Best Cordless Nail Guns for Fencing

Using battery-powered nailers to build wood fencing.

A well-built front yard fence can frame your home, and with a fresh coat of decorative finish or paint, you can turn your fence into a creative expression of yourself. But how do you build it, and how can you speed up the building process? The answer is simple—you need to use the best nail gun for fencing. Driving hundreds of nails to build your fence isn’t an easy task. Nevertheless, with the help of a versatile nail gun, you can breeze through the process with ease and quickness. 

Of course, you can finish your fence using a hammer, but just imagine how much time and effort you will save if you use a nail gun. Moreover, hiring someone to build your fence might be costly. So, it will save you money if you can spare a day to make your fence using a versatile nail gun. You can drive thicker and longer nails into troublesome hardwood using a powerful nailer. As such, your best friend in building your fence is an excellent nail gun.

Which Nail Gun is Ideal for Fencing?

If you’re thinking of buying a nail gun for fencing, you got to zero in on the suitable nail gun for such a task. The best nail gun for fencing must be capable of driving the correct nail size and type, depending on the type of wood you will use. Besides, it should be powerful, lightweight, and ergonomic. You got two perfect options when building a fence: coil siding nail gun and framing nail gun.

Coil Siding Nail Gun

Of course, the best nail gun for fencing is the coil siding nail gun. This nail gun-type works well with 1-1/2″ ring shank galvanized nails. It is also the ideal nail for fencing. These nails are perfect for the job because their large heads keep them secured to the paling or picket.

Using the coil siding nail gun, you can quickly drive these nails, and they will stay attached to the paling or picket. 

Nevertheless, the coil siding nail gun is relatively expensive and got limited applications. So, you might end up stuck to this specialized nail gun with limited applications. But it will be advantageous to have this nail gun at hand if your job entails building fences. 

Framing Gun

A less expensive option is the framing gun. If you can buy the appropriate nail types to equip the framing nail gun, this tool will come in handy when building fences. You should provide this framing nail gun with nails that are less than 2 inches in length. The nails should be ring shank and galvanized. 

One issue you will encounter with its use is the issue with the blow-through. Nevertheless, you can avoid this issue. You might also have difficulty finding a framing nailer that can work well with short nails, for using this nailer with short nails might make them susceptible to misfires.

Most Recommended Nail Gun for Building Fence

If you’re a newbie who wants to buy the best nail gun for fencing, you might find yourself a bit confused, given the myriads of brands and models of nail guns at hand. To narrow down your options to the best options, you can check out the following most recommended nail guns for fencing in the market today:


If you’re raring to build a fence, one excellent option is DEWALT DW66C-1. It is a very light option and is the lightest among your options. It weighs around 4.9 pounds, so you will not tire your hands much when using this nailer. 

Despite being lightweight, it is also durable, wrought in aluminum metal construction. It also offers excellent balance and strength. You can use a nail range from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches in length. It also has a depth adjustment feature that doesn’t require any tool. Thus, you can engage in precise nailing using this nailer. 

The magazine of DEWALT DW66C-1 can also handle up to 300 nails, large enough to make your work continuously flow. It also operates from 70 PSI to 120 PSI for better flexibility. Besides, it comes with a smooth rubber foot that helps prevent damage to the material’s surface. It also features an adjustable exhaust for more convenient use. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with a rubber foot for damage prevention
  • Allows for a tool-free depth adjustment


  • Tends to jam
  • Doesn’t come with an air hose fitting

2) Metabo HPT NV65AH2

If you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable-to-use nail gun for fencing, you should check out the Metabo HPT NV65AH2. It is also an affordable option compared to its competitors. It is durable with its aluminum body. Moreover, it is also lightweight at 4.8 pounds, light enough not to tire your hands so much. It also offers easy loading to enable you to lessen your downtime. 

The Metabo HPT NV65AH2 also comes with a safety feature—its plastic shield that you would appreciate. This plastic shield can deflect wire collation. 

