Best Miter Saws For Dust Collection 2023

October 4, 2023

Installing vacuum dust bag on the miter saw dust collection port.

A miter saw can make all the difference with your woodworking projects. If you don’t know what a miter saw is, you better get yourself one! It just comes with a huge drawback: it can kick up a lot of dust. We’re talking flooded workshop to your ankles kind of dust here. 

Still, many woodworkers dismiss this inconvenience. We can’t blame them! Miter saws give you the best accuracy with cutting and precision. You can apply it to all kinds of woodworking projects: molding, trimmings, and general carpentry can benefit from miter saws. 

Once you use a miter saw, you’ll be overjoyed at the quality cuts at different angles and bevels. There’s only one problem: after, you’re going to have to clean up a lot of dust. 

Introducing Miter Saws With Dust Collection

Sawdust has been such a common problem with miter saws. After enough innovation, these saws now exist with a dust collection system! You no longer have to clean up as much.

But many brands have their own version of miter saws with dust collection systems. What you thought was an easy choice – just pick a miter saw with a dust collection system! – suddenly becomes daunting. How do you know which one actually has an efficient system? Which one would be useful?

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the choices. Today, we’ve made a quick round-up of the best possible miter saws for dust collection! 

Here’s how the rest of this article will go, for your convenience. We will: 

  • Review the top ten miter saws for dust collection,
  • Discuss pros, cons, and the ideal user for each, and;
  • Go through the elements you should consider before buying miter saws – and their dust collection systems!

Are you ready? Read on! 

What Should You Look For With Miter Saws for Dust Collection? 

There are two ways dust collection is possible with miter saws. Essentially, you’re going to look for these two types of miter saws:

  1. A miter saw that has a custom bag, designed to collect dust as it blows off the blade. 
  2. A miter saw with a dust collection port. This is ideal, provided that you have a shop vacuum! 

Keep an eye out on our recommendations to see which type you can go for below!

Our Top 6 Recommended Miter Saws For Dust Collection

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1) DEWALT Miter Saw DWS716

Key Features: Cutting capability up to 8 inches wide; Bevel angles are available in two directions; Type #1: has a dust collection bag installed; Automatically locking spring arm; Sliding design with blade rail.

At this point, it feels even silly to ask this question. To be honest, the DEWALT Miter Saw DWS716 is for everyone! 

Increase your productivity at the job site with this powerful miter saw. Swivel it into whatever angle you need for bevelling, and you’ve got yourself covered for the day! Woodworking suddenly becomes less of a hassle. 

Have we mentioned it’s durable, too? The steel base won’t budge and will last you for a long while. This is no longer a purchase but an investment into your career. 

If you’re not a professional woodworker, what can we say? This product will take out the stress of home projects and fixes. Hold the board still, cut, and never worry about safety. The spring arm automatically locks down for your convenience!

And yes, all of this comes with a dust collection bag! After successful work, you no longer have to worry about cleaning up. 


  • Durable and accurate – great for professional use
  • Quick angling possible
  • With a powerful 15-amp motor for any project 


  • Batteries aren’t included, but the unit seemingly needs lithium-ion batteries. It counts as an extra expense!

2) BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD

Key Features: Uniform bevel; Easy-to-read bevel and miter scales, all marked and in stainless steel; Gliding and space-saving design; Fences are in Squarelock to help maintain precision; Ambidextrous, soft-grip handles made possible.


  • Inclusive design: accessible reading, ambidextrous grips, and overall durable, space-saving properties 
  • High cutting capacity in any direction you wish 
  • Adjustable settings with quick-lock fences
  • Powerful 15-amp motor


  •  Expensive when compared to its counterparts

If you’re tired of all those miter saws not working for you for some reason, this power tool has just about everything to make sure you can work through your projects! 

Save space in your area with Bosch’s axial gliding system! Bosch is compact but quick and smooth. The cutting capacity provides flexibility at 14 inches for horizontal cuts and 6 ½ inches for vertical cuts. 

You don’t have to worry about accuracy, either! Bosch makes sure you read everything right. The uniform bevel is easy to read and clearly marked. The margin of error transforms into something significantly low! The fences also work with you by needing no adjustments. It can quickly release with one touch. 

Okay, but how about the dust collection? 

Guess what? Ninety percent of dust will be collected – as long as you have a vacuum port. The dust chute will suck in everything. You don’t have to worry about cleaning all that sawdust off later with the BOSCH GCM12SD!

