Best Sanders for Hardwood Floors

Different models and types of sander that suitable for sanding hardwood floor.

Hiring the service of a floor sanding expert to sand your hardwood floors might prove to be a bit expensive and can put a dent in your savings. The cost of hiring a sanding professional usually ranges between $25 to $40 per square meter. As such, if you don’t want to spend on such a service, you might as well engage in a DIY sanding of your hardwood floor. 

You will need an excellent sander for such a sanding job to ensure that you can finish the sanding process on time. Yet, finding the right sander might also prove a bit of a challenge, considering the different types of sanders at hand. Drum sander, of course, is your best option to complete the job quickly. Yet, you can also go for a random orbital sander which is perfect for DIYers.

The Most Recommended Sanders for Hardwood Floors

There are different brands and models of sanders in the market today, you might get confused as to which sander to choose. To facilitate the choosing process for you, you can check out the following most recommended sanders for hardwood floors:

1) Clarke Floor Sander Floor Sander Orbital

One of your best options if you’re looking for an orbital sander is the Clarke Floor Sander Floor Sander. It offers excellent speed, convenience, and execution, making it convenient for DIYers and professionals. Using this sander, you can quickly work the sanding process without necessarily ending with back and muscle spasms. 

It also offers enough power to sand any wood and is equipped with a powerful motor. The good thing about this sander is that it is lightweight and durable. Besides, it affords you control of the sanding process.

You can produce a quality finish using this sander. This sander is expensive, but it is perfect for sanding various floor types. 


  • Features an enclosed motor for better protection of the motor
  • Perfect for sanding hardwood floors
  • Produces fewer vibrations


  • Quite expensive

2) Powr-Flite ORB1420

Another excellent option for sanding your hardwood floors is the Powr-Flite ORB1420. This sander is an orbital floor sander capable of 3500 maximum RPM. It features a 1.5-horsepower motor that provides it with enough power. Besides, it features a rectangular shape sander that lets you reach the hard-to-reach areas of the hardwood floors. 

You can also connect your vacuum to this sander for a dust-free operation. You can remove old floor finishes using this sander, and it is perfect for use by DIYers. 


  • Provides increased pressure (downward) when sanding
  • Can be equipped with specialty pads for grout and tile cleaning
  • Powerful enough to remove old finishes


  • Quite expensive

3) Oreck ORB550MC

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade sander, you should check out the Oreck ORB550MC. This sander is effective in handling all floor types. You can use it to sand, refinish, wax, scrub, and polish floors. You can also use it to deep clean carpets. 

You will find this sander easy to use, and it is a random orbital sander. It is versatile enough to complete different types of sanding jobs, and it is a multipurpose sanding tool. 

You will find this sander easy to maneuver through tight spaces and doesn’t leave swirls, brush marks, and gouges. It also comes with a very long cord for hassle-free sanding.


  • Comes with a unique design and lightweight construction
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Reasonably priced
  • Versatile and flexible enough


  • Doesn’t come with a multi-speed option


Another excellent random orbital sander is BOSCH ROS20VSK. It features a 2.5-amp motor, and it is a corded palm sander. Moreover, it offers variable speeds, matching the sanding speed with your sanding needs. You can expect a very smooth finish from this random orbital sander without swirl marks and brush marks. It also allows for quick attachment of disc. 

Another salient feature of this random orbital sander is its dust collection system. Though it doesn’t have a dustbag, it can filter fine dust for a mess-free sanding experience. Besides, you will find this sander easy to use and comfortable to operate. 


  • Very much affordable
  • Comes with variable speed for better control of the sanding process
  • quite versatile and efficient


  • Doesn’t come with a dust canister or dustbag


Another excellent option for sanding hardwood floors is the BOSCH ROS10. The BOSCH ROS10 is an inexpensive sander but offers enough versatility and power. It provides variable speed and is easy to control with its speed knob. Moreover, you can use this sander for sanding any material. It also comes with a large disc for sanding hardwood floors quickly.

The BOSCH ROS10 features a combo-motion of both orbit and rotational movement for smooth sanding. So, you won’t see any swirl or brush marks afterward. It also features a very effective braking system (pad-dampening). So, you get a smooth and mark-free result from this sander. 

One downside of using this sander is its not satisfying dust collection system. It features a dust port that is poorly designed. You will indeed like this sander if its dust collection system is excellent. 


  • Offers multipurpose functionalities
  • Very affordable
  • Efficient and versatile


  • The dust collection system is less satisfying


The DEWALT DCW210B is another excellent option for sanding your hardwood floors. It belongs to the best orbital sanders out there. It features a brushless motor for smooth operations complemented by a breaking grinder for helping this sander deliver a powerful performance. 

It comes with a dust bag (one-handed locking) and a sanding pad (5″). You can connect your vacuum to this sander for a dust-free operation. It is also cordless, making it easy to maneuver around without being overburdened by cords. Plus, it is easy to use. Nevertheless, it requires a learning curve to get the hang of its use. 

The DEWALT DCW210B can provide your floor with a sweep sanding, and it will wonderfully work when sanding hardwood floors. It also comes with variable speed, and changing speed is easy with its easy-to-use speed dial. 


  • Packs much power despite its compact design
  • Offers variable speed
  • Comes with a powerful battery for longer runtime


  • Necessitates DEWALT adapter for connecting dust extractor (non-standard)


If you have the right sander and the desire to DIY sanding of your hardwood floors, you can also get by without spending match. You only need to rent a sander to help you do the sanding process efficiently and effectively. Most sanders are easy to operate and use, and soon after, you will get the hang of their usage. 

Sanding hardwood floors, of course, is a work not meant for weaklings and impatient. Moreover, it is not an enlivening work that most of us would love to engage in. So, it will help to zero in on the right sander to quickly accomplish the sanding process without experiencing muscle pain and spasms afterward.

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