You should wear your safety gear like your mask because the circular saw will indeed produce billows of dust. Moreover, you should wear your earplugs when cutting because the cutting process will engender much noise. 

It will be best to do the cutting outside your shop or house to ensure that you will not be exposed to risks concomitant with the use of the circular saw. 

4) Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring with Jigsaw

I know you are familiar with the jigsaw, and you know exactly how it works. Of course, it is a tool that can use to cut curves and circles. Thus, you can also cut vinyl planks using it. It provides you with enough versatility to cut various shapes on the vinyl planks. 

When using the jigsaw, you also need to select the right blade for cutting vinyl planks. When you buy jigsaw blades, you will often find that jigsaw blades come in a set consisting of many jigsaw blades. Jigsaw blades, likewise, are not expensive. 

The best jigsaw blades for cutting vinyl have finer teeth. These finer teeth allow for a smooth cut. They also don’t damage the plank’s edges. 

You can expect from the jigsaw an excellent versatility. It is best performing when making crosscuts and smaller cuts. Yet, you will find it challenging to use when making rip cuts. You can utilize the jigsaw best when making cutouts in the planks. You will usually make cutouts when working on pillars, door jams, pedestals, and toilet bases. 

You can also utilize it best when making curves and other irregular shapes on the vinyl. Of course, jigsaw excels most when cutting shapes and curves. Yet, it will help if you choose narrow jigsaw blades, for wider blades will be challenging to maneuver along curves and tight corners.

Aside from knowing the tools that you can best use to cut vinyl plank flooring, it will also help if you are familiar with FAQs about cutting vinyl plank flooring, for these FAQs might be the very questions you have in your mind:

Can You Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring Using a Handsaw?

Yes, you can use the hand saw to cut vinyl planks, but expert woodworkers do not advise its use. As mentioned above, the best saws to use are those with finer teeth. The edge of the vinyl can easily get damaged by large teeth. So, if you want to get more satisfactory results, it will be best to use blades with finer teeth. 

If you are adamant about using a handsaw, you can use handsaws used for making finishing cuts. You can also use a hacksaw with finer teeth. Using the handsaw, of course, is more challenging as compared to using the abovementioned power saws. You will be spending more time cutting vinyl using the handsaw.

Moreover, you will exert more energy in cutting vinyl plank using the handsaw. Hence, experts would readily discourage you from using the handsaw to cut vinyl plank. Yet, if the handsaw is your only option, you should be prepared to exert more effort and spend more time cutting vinyl plank. 

Which Tool Will You Use to Cut Formica?

If you want to cut Formica perfectly, it will be best to use a circular saw with forty teeth. Use something like a carbide-tipped blade. You can use the circular saw for long rip cuts. Nevertheless, it is not best for cutting detailed smaller cuts. You can utilize this saw with ease by simply pushing the circular saw into the workpiece. Yet, the circular saw can also produce chips on the Formica. So, it will help to be very careful when using it on Formica.

Are Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring the Same?

Linoleum and vinyl flooring are different from each other. Linoleum is wrought in natural materials. It also has anti-microbial properties. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is wrought in durable PVC. It also features a protective wear layer. Moreover, it’s easy to install and requires almost no maintenance.

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

You will find that most vinyl planks make use of a locking system called tongue and groove. This lock system is also called click-lock flooring. Thus, it is easy to install. You often don’t need glue or tape, nor should you need professional help when installing it. 

You start in the room’s corner and set the first plank. Using the spacers, maintain the necessary gap of 3/8″ between the wall and the plank floor. Then, complete the first row. 

Afterward, insert the tongue. Then, place the second plank. Continue until you finish the first row. Afterward, when you reach the wall, cut the plank using your chosen tool. Repeat the process until you cover the whole floor space.


You have several ways to cut vinyl plank flooring, depending on what type of vinyl flooring you will cut. If you would cut vinyl plank flooring (WPC or LVP), you can use a utility knife to score the vinyl flooring. Then, snap it apart to get a clean break. If you cut SPC vinyl flooring, you can use a power saw. You can likewise use a tile cutter to cut it. 

As mentioned above, you need to select with care the tool and the saw blade you will use to cut the vinyl plank flooring. Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above to get the cutting job done to your satisfaction.

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