How Does A Cordless Nail Gun Work?

Using portable cordless nail gun on woodworking jobsite.

Cordless nail guns, of course, have quickly become popular in recent years because battery technology has improved at a rapid clip. Nowadays, batteries have become longer-lasting and more powerful than before. Thus, this rapid technological advancement in battery design has also trickled down to the development of better cordless nail guns. Cordless nail guns, of … Read more

Best Cordless Nail Gun for Framing

Different models of framing nail guns that suitable for building structure framing works.

Do you know that using a cordless framing nailer can improve your productivity, reduce the costs of framing jobs, and produce better quality works? Well, if you run a framing crew or you are someone who drives hundreds of nails in your works, you will surely understand these advantages provided by a cordless framing nail … Read more

Best Nail Guns for DIY Projects

Choosing the suitable nailer to use on various home diy projects.

If you’re a passionate hobbyist, DIYer, or professional, you should have a quality nail gun in your tool arsenal. You can use this automatic nail gun to drive nails into rigid and tough materials like hardwood and metals. Nailers can drive fasteners through the wood and other materials sans bashing or denting the material’s surface. … Read more

Best Cordless Nail Guns for Fencing

using frame nailers to build up fencing frame.

A well-built front yard fence can frame your home, and with a fresh coat of decorative finish or paint, you can turn your fence into a creative expression of yourself. But how do you build it, and how can you speed up the building process? The answer is simple—you need to use the best nail … Read more

What Is A Pneumatic Nailer?

Woodworker use air pneumatic nailer to build table.

“All the biggest technological inventions by man usually say a lot about his laziness,” says a famous author, and you might agree with him. Yet, if you are driving dozens of nails every day using your hammer, you might as well embrace pneumatic nailer technology, even if it says something about your laziness. Yes, driving hundreds … Read more

What Size Air Compressor for Nail Gun?

Different sizes and types of air compression you can use on pneumatic nail gun.

So, you’ve been thinking of buying a pneumatic nailer, but you quickly realize that pneumatic nailers require an air compressor to function. Thus, instead of dealing only with the question of which pneumatic nailer to buy, you also get confronted with the need to decide which air compressor to choose. Thus, the buying process becomes … Read more

What Degree of Nail Gun is Best for Framing?

Carpenter punching nails into the wood frame in angled position.

Nailers come in different types like framing, finishing, brad, roofing, and flooring nail guns which can be a bit confusing to a tyro in the use of nail guns. They are also classified depending on their power sources like pneumatic, cordless, electric, and many other power source types.  Besides, nail guns could be classified based … Read more