Riving Knife Vs Splitter

Comparing the features of splitter and raving knife.

Any new table saw you’re considering purchasing will almost certainly come along with a riving knife. Wood is kept away from the blade’s teeth by this dorsal-fin-shaped metal component attached to the saw’s arbor. New riving knives may not be as exciting to those who still use an old-school splitter. After all, the goal of … Read more

Best Thin Kerf Table Saw Blades

Thin saw blades on table saw.

If you are skeptical about using a thin kerf table saw blade, I think it’s time to forgo your skepticism. The truth is the laser-thin table saw blade will cut like a smoldering knife through butter. For example, if you use a table saw blade with 1/16″ kerf, you might be surprised by how it … Read more

Best Table Saw Blade for Plywood

Cutting plywood sheet with table saw blade.

You need to use the best table saw blade for cutting plywood when building plywood furniture. Plywood is prone to splintering than other types of wood if you use an incorrect saw blade. Most Recommended Table Saw Blades for Cutting Plywood 1) Freud 10″ LU80R010 One brand that keeps on rolling out excellent table saw … Read more

Best Link Belts for Table Saw

Link belt sizes.

The single best thing that you can do to make an old table saw run smoothly again is to replace its belt by installing the correct size of link belts into it. As you make this beneficial change, you will notice a remarkable drop in vibration levels of your saw. Link belts are of simple … Read more

Best Cross Cut Jig & Sled for Table Saw

Sizes and types of table saw crosscut jigs.

The essential crosscut jigs and sleds are important additions to your table saw. The crosscut jigs and sleds, for example, make your cut more accurate, but they also facilitate cross-cutting and make it safer. Moreover, they help you make the required cuts with ease and greater level of safety. The crosscutting sleds also enable you … Read more

Best Dado Jig for Table Saw

Dado jig template kit for table saw.

If you want to take your woodworking skills to the next level, you should begin to learn the art of making dadoes. There are several ways to make dadoes, and there are several tools you can use to create one. The commonly used tools for making dado include the router, router table, and table saw.  … Read more

Best Sanding Discs for Table Saw

Converting table saw to a sanding station.

The sanding disc is one of the tools you can use to smoothen the contour of wood ends with ease. Besides, having a sanding disc for your table saw allows you to turn into a sanding station quickly. The disc sander, of course, is a must tool in any shop. You can use them to … Read more

Best Waxes for Table Saw

Using paste wax for waxing table saw.

The paste wax will enable the wood piece to slide smoothly across the table saw when cutting. It is easy to apply. You only need to wipe a light paste wax coat across the tabletop surface. However, you should ensure that you cover all the surface areas that would come in contact with the wood … Read more

Best Table Saw Box Joint Jigs Without Dado

Box joint jigs for table saw.

One challenging aspect of woodworking is making joints like dovetail joints and box joints. In fact, your creativity and expertise as a woodworker usually hinge on how well you create those joints. Most jigs for cutting box joints or finger joints are mounted to the miter gauge. So, it will help if you can sometimes … Read more