Nevertheless, this nailer is fraught with downsides. It might be expensive, and it doesn’t have a belt hook. Moreover, it might bend the nails at various angles, and you might have a hard time finding the appropriate nail coils for this nailer.  


  • Offers a lightweight option
  • Comes with an added safety feature
  • Relatively easy to load 
  • Appears to be sturdy


  • Relatively expensive for its limited features
  • Finding the right nail coils can be a challenge

3) BHTOP 9021NS

The BHTOP 9021NS Framing Nailer comes with features that you would surely appreciate. It features a tool-less depth adjustment that allows you to set this nailer to the correct depth for your works. It also comes with an adjustable exhaust (360-degree). 

BHTOP 9021NS has an ergonomic design that can make your work easy and less tiring. This nailer is perfect for various applications, and it is ideal for building fences. 

BHTOP 9021NS also comes with an open-nose design that allows for the extraction of jammed nails. It also has a with the safety of the users in view.


  • Offers sterling durability
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes with excellent safety features


  • Setting the depth is a challenge
  • The directions in the manuals are a bit unclear

4) Paslode 501000 PowerMaster

Paslode 501000 PowerMaster is a powerful pneumatic nail gun geared toward professional usage. It offers an excellent balance that ensures efficiency and versatility. This nail gun is perfect for fencing works. It is lightweight at 9.4 pounds and comes with a depth-of-drive option. 

It is easy to use and shows minimal recoil. Its design is also ergonomic and comes with a soft and comfortable grip. Its nose comes with a barrel shape for a better line of sight. Moreover, its contact element grips well the wood when you are toenailing.

Paslode 501000 comes with a handy rafter hook for easy hanging from the rafter. Besides, it comes with a safety feature that prevents the firing of the last three nails. Moreover, this nail gun can accommodate up to 84 nails and can drive nails up to 3-1/2.” It also requires oiling every day to keep it smoothly running. 


  • Offers excellent efficiency with its powerful motor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Shows minimal recoil
  • Comes with a handy rafter hook


  • Needs oiling every day
  • Comes with a hex for fixing jams


Another excellent option for nail guns for fencing is the DEWALT DCFS950B. This nail gun has been wrought for commercial usage. With this nail gun, you can nail and staple up to a mile of a fence. 

DEWALT DCFS950B got enough power to drive up to 590 nails each charge. Nevertheless, it doesn’t come with a battery when you order this kit. So, you need to buy the battery pack separately. 

DEWALT DCFS950B is easy to use. You can switch from one selectable mode via its tool-free switching feature. It likewise comes with an adjustable belt hook for easy attachment.


  • Quite a powerful tool
  • Safe to use and efficient


  • Relatively heavy
  • A bit expensive

6) Paslode 905600

The Paslode 905600 is a framing nailer that allows accurate and fast nailing. It is a powerful nailer that can deliver enough efficiency and versatility. Moreover, it features a 7.4V battery that can shoot up to 9,000 nails in each charge. It is lightweight at around 7.5 pounds and comes with 15% added power.

Paslode 905600 comes with an ergonomic grip that makes this nailer perfect for larger projects requiring continuous usage. With its long-lasting battery, you can use this for construction sites with no electrical outlet available. This tool is ruggedly built and portable enough. It also offers a quick and easy reload.


  • Comes with an ergonomic grip
  • Offers a long-lasting battery
  • Can handle hardwood with ease
  • Offers quick and easy loading of nails
  • Ruggedly built


  • More expensive than other nail gun models
  • A bit bulky and heavy at 13.5 pounds

7) Metabo HPT NR1890DRS

The Metabo HPT NR1890DRS comes with a high-quality construction with a stainless-steel body. As a cordless nail gun, it can withstand heavy usage. It comes with an 18V (3Ah) battery that can shoot a maximum of 400 nails in a single charge. Thus, it is powerful enough for your challenging fencing projects. You can also increase its battery to 6 Ah to enable you to drive a maximum of 780 nails. 

Metabo HPT NR1890DRS comes with a spring mechanism and a brushless motor. With its frictionless feature, it offers increased run-time for each charge. It also comes with a safety feature. It is simple to operate and comes with an LED control to know the charge level. 

