Best Mortise and Tenon Jigs for Table Saw

Cutting style and methods of mortise and tenon jigs on table saw.

Sometime around the end of 2015, I was just a struggling beginner in woodworking, trying to figure out the best way to make mortise and tenon joints. So, I had to ask my woodworking friend about his ideas on making those seemingly perfect joints, and he told me to use a mortise and tenon jig. … Read more

Best Small Table Saws

Different sizes and types of mini compact table saws.

The small table saw has everything that a standard table saw has. It has rip fences, a powerful motor, and miter gauges. It can also offer you accurate cuts and other features that a standard-sized table saw has. Yet, it is compact and is perfect for a cramped workshop. As a beginner in woodworking, you … Read more

Best Table Saw Miter Sled 2022

Cutting 45 degree using miter sled.

The primary tool woodworkers use when cutting materials is the table saw, and it can do various cuts needed in most woodworking tasks. But the table saw will not suffice to provide you with accurate cuts, and accuracy is crucial to quality woodworking. You will still need to use another accessory like the crosscut sleds … Read more

Best Crosscut Sled for Dewalt Table Saw 2022

Using Dewalt table saw compatible crosscut jig.

Those engaged in building things understand the succinct truth behind the phrase, “Measure twice, cut once.” Woodworkers embrace this maxim to ensure quality results in their projects. Yet, even if you measure twice, but the workpiece is wobbling, or there is too much friction between the table surface and the workpiece while you cut, as in … Read more

Best Table Saw Miter Gauges 2022

Different types and brands of miter gauges that can be used on table saw.

One power saw that excels best when ripping lumber is the table saw. It is perfect for making long cuts along the wood grain. Nevertheless, you can also use the table saw to make crosscuts, though it could be challenging, and the results might not be that good. Hence, to get excellent crosscut results, you … Read more

Jointing With a Table Saw

Jointing wood boards using table saw.

You might have seen a jointer and might have known that a jointer has one specific function, i.e., to make wood or timber flat without any twist or warp. So, you might be wanting to have one in your workshop. Yet, power jointers are expensive and may range from two hundred dollars to several hundred … Read more

Riving Knife Vs Splitter

Comparing the features of splitter and raving knife.

Any new table saw you’re considering purchasing will almost certainly come along with a riving knife. Wood is kept away from the blade’s teeth by this dorsal-fin-shaped metal component attached to the saw’s arbor. New riving knives may not be as exciting to those who still use an old-school splitter. After all, the goal of … Read more

Best Thin Kerf Table Saw Blades 2022

Thin saw blades on table saw.

If you are skeptical about using a thin kerf table saw blade, I think it’s time to forgo your skepticism. The truth is the laser-thin table saw blade will cut like a smoldering knife through butter. For example, if you use a table saw blade with 1/16″ kerf, you might be surprised by how it … Read more