Table Saws With Best Dust Collection, Reviewed

Dust collection ports on table saws.

A woodworker’s workshop isn’t complete without a table saw. Besides being an essential, helpful tool, it’s also a powerhouse for many projects. It’s best to own one, but like all tools, it has its drawbacks.  One of the primary disadvantages of having a table saw is the sawdust. It’s inevitable, and you’ll find them all … Read more

Best Table Saws for Small Shop

Compact and portable table saws that suitable for small space.

Even if you’re just starting out in woodworking in small workshop or compact working space, you still needs a table saw. You don’t want one of the most vital pieces of equipment missing from your shop! Any DIY enthusiast can benefit from one.  So, if you need a table saw fit for your workshop’s size, … Read more

Top Table Saws With Safety Stop Features

Demo of auto-break function on table saws.

Working on your projects can be addictive. While we focus on accurate cuts and intricate carving, we may not give proper attention to the rest of our bodies. Every 9 minutes, someone suffers from a table saw injury – resulting in up to 10 amputations every day.  No matter how much we try to be … Read more

Best Portable Table Saws for Fine Woodworking

A small table saw that used for fine woodworking.

Portable table saws aren’t the number one priority for fine woodworking. While entirely understandable, it’s also a mistake. Portable table saws have the power, accuracy, and capability to render fine woodworking! Today, we have some recommendations you can go through. Once you get the best portable table saw, you can do a lot more projects! … Read more

How Does Sawstop Work?

Closer look on how the SawStop activated.

Statistics would not lie when it comes to grisly accidents due to the use of table saw. In fact, in the U.S. alone, ten amputations happen every day due to its usage. For this reason, companies like the Sawstops were established to raise the safety level in the use of the table saw a notch … Read more

How To Build A Table Saw Workstation

Different styles and ideas for diy table saw workstation.

A table saw workstation is easier than you think. As woodworkers, it’s almost impossible to work without a workbench. You want your tools and projects all in one place!  And then, you take a peek at the prices. If you don’t have a budget and feel like you can take a DIY project on, this … Read more

Different Types of Table Saws

Different types and categories of table saws for woodworking.

The table saw, as a power tool, is a must-have tool for modern woodworkers. In fact, it is the primary tool of woodworkers from which most woodworking jobs emanate. Of course, traditional saws still serve their purpose for some woodworkers, and they are still instrumental to the completion of some jobs.  Nevertheless, the more improved and more … Read more

Best Aftermarket Table Saw Blade Guards

Quite frankly, the use of a table saw is not for everyone, for its use comes with many risks. Even a short contact with its spinning blade may cause serious injury. For example, if you lack focus or are quite listless, you may get injured by the blade. Besides, experience and skill may not suffice … Read more