Different Types of Miter Saw Accessories

March 26, 2022

List of additional miter saw accessories and tools.

A miter saw is a powerful tool that you can use to make crosscuts and miter cuts with excellent accuracy. You can adjust the vertical tilt axis of the miter saw’s upper portion before cutting on the workpiece. Besides, you can use it for making wood trim and molding cuts. Plus, you can also use it to cut metal, plastics, and masonry. As a serious woodworker, you should never be without this powerful tool. 

Yet, it isn’t enough to only have a miter saw in the workshop. You should also have the essential miter saw accessories if you want to maximize the usage of your miter saw. These accessories can expand and facilitate the use of your miter saw. Moreover, with these accessories, you will quickly expand the usage of your miter saw in your different woodworking projects.  

List of Miter Saw Accessories 

Several miter saw accessories can bring wonder to your use of your miter saw. They can improve and make its use safer. Below is a rundown of the valuable miter saw accessories you should have at your disposal:

1) Fence System

One helpful add-on to your miter saw is the fence system. It provides you with an integrated fence that features a measuring system and stop blocks. You can then do away with your tape measure if you use this miter saw fence system. Moreover, you can breeze through the cutting process using its stop blocks without compromising on precision. 

As you begin to utilize this fence system, you will soon realize that it is a worthwhile investment. With it, you can quickly improve the quality of your cut, reduce measuring time, and raise the safety level of the use of your miter saw.

2) Dust Collector Tent

Miter saw dust collection systems vary from each other. So, before you purchase one for your miter saw, you must consider functionality and weight. You should also consider its prices and other features. Plus, you need to check if it is easy to install. 

A miter saw is a messy tool. It can produce billows of sawdust that could endanger your health. Thus, it will help to have a dust hood tent that could direct the dust to the dust collector system.

3) Laser Guide/Laser Marker

This accessory may not be absolutely necessary. But if you have it, it could facilitate the cutting process. The laser marker can project the cutline across the wood using a beam of light. Thus, with it, you will know exactly where you should position the saw blade. The miter saw’s laser marker is easy to install and use right away. You only need to attach it to the saw blade. Afterward, you can have a laser marker as a guide.

4) Crown Molding Tool (Kreg KMA2800)

The Kreg KMA2800 is a crown molding jig for miter saw that enhances the way you install crown molding. Of course, Kred produces this tool. Once you begin using this tool, you will feel how valuable it is when installing crown molding. It makes compound angle cuts easy and quick. It positions the trim at the right angle on your miter saw. Thus, you can cut precisely at that particular angle. You don’t need to use challenging techniques to come up with perfect angle cuts, for this tool will ensure that you get the exact angle cuts. 

This tool comes with a curved design that compensates for the different crown spring angles you need to make. It likewise comes with an extension arm that lets you cut crowns with ease. Moreover, it features an angle finder that you can adjust. This angle finder will make it easy for you to find angles for outside and inside corners. 

You can also utilize it for checking the trim’s spring angle. Using this miter accessory, you can make the cutting of crown moldings a breeze. It can also raise your cutting skills using a miter saw a notch higher.

5) Precision Track and Stop Kit

This tool is a valuable accessory that allows you to let go of your pencil and tape measure. This accessory will enable you to make precise cuts, primarily when engaged in making repetitive cuts. You only need to position the stop at the right dimension that you need to cut. 

Then, set the board against the stop. Afterward, you can start making repetitive cuts. With this kit, you will indeed get the cut right all the time. 


A miter saw is an essential tool in woodworking. You can use it to make crosscuts and bevel cuts. Besides, this tool can always get the job done for you. It is likewise portable, unlike the table saw, which you can’t bring to your workplace. You can bring the miter saw to anywhere you would need to do the cutting works. 

Some accessories could further enhance the use of the miter saw, and if you have these accessories, you can increase the miter saw’s effectiveness and efficiency. You can also expand the use of your miter saw while raising your works’ safety level. Thus, investing in these accessories is a worthwhile investment. 

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