Its versatility gets a big boost by having ambidextrous handles. You don’t have to suffer discomfort if you’re used to being left-handed. 

In addition to that, the safety features and powerful motor make a tool that’s too good to pass up!

3) Delta S26-271L 

Key Features: The lightweight design meant for portability; Ten-inch slide miter saw; Precise and accurate laser guide; Bevels to the left with a range of angles.

If you need something within your budget but is still reliable, get this DELTA S26-271L! The sliding miter saw comes with a dust collection bag, work clamp, and laser guide. You’ve got everything you need in a nifty tool you can transport anywhere, at any time. 

It’s one of the best picks for people who have to transport their work area from room to room. If you’re moving from one job site to another, this is the ideal pick, too! 

Though compact, don’t mistake it to be fit for just short projects. Long workpieces are also viable, and the DELTA S26-S71L has table extensions to support them!

And of course, the DELTA S26-S71L has a powerful dust collection system. Just have your shop vacuum set up and attach it to the port available! It comes with a dust bag that cooperates with the shop vac efficiently! 

Align the project you need under the laser guide. You can make precise, accurate cuts and have them secured with a work clamp. No jagged, inaccurate cuts here! The material always gets straight lines with the DELTA S26-S71L. 

This miter saw is not just portable. It’s also affordable! You don’t have to break the bank when looking for a miter saw that can do all your basic needs with woodworking. It’s also great if you’re going to need a miter saw for occasional use!


  • Compact but comes with table extensions for large projects
  • With spindle lock to secure the workpiece down
  • Lightweight and can be moved from different homes and jobs
  • Laser guide with on/off key


  • Bevel only turns in one direction
  • Cannot tilt like other products 

4) Makita LS1219L 

Key Features: Stands at 12 inches; With a dual-bevel system; Sliding steel rail sliding system; Engineered for accurate cuts with a linear ball-bearing system; Compact design with a powerful 1.5 HP motor.

The Makita LS1219L practically excels at everything. Just look at the dust extraction! Its performance is like any other with the dual dust ports! Attach it to the shop vacuum and get a dust bag to collect every single one. 

Aside from the excellent dust extraction, this compound miter saw has a combination of the best miter saw characteristics in one compact unit! It’s efficient, accurate, and speedy. 

The 2-Steel Rail Sliding System allows you to have a much smaller footprint when working. You can make some space without sacrificing the rest of your power tools! You can work flush against a wall – and it’s more convenient that way, too.

The fences will be perfectly aligned as needed, and you can make sure that every workpiece has precise measurements from there. In addition, you get a direct-drive gearbox and guard system to increase the cutting capacity of your tool! 

Now, you’re all ready for the actual cutting. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to wrap up a project! This miter saw boasts an electronic speed control, where every cut is kept at a constant speed no matter what. The cuts you make are all deep, exact, and accurate to the minute. 

While most miter saws can endanger you at any time, you can have a see-through blade guard system to ensure your safety. You see when and where the cuts are made and how they’ll reach your fingers! 


  • Convenient dual bevels with an in-front bevel lock
  • Built-in laser guide creates maximum precision with no effort on your part!
  • Designed for minimal deflection with the linear ball-bearing systems
  • Unique rail sliding system for flush operations
  • Stable, aluminum base for better workflow and a dual dust collection port.


  • Laser is only one side of the cutting blade
  • The tall fence has to be manually turned on and off every time 
  • The miter saw itself can be heavy when first used 

5) WEN MM1011

Key Features: Laser guide for precise cutting ; Powerful motor; Cutting capacity at 12 inches wide and 3 ½ inches thick; With a carbide-tipped blade; Comes with a clamp, dust bag, and table extensions.

Are you sticking to a strict budget? You can get an affordable compound miter saw that gets the job done! This miter saw is powerful at a 15 AMP motor and 4500 rpm speed. 

You can cut through all that wood quickly, no matter how durable they are. Plus, the thickness the WEN MM1101 can cut through is amazing! As long as you have wood 12 inches wide and 3 ½ inches thick, the device can make it through. 

You don’t have to worry about different cuts and angles, either. The carbide-tipped blade will make you feel like a pro.

Bevel your miter saw to either direction at 45 degrees each. There are even nine miter stops for each one! If you need more space for longer pieces, use the table extensions to accommodate each project. 

When you don’t need the extensions, the miter saw instantly transforms into something compact and portable. If you need help with precise, straight cuts, use their laser guide!