Metabo HPT NR1890DRS features a spring drive system with zero ramp-ups as well as a quicker response for each drive. It also performs well in high and low-altitude places. It is ergonomic with a non-slip handle with rubber. It also comes with a depth adjustment feature for setting your drive depth according to your project.


  • Comes with a dry-fire lockout mechanism
  • Well balanced
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Features a brushless and less noisy operation


  • Lightweight at 10.1 pounds
  • Exhibits infrequent jamming

Factors to Consider When Buying a Nail Gun for Fencing

Once you know the most recommended nail guns for building a fence, you can quickly narrow down your options to the best options. Nevertheless, it will also help if you know the following essential factors to consider when selecting a nail gun for fencing to ensure that you can zero in on the ideal one for your use:

Types of Wood

When selecting a nailer for fencing, you need to consider the type of wood you will use. You will need a more powerful nail gun if you nail hardwood panels. So, make sure that you use something appropriate for the wood type you will use. 


Another factor to consider is the nail gun’s performance. It should be powerful enough and consistently perform to allow you to finish your job quickly. It should also not give you any problem like jamming or double firing. Besides, it should offer accuracy of nailing. 

The nail gun should also allow you the ease of depth adjustment and switching of modes. Moreover, it should have a tip that doesn’t damage your materials. It should also securely grip the material when you fire the nail.

Fence Size

Another factor to consider is the fence size. If you’re planning to build an expansive fence line, you will surely need a nail gun that is easy to carry around. It should not weigh on your hands even if you are engaged in prolonged nailing. However, you will only need a smaller nail gun to handle smaller fencing jobs if you build shorter fences.

Future Projects

You don’t want to get stuck in using your nailer for building a fence, for if you are a DIYer, you will seldom build a fence. So, when selecting a nail gun, you should also bear in mind the future projects you would like to engage in. 

You need to ensure that you can use the nail gun effectively for these future projects. So, you need to plan everything and consider your potential projects when selecting a nail gun for fencing. 

Trigger Mode Types

When buying a nail gun, you also need to be wary of the trigger modes of the nail gun you will select. Trigger modes can either be sequential or contact firing mode. The sequential firing mode lets you make accurate and precise driving of nails. 

On the other hand, the contact firing mode allows for speed and efficiency instead of having precision. It is a faster mode that would let you finish the fence building quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting nail guns for building a fence, you might have several questions in your mind that you would like to clarify. Below are the FAQS about nail guns for fencing, which might also be the questions you have in mind:

What Nail Gun Size Should I Buy for Fence Paling or Pickets?

If you have 5/8″ pickets and 2×4 rails, you will need two-inch-long nails. Yet, the most widely available nails are the 2-3/8.” If you use these widely available nails, they will protrude out of your rails. So, the best sizes you can choose is from 1-1/2″ to 2″ ring shank nails. 

So, you need to select a nail gun that can accommodate this type of nail. Use ring shank nails for optimum results. These nails will grip the wood securely for a long time. Yet, you will find it hard to pull out.

Would It Be Okay to Use Finishing Nails for Fencing?

Experts would not suggest that you use finishing nailers for fencing. They might be suitable for positioning the wood and attaching them. Yet, the nails that they drive are too small for fencing. So, it will be best to use something best for driving nails appropriate for fencing.


The invention of nail guns has greatly improved woodworking and other construction fields because of their speed and accuracy. So, if you will build a fence, it will be preposterous not to rely on a nail gun for fencing. Moreover, it will be ludicrous to be nailing using a hammer when you can afford a nail gun. Nail gun use, of course, can speed up your fencing project and save you time and effort. 

If you know the most recommended nail guns for fencing and the factors to consider, you can inch closer to finding the ideal nail gun for your needs. Besides, you can kickstart your fencing project in no time if you got the best nail gun for fencing. So, you need to check the best options mentioned above carefully and the factors to consider to ensure that you can zero in on the ideal nail gun for fencing. 

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