Best Orbital Floor Sanders for Deck

Sanding wood deck boards with palm orbital sander.

If you exert no effort to protect your deck, the harsh outdoor elements and constant foot traffic can wear your deck over time, causing its original color to fade. Hence, you need to provide your deck with the necessary protection and coating. But before you can apply a protective layer to your deck, you must thoroughly clean and sand it using an electric sander like an orbital floor sander. 

Compared to the belt sander, the orbital floor sander is perfect for finishing work rather than rough work. Thus, you can use it for sanding hard-to-reach edges and corners of the deck. After using your belt sander, you can also utilize the orbital floor sander to give your deck a smoother sanding.

A particular version of the orbital floor sander—the random orbit sander—has round sanding pads. It also makes use of random oscillating movements to remove wood. Moreover, it can remove more materials than the ordinary orbit sanders. 

However, it doesn’t have much impact compared to the belt sander on the wood grain. Besides, it is more expensive than the common orbital sanders, and its use is also not advisable for sanding edges and corners.

Best Orbital Floor Sanders Suitable For Sanding Deck

If it is your first time sanding your deck using orbital floor sanders, you might be at a loss as to which orbital floor sander to use. To help you choose the ideal one for your needs, you can check out the following most recommended orbital floor sanders in the market today:


One excellent option if you’re looking for a sander for sanding deck is the DEWALT DWE6423K. The DEWALT DWE6423K comes with a powerful motor (3-amp) that could spin at a tremendous speed of up to 12,000 OPM. 

It features a shorter hand sander height that would let you get nearer your deck panels. It also has an excellent design that lessens vibrations. Hence, you will find this sander more comfortable to use. You can also use it with ease in sanding difficult-to-reach areas of the deck. 

It also lasts longer, given that the vital components of this sander get protected from dust with its sealed switch. It also features an enhanced dust collection system and a dust bag that locks quickly. Its dust port can also fit with ease to the DEWALT dust collectors.

Moreover, you can connect it to your vacuum system with a one and one-fourth inch hose. You can also use this to sand the edges and corners of the deck.

2) Bosch ROS20VSC

Another excellent option for deck sanding would be the Bosch ROS20VSC. Its small size and lighter weight are perfect for continuous sanding of the deck. It will provide you with a smooth finish that you would surely appreciate. Moreover, you can easily detach and attach the disc. The good thing about this sander is its variable speed option.

It is powered by a powerful motor that lets you match the speed of this sander with the work at hand. Additionally, its dust collection system is remarkable for its filtration system. It is also compact and durable and comes with a dust canister that indicates the amount of dust accumulated in the canister. Besides, this dust canister is easy to detach. You certainly got everything you need to start sanding your deck with this sander.

3) ENERTWIST Orbital Sander

Another excellent choice is the ENERTWIST Orbital Sander. You can adjust its speed from five thousand OPM to twelve thousand OPM (6-speed options). Hence, you can vary its speed to match the material and the work you are trying to accomplish. 

It is compact and is easy to maneuver around. Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and ease of usage. You can also replace its sandpaper with ease. Besides, this sanding kit contains all the necessary things you need to begin sanding your deck.


The WORKSITE 20V MAX features a cordless design that allows you to use it anywhere, even if there is no electrical outlet nearby. You can use it for quick touches and small sanding tasks. It features variable speed options, allowing for the matching of its speed with the task at hand. 

It also features an ergonomic design for greater comfort use and minimized vibrations. Besides, it allows for quick changing of sanding paper. It also comes with thirty sanding discs. Moreover, you will get around thirty sandpapers for various sanding applications.

5) Ginour Random Orbit Sander

Another excellent option is the Ginour Random Orbit Sander. It got a powerful motor (2.5 amp) capable of a maximum speed of 13,000 RPM. It also features six different speed options, allowing you to match the sanding speed with sanding needs. It also features an ergonomic design for decreasing exhaustion and fatigue. 

You can use this sander with a five-inch sanding sheet, allowing you to sand a larger space. Moreover, it comes with many sanding sheets, wool disc, and (sponge) disc. It also comes with a dust collection system to help avoid dust accumulation and clogging.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing an Orbital Floor Sander

Knowing the most recommended orbital sanders will surely lead you to a better choice when shopping around for an orbital floor sander. However, if you want to zero in on the ideal one for your needs, it will help if you know the essential factors to consider when choosing an orbital floor sander:

Space and Size You Will Sand

When choosing an orbital floor sander, you need to consider the sanding space size. Decks, of course, come in various sizes and shapes. Some also come with sharp or odd-shaped corners. If you are engaged in detailed work, it will help if you get a sander that can handle complex sanding works. Besides, if you would engage in continuous and monotonous sanding, it would be best to get a sander known for its power and speed.

Ergonomic Grips

When sanding, you will need to hold the sander for a long time to control it and keep the sanding process safe. As you hold the sander, you will feel its heavy vibration. So, it will help if you look for a sander with an ergonomic design. It should have soft grips to enable you to control it easily and not tire your hands quickly.

Variable Speed

Another factor to consider is speed variability. A sander that offers variable speed will allow you to vary your sanding speed, depending on the area and work type you are dealing with at the moment.  

Trigger Locks

The trigger locks will allow you to lock the sander in motion. This feature lets you free your hands up while sanding. Such a feature will surely come in handy when your hands are already tired.


Your budget will be the one factor that could determine the orbital floor sander you can buy. It will, of course, determine the quality of sander you can buy. Quality orbital floor sanders will usually cost up to $50. The random orbit sander will range somewhere between thirty-five to three-hundred dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing the most recommended orbital floor sanders and the factors to consider when buying an orbital floor sander, it will also help to familiarize yourself with the following FAQs about orbital floor sanders:

Can I Use the Orbital Sander to Sand the Deck?

Yes, you can use an orbital floor sander to sand your deck. You should use 80 to 100-grit sandpaper for this purpose. Moreover, you can use sanders with round or rectangular pads.

How to Sand the Deck with Orbital Sander Correctly?

You can use the orbital sander for sanding the deck surface. In this way, you can remove the old stain and smooth out rough areas. You will also need a sanding sponge to deal with the balustrades and the railings. Besides, you should utilize 60-to 80-grit sandpaper for the deck boards and 80 to 100-grit on the railings.


When engaged in rough to fine sanding, the use of electric sanders will really come in handy to facilitate the sanding process for you. You can’t rely on hand sanding alone, for you will surely enervate yourself in the process, and tire your hands over time. Your best option for sanding a spacious deck would be a belt sander. The belt sander is perfect and powerful enough to complete deck sanding without any fuss.

But if you want to engage in more detailed sanding of intricate parts of the deck, you can rely on an orbital floor sander. Besides, you can use an orbital floor sander like the ones mentioned above to complete the sanding of your deck.

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