Best Mortise and Tenon Jigs for Table Saw

Cutting style and methods of mortise and tenon jigs on table saw.

Sometime around the end of 2015, I was just a struggling beginner in woodworking, trying to figure out the best way to make mortise and tenon joints. So, I had to ask my woodworking friend about his ideas on making those seemingly perfect joints, and he told me to use a mortise and tenon jig. I followed his advice. Soon after, I was making lots of mortise and tenon joineries and enjoying the process.

If you were a beginner, just like me, back in 2015, you might be asking the same question, and I would likewise advise you to invest in quality mortise and tenon jigs. With these jigs, you can create smooth-cheeked tenons with ease and accuracy. 

Remember that when you make mortises and tenons, they must be perfectly made for the joints to work. The good news is that the perfection you should aim for is attainable and within reach, as long as you use a mortise and tenon jig.

Most Recommended Table Saw’s Mortise and Tenon Jigs

Once you decide to buy a mortise and tenon jig for your table saw, you will soon come face-to-face with myriads of brands and models of mortise and tenon jigs. This makes the choosing process a bit tricky and confusing. To facilitate the choosing process for you, you can check out the following most recommended mortise and tenon jigs in the market today:

1) WoodRiver Deluxe Tenoning Jig

One company known for manufacturing excellent tools like planes, chisels, saws, and hand tools is the WoodRiver. One of its offerings is the WoodRiver Deluxe Tenoning Jig, which is a versatile tenoning jig. It allows for precise and enhanced mortise and tenon joints. This tool comes with large feed handles along with an oversized handwheel. These features ensure an effective and safe operation control on your table saw. 

The WoodRiver Deluxe Tenoning Jig can secure a maximum of 3-3/8″ of stock. It features a 0 to 45-degrees backstop that you can adjust. This backstop firmly supports your boards, allowing for angular cuts. This backstop comes with a quick-release feature likewise, making the process of tenoning quick and easy. 

This jig comes with an excellent adjustment feature, allowing for precision cuts. It likewise features built-in sections, necessary for a high level of accuracy of alignment and adjustment. This jig is wrought in cast iron and is suited for most tables with three-fourths by three-eighths-inch miter slots. 


  • Features a fine adjustment knob
  • Made of rugged cast iron material
  • Comes with a quick-release feature
  • Features very accurate controls and handles


  • A bit expensive
  • Comes with not-so-clear user manuals

2) DELTA 34-184

The DELTA 34-184 is one of the best options you have out there when it comes to tenoning jigs. It features an ergonomic design that allows you to make precise tenons and mortise using the table saw. This tenoning jig isn’t lightweight. Yet, it is firm and sturdy and performs well for the tenoning jobs. 

You can rely on this tenoning jig for making accurate cuts as well as repetitive cuts. Besides, you will love its handle because it got an ergonomic design. It provides you with ease of grip and utmost comfort. Moreover, its clamping mechanism is straightforward and is easy to use. You will also notice that its crank handle is oversized, allowing it to hold most things in position. 

The DELTA 34-184 offers a safe and easy way for you to make tenons and mortise. Thus, it is a worthwhile investment. It fits snugly into the miter slots because of its guide bar that is easy to adjust. 

The handles, being ergonomic, also offer quick-release adjustment, with 0.004″ micro-adjustment. Thus, you will relish the ease of using this tenoning jig while you enjoy making repetitive cuts with its many adjustable positive stops. It also offers angular stock support that is very secure. With all these sterling features, you will surely enjoy the use of this tenoning jig. 


  • Comes with ergonomic handles
  • Features 90-degrees to 45-degrees backstop
  • Features a lever with different positions
  • Comes with an oversized crank handle. 


  • Comes with hard to understand manuals
  • A bit expensive likewise

3) Rockler Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig

If you want a heavy-duty tenoning jig, you should check out the Rockler Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig. This tenoning jig perfectly fits the standard table saw with a three-fourths by three-eighths-inch miter gauge. 

You can use this jig to craft both angled miter and straight tenons. It also comes with an adjustable backstop for supporting stock. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable knob (fine-threaded) for perfect control of the cut width. 

The Rockler Tenoning Jig is made of steel and cast iron. It also comes with a clamp that is sturdy enough for supporting sizeable and heavy stock. Besides, it can keep stock firmly in place for accurate cuts. If you are looking for the Best Value option, you should consider buying this tenoning jig. 


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Allows for 0 to 45 degrees adjustability
  • Comes with a fine-threaded knob
  • Durable and reliable


  • The Allen screw might wiggle and becomes loose easily.

4) LOYALHEARTDY’s Woodworking Open Tenon Fixture Jig

You can also check out the LOYALHEARTDY’s Woodworking Open Tenon Fixture jig if you’re looking for a tenoning jig for your table saw. This jig comes with a clamping device that holds your stock firmly. This clamp makes use of chuck for quick clamping of wood pieces. 

This tenoning jig is a high-quality tenoning jig that allows you to make quick works of your tenons and mortises. It is easy to use and set up and is suited for most tables. 

You can clamp the rear pallet at different angles from 0 to 45-degrees. You can also clamp the backing angle at 0 to 15 degrees to let you do various sawing methods. 


