Best Small Table Saws

Different sizes and types of mini compact table saws.

The small table saw has everything that a standard table saw has. It has rip fences, a powerful motor, and miter gauges. It can also offer you accurate cuts and other features that a standard-sized table saw has. Yet, it is compact and is perfect for a cramped workshop.

As a beginner in woodworking, you will need to accumulate several essential power tools to kickstart your woodworking career. One such power tool is the table saw which will serve as the centerpiece of your workshop. Yet, if your workshop isn’t spacious, it will not be advisable to buy yourself a bulky table saw. You might as well opt for a small table saw, or a mini table saw. 

Most Recommended Mini Table Saws

Although finding the right small table saw is not that brain-taxing and nerve-wracking, you can still get confused in the process as a beginner. As such, it will be best to know the following most recommended small table saws in the market today to narrow down your options to the best options:

1) Rockwell RK7323

The Rockwell RK7323 is one of your best mini table saw options out there. It is barely 15 pounds in weight and is lighter than the DEWALT mini table saw models. It is also easy to carry around to where you want to engage in cutting. Moreover, it offers a compact footprint that you would surely love to have in your non-so-spacious workshop. 

The Rockwell RK7323 is a combination of four essential power saws: miter saw, table saw, jigsaw and scroll saw. It also provides incredible and diverse power at a very affordable price. 

Moreover, it allows for ease of blade change, and you won’t need any tool for blade change. You will barely consume three seconds when changing blades. Besides, it got everything you need to start cutting. It also has a vacuum port for clean and dust-free cutting.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to transport around
  • It is versatile and flexible
  • Very much affordable
  • Allows for easy blade change


  • Might produce a slight curve on your straight cuts


Another excellent option for a mini table saw is the DEWALT DWE7485. It is a portable and compact table saw that you could easily store away when not in use. It allows for ease of adjustment and fast and accurate cuts. Moreover, it provides a 24-1/2″ rip capacity, allowing you to rip 4×8 plywood and OSB sheets. 

The DEWALT DWE7485 comes with a powerful motor (15amps) and can offer 5800 maximum rpm. It also allows for quick access to its guarding components. Besides, it is an easy and comfortable to use table saw that delivers excellent cuts. Yet, it is not inexpensive. It is also easy to control and allows for ease of adjustments.


  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to carry to your workplace
  • Allows for ease of adjustment
  • Comes with a powerful motor


  • Out of the box, you need to realign the blade, bevel, and the fence

3) Multifunction Mini Table Saw

Another versatile small table saw is the Multifunction Mini Table Saw. It comes with a thick platform (6mm) for easy cutting of your materials. It also has a powerful motor that you can regulate using its speed controller. This multipurpose motor can polish, grind, sand, slot, engrave and cut. 

With its multi-functions, you can accomplish much using this table saw. The downside of using this small table saw is that its manual is in Chinese characters. So, you need a translator to figure the instructions out.

Moreover, it appears to be lacking in torque. So, you might get frustrated if you are desirous of challenging cutting tasks. Yet, it is pretty decent when it comes to performance. 


  • Allows for accurate cuts
  • Features variable speeds
  • Offers excellent safety features
  • Offers multi-functionalities


  • Hard to understand instructions
  • A bit lacking in torque

4) Huanyu Mini Table Saw

Another excellent option is the Huanyu Mini Table Saw. This table saw is a tough machine, ideal for DIYers. This mini table saw is best for craft use. It is not advisable to use it on job-site, and demanding jobs for you might reduce its life. So, if you want to engage in demanding cutting tasks, you better think twice about buying this table saw. 

However, if you are a craftsman, you will do good if you select this table saw. This mini table saw comes with variable speed. So, you can match the cutting speed of this table saw to your cutting needs. 

Its RPM range is from 100 RPM to 3000 RPM, and it comes with a 24V motor. This table saw might not come with many accessories compared to other models, but if you’re a craftsman, you will get everything you need out of this table saw.


  • Offers toughness you would surely appreciate
  • Easy to carry around to your workplace
  • Offers variable speed


  • Not suited for tough cutting tasks

Factors to Consider When Buying A Small-sized Table Saw for Your Project

Aside from knowing the most recommended mini table saw in the market today, it will also help if you are familiar with the following essential factors to consider when choosing a mini table saw:


Portability is one of the reasons why you would opt for a mini table saw. Another reason is that your workshop isn’t spacious enough to accommodate an extensive table saw. Hence, you opt for a mini table saw that you can easily stack away when not needed.

Cutting Capacities

Another factor worth considering is the cutting capacity of the mini table saw. Despite opting for a mini table saw, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on its cutting capacity. It should be capable of handling tough cutting tasks. Hence, it should be versatile enough with varying capabilities. 


When selecting a mini table saw, you should not sacrifice quality. You should not shortchange yourself when it comes to quality. So, be meticulous when it comes to quality. Choose only a table saw that could provide you with quality cuts. 


You should also go for a mini table saw that packs power. It should have a powerful motor to ensure that it can handle various types of cutting jobs. It should also be capable of high maximum RPM to ensure that it can cut swiftly and quickly. 


Some mini table saws come with additional features. Such features could facilitate your handling of the mini table saw and raise the safety level of the mini table saw a notch higher. 

Blade Change Mechanism

Another factor to consider is the ease of blade change afforded by the table saw. Changing the blade can either slow down or speed up your cutting tasks. So, you want something that allows for tool-less blade change. 

Beveling Capability

Another factor to consider is the beveling capability of the mini table saw. It should allow you to make beveled cuts up to sixty degrees. In this way, you can optimize the use of your mini table saw.

Adjustable Blade Height

Another helpful feature you should look for is the adjustability of the blade height. With adjustable blade height, you can easily adjust the depth of cuts of the miter saw. 

Variable Speed Control

Another thing that could help in making your cutting experience easy is variable speed. With the variable speed feature, you can match the mini table saw blade’s speed with your cutting needs. 

Safety Features

Lastly, you need to consider the safety features afforded by the mini table saw. Even if it is a mini table saw, the table saw is a power tool. As such, its use comes with concomitant risks. The safety features that come with the mini table saw can mitigate these risks.


If you are serious in jumpstarting your woodworking career, it will be best to have a standard table saw in your workshop to serve as the centerpiece of your workshop. Yet, as mentioned above, if your workshop is cramped or lacking in space for a standard table saw, you might end up deciding to have a mini table saw.

You can facilitate the choosing process for a small table saw by simply reading through the abovementioned most recommended mini table saws. Coupled with your understanding of the essential factors to consider when choosing a mini table saw, you can indeed zero in on the ideal mini table saw for your woodworking needs. 

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