Best Electric Upholstery Staple Guns

Ways of using electric corded and cordless staple gun for upholstering chair cushion.

Sometimes, you don’t need to pay a sizeable amount of money to buy new furniture or repair old furniture if you can invest in an upholstery tool kit. Of course, you might say that you don’t have the technical experience to make or repair your furniture. Yet, if you have the essential upholstery tools, no one can stop you from jumpstarting your furniture-making career. 

One must-have tool for upholstery is the staple gun. You can use the staple gun to fasten and secure your workpiece, reupholster your mother’s antique chair, or secure insulation boards. Its applications, however, don’t stop there. For example, as a hobbyist, you can use electric staple guns for fabric work, woodwork, and leatherwork. It is also perfect for laying electrical wires and cables.

Best Electric Staple Guns for Upholstery Projects

Electric upholstery staple guns come in a wide variety of brands and models, which makes the buying process for newbies a bit confusing. Yet, if you are familiar with the following most recommended electric staple guns for upholstery, you can indeed narrow down your options to the best options:

1) Stanley TRE550Z

The Stanley TRE550Z features an all-purpose tool that you can use for various applications. It features a robust exterior design, perfect for low-key jobs. Yet, you can also adjust it for more demanding jobs. This nail gun is also suited for professional usage. It also offers a streamlined operation, making it ideal for beginners in using staple guns. 

The STANLEY TRE550Z features dual power levels, allowing you to staple both soft and hard surfaces without a hitch. It also features a mechanism to prevent jamming. With this feature, you can reduce delays and downtime during work. This machine also features a safety mechanism. Besides, it comes with an eight-foot-long power cord to allow you to expand your area of work.


  • Features a heavy-duty staple gun
  • It comes with an anti-jam feature
  • It doesn’t misfire much


  • Perfect only for light projects
  • Comes with a short power cord and is a bit lightweight

2) ROBERTS 10-600

The ROBERTS 10-600 is a great electric staple gun that is lightweight and easy to use. You can use it for your professional upholstery jobs. You can also use it for carpet installation and other projects that require stapling. It can also handle up to 84 staples and allows for fast loading. 

The ROBERTS 10-600 features an ergonomic design featuring plastic handles with rubber for better comfort and control. It is also powerful enough to deal with plastic and dense wood. It is suitable for various upholstery works. You can use it to fix the upholstery of old furniture and fix wires, cables, and wooden tiles.


  • Offers high capacity and quick release feature
  • Comes with a firm grip for better control
  • Perfect for beginners and professional usage


  • Not easy to find the right staples


The NEU MASTER NTC0040 is a brad nailer and stapler simultaneously. It is a multi-capacity and multipurpose tool that offers high performance. It is durable and powerful enough to let you accomplish different jobs. You can use it with soft and hard materials because of its adjustable power design. 

The NTC0040 has an ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle for long hours of usage. Besides, it has a safety feature in the form of safety pole settings that get triggered only after you’ve fully pressed it on the material. It also doesn’t damage the material with its no-mar rubber tip feature for preventing dents. It is perfect for upholstery, carpeting, wooden work, roofing, and other types of DIY projects.


  • Offers adjustable power
  • Features an ergonomic grip for reduced vibrations
  • Comes with a headlock to prevent accidental firing


  • Might not have enough power for heavy-duty tasks

4) DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a multi-purpose option is the DEWALT 5-in-1. This five-in-one tool offers incredible flexibility. You can use it to fire heavy-duty and cable staples as well as narrow fasteners. You can also drive brads and headless brads using this nail gun. 

Another feature of this nail gun is its dial for power adjustment. Besides, it offers bottom loading and a comfortable grip. Moreover, it comes with an integrated wire guide, making this tool perfect for laying carpet and trim works. You can also use it to install wire and other household tasks that require the use of staple guns. Additionally, it can shoot up to 0.563″ fasteners.