  • Comes with an excellent clamping device
  • Allows for precise cuts
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Might not suit all types of tables

Understanding a Tenoning Jig

The tenoning jig is a device you can use to lock your board against the table or worktable. It holds the board tightly, allowing you to cut out the tenon’s cheeks and shoulders. Moreover, it permits the chiseling out of the mortise. 

The mortise and tenon are the two wood piece types that constitute the mortise and tenon joints. This type of joint is considered the oldest wood connection form. It is also strong and long-lasting. 

The industrial tenoning jigs come in two types. First, there are single-side tenoning jigs; then, there are double-sided tenoning jigs. The single-sided tenoning jigs are tenon jigs wherein the boards get cut on each end at every operating cycle. The other type, the double-sided tenoning jigs, allows the cutting of both ends simultaneously during a single cycle. 

The tenoning jigs allow for cutting fashion frames and box tenons with different shapes (dovetails and straight-sided) or both. 

If you have a single-sided tenoning jig, you will notice that the wood board is fixed on the work surface or table. This jig works using swinging motion over the board. If you have a double-sided device, you will see that the wood board is held tightly by chains that work using translational motion. The piece gets cut to the desired dimension. Afterward, the tenons get shaped. 

Tenoning jigs feature a clamping mechanism that you can use to attach to the frame. In that frame, there are tools that you can use to cut the wood pieces. 

Aside from industrial tenoning jigs, you will also find DIY models of tenoning jigs. Yet, these models are smaller and can be clamped directly to the work surface. They can help you make the tenon and mortise using the same machine.

The Advantages of Utilizing the Tenoning Jig for Table Saws

You can enjoy some obvious advantages when using the best tenoning jig for a table saw. These advantages and benefits include the following:


The use of tenoning jigs allows for precision cutting. Of course, when you make tenons and mortise joints, you can’t afford a lack of precision, for the joints will not work if your measurements are inaccurate. Yet, accuracy is achievable using the tenoning jig. The tenoning jig enables you to make a tenon that fits well and perfectly with the mortise.


Another benefit you’ll get from a tenoning jig is its firm grip that keeps the board in place during the tenoning process. If the board is moving or wobbly, you can never achieve a precise joint. Yet, with the use of the tenoning jig, the board gets clamped tightly in place for easy shaping and tenoning.

Perfect Control of the Cutting Process

Another advantage of using a tenoning jig is the robust construction of most tenoning jigs. They afford perfect control of the cutting process and allow for precise cutting capability.

Essential Features the Best Tenoning Jigs Should Have

As you search for the best tenoning jigs for your table saw, you will soon find that the market is awash with myriads of tenoning jigs. You can further narrow down your options to the best options if you know the following succinct features you should look for in a tenoning jig:


One succinct factor you should look for in a tenoning jig is the stability it affords you during the tenoning process. Stability depends on the material out of which the tenoning jig is made and the jig’s design. 

First, you should look for something with sturdy clamps and durable backstops. You can never say that a tenoning jig is of quality if its clamps break quickly after several uses. 

Moreover, it will also help if you look for something with ergonomic handles. With such ergonomic handles, you can ensure that your hands will not tire quickly, and you can keep the tenoning jig and board in place.


Another factor to consider is the features the tenoning jig has. Check if the tenoning jig allows you to make different furniture types. It should also afford you enough versatility. Check for other features like durable clamps, adjustable backstop, and quick-release feature of backstops. Check also if it is suited for the table saw’s miter slots. Moreover, it will be good to look for something with an ergonomic design.


When choosing a tenoning jig, you should also consider the safety features it offers. Remember that the use of the table saw is risky. There are risks concomitant with the use of it. Thus, it will help if you look for a tenoning jig that mitigates the risks accompanying the use of the table saw. 


Another factor to look for is the ability of the tenoning jig to provide your works with utmost precision. Your mortise and tenon joints will be useless if you fail to make precise tenons and mortises. Thus, making those tenons and mortises with precision is crucial to make the joints strong and long-lasting.

Tips on Using the Tenoning Jigs on Table Saw

As mentioned above, tenoning jigs for the table saw differ a bit, depending on their manufacturers. Yet, they sport the typical tenoning jig design. For example, they all hold the wood vertically to allow you to cut every cheek on one pass through the table saw blade. Moreover, tenoning jigs come with a miter bar. This miter bar runs along the miter gauge slot. Additionally, they all come with adjustment points, allowing you to fine-tune the tenoning jig’s settings. In this way, they can accommodate various workpieces sizes. 

At the onset, it will be best to cut the tenon’s shoulders first. You can use a standard saw blade for this task. Once you’ve cut the shoulders, you can now set up the jig. This ensures that the tenon waste will fall outside the jigs and not get trapped between the jig and the saw blade.


As a budding woodworker, you might be interested in engaging in various types of woodworking projects. Embarking in various projects would indeed require you to invest in multiple tenoning jigs for the table saw, especially if the table saw is your main equipment for cutting your workpieces. 

The tenoning jigs for the table saw will help you make the sturdiest and most precise joints for your projects. However, finding the best tenoning jigs for your table saw necessitates knowing the most recommended tenoning jigs for table saws and the crucial factors you must consider when choosing tenoning jigs for the table saw.

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