  • Features a flexible tool
  • Comes with an integrated wire guide
  • Has a power adjustment dial


  • Might be prone to jamming

5) KIMO Brad Nailer (Cordless)

The KIMO Brad Nailer comes with a two-in-one tool that offers cordless operations sans using an air compressor. This brad nailer comes with sturdy components that offer efficient usage. Moreover, you can quickly shift from sequential mode to contact-actuation mode using this brad nailer. 

The KIMO Brad Nailer is cordless. So, you get ample flexibility with this tool. It comes with an innovative design that allows you to use it with ease and high level of safety. Besides, you can load up to 100 staples or nails. It also comes with a belt hook for easy access.


  • Comes with an innovative design
  • Lightweight at six pounds
  • Comes with dual LED lights


  • A bit pricey

Arrow CO LLC T50DCD (Cordless)

This cordless electric staple gun is lightweight and very portable. It won’t tire your hands as you work using it for long hours. It also carries enough punch, allowing you to work efficiently and effortlessly. 

The Arrow CO LLC T50DCD offers a quick-release magazine with a molded grip. Thus, you can use it comfortably. It can also fasten T50 (18-1/2) staples. Moreover, it can power 500 staples in a single charge. Plus, it comes with an easy-to-load and easy-to-access magazine. 


  • Offers excellent versatility
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Handy and convenient to use


  • Staples slowly load
  • Doesn’t have a removable and replaceable battery

Factors to Consider When Buying A Electric Upholstery Staple Gun (Buyer’s Guide)

Aside from knowing the most recommended electric staple guns for upholstery, it will also help if you know the essential factors to consider to zero in on the ideal one for your needs:


Staple guns come in different models and brands. They also come in different sizes. Yet, the staple guns—you would usually select—depends on the project you will engage in. Hence, you must pick a staple gun type that can embed the staple gauge you would like to use. For example, you want to use thicker gauge staples; you need a more powerful tool capable of driving thicker staples.

Cord Option

Different staple guns use various power sources. Some are battery-powered, while some are powered directly from the electrical outlet. You will need a cordless model to work in an area without an electrical outlet. 

But if you engage in continuous work, you might as well go for a corded model that doesn’t need recharging. However, if you opt for the corded ones, you should go for something with a twelve-foot-long cord. In this way, you can work even if you are away from the electrical outlet.

Ease of Use and Level of Comfort

Another factor to consider is the level of comfort and ease of use afforded by the staple gun. If it is not ergonomic, you’ll get tired of using it quickly. So, you need to select something that comes with an ergonomic grip to allow you to complete your task efficiently without tiring your hands quickly. 

Why Use an Electric Staple Gun for Upholstery Tasks or Projects?

You can use manual staple guns for your upholstery projects. But the use of electric staple guns comes with many advantages. First, it saves you time and effort, and it is almost effortless to use with its easy-to-pull trigger. It also doesn’t waste many staples compared to manual ones. Besides, it could drive more staples. Moreover, it can accommodate various staple types. 

Yet, the main advantage of the electric staple guns is in the level of efficiency they offer. They are perfect for larger upholstery projects. They are also cheaper than other types of nail guns like pneumatic guns. Besides, you do away with the cumbersome air compressors used with the pneumatic nail guns. 

They are also less noisy. Nevertheless, they might be bulkier, especially those powered by batteries because of the added size and weight of the batteries. Moreover, they are more challenging to fit into difficult or tight spots. 


If your business involves installing upholstery or you want to engage in DIY upholstery projects at home, it will be best to invest in an electric gun. Using an electric stapler means you can do away with the cumbersome manual staplers. Hence, you can work efficiently and staple materials conveniently. However, choosing the best electric staple guns is confusing if you’re not familiar with the abovementioned most recommended models and brands. 

So, it will help if you read reviews about the best electric staple guns to zero in on the best one for your needs. If you get the best electric staple gun, you can quickly accomplish your tasks. Yet, if you choose a subpar staple gun, I bet you will only get frustrated while using it.

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