Once you’re all done cutting through wood at various angles, you’d normally find a ton of sawdust in your workshop. But with this miter saw, you can connect the dust collection port to a bag or vacuum. 

As a result, nearly all the dust will get corralled into one place. You can have a clean workshop in no time at all! 

Should you have an incident while using the miter saw, know that this product comes with a two-year warranty! You’re secured for a long time. 


  • Easy set-up for woodworkers on the go 
  • Spot-on laser guide for precise cuts 
  • Bevels in both directions 
  • Lessens operational footprint to make more way for other power tools
  • Excellent dust collection to make workflow easier 


  • Some products can be wobbly. 


Key Features: 20V Max lithium-ion battery; Lightweight at 28 pounds; LED cutlines; 3800 RPM speed; Sliding miter saw with a wide range of crosscuts and nested crowns.

If you need something versatile for all your woodworking projects, then choose this miter saw! Its powerful motor is enough for hardwoods and lumber – whether you choose to cut through or trim them all with ease. 

There’s also another thing that makes this miter stand out: it’s absolutely cordless. It’s easier to transport the miter saw from one place to another! You don’t have to rely on electrical sockets wherever you might work. Bring it to one job site and get back home easily.

Due to being cordless, it’s also lightweight! You won’t suffer from any kind of heaviness. 

Despite being lightweight, the miter saw has unexpected power. It’ll cut through wood at 3800 RPM with a carbide-tipped blade, and each cut will be precise due to the LED lighting. You’ll see every detail you need! 

Once you’re done, you can put it away or put it in storage with exceptional comfort due to the side handles. 

And once you’re done, you won’t find a speck of dust in your space! Connect the ports to either a dust bag or vacuum for the dust collection you need! 

You just have to remember to charge it and how much battery life you have left whenever you use it for your projects. A miter saw dying out isn’t one you want to have on a job site!


  • Extremely lightweight for woodworkers who value portability above all else
  • Designed for powerful cutting with comfort in mind 
  • With a dust port for an efficient collection system
  • Cordless for ease of transport and movement 
  • With LED lighting to position accurate cuts


  • Buying batteries can get expensive
  • No electric brake to guarantee absolute safety

Make Your Own Efficient Miter Sawdust Collection System

Instead of having several tools lying around for dust collection, make a system instead. Do the following, and you’ll no longer see dust in your workshop! 

Choose a Miter Saw With a Good Dust Collection System 

Hit two birds with one stone! Buy an effective miter saw with the best, accurate cuts, and make sure it has an efficient dust collection system. Their dust ports can be more cooperative than other dust collection systems! 

That way, your tool can be much more effective in handling your overall workflow.

Install a Miter Saw Hood 

You need to let the dust into a vacuum, but sometimes, it just doesn’t cooperate. An attached hood can let the dust into the collection system efficiently! You don’t have to chase after sawdust and try to catch them all. They should go to the hood and dust bag easily. 

Install a Centralized Air Filtration System 

Not all dust is created equal. Most would come across as large circles or even chips. However, some dust is fine and scatters around without anyone noticing! It’s not until you swipe a finger at your work table that you realize every single surface is covered with sawdust. 

A centralized air filtration system collects all of it! That way, not one bit of dust escapes. 

You can reduce the amount of sawdust in your workshop with a downdraft as well! With all of these tools working together, you create a better system for your workshop! 

Techniques To Improve Existing Miter Saw Dust Collection Systems? 

It’s never too late if you’ve already got a dust collection system in place. You can always upgrade what you’ve got! 

Improvement #1: Get a Shop Vacuum for Dust Collection

Stop blowing dust and sweeping it away! It only takes too much time and effort on your part. Using a shop vacuum is so much more efficient. It has enough power for everything from saw chips to fine dust. 

You can get smaller diameter hoses that’ll fit in compressed spaces or get larger ones for bigger shavings. If you do woodworking a lot, a shop vacuum is a must! The more powerful, the better. 

Improvement #2: Install a Central Dust Collection System

A central dust collection system works like magic. You can design it by yourself with a vacuum hose and customize it according to your workshop’s layout! Fine dust can be caught, finally.

Improvement #3: Add a Pre-Separator to Your System 

A shop vacuum isn’t always great for dust collection. Using power tools regularly creates a lot of sawdust and chips! Sadly, those shavings can clog up the shop vacuum and make them unusable. 

So, a pre-separator can help. They increase the space inside your dust collector and manage everything effectively!

The Verdict 

A miter saw with an effective dust collection system is just the first step! You can always improve, upgrade, and add new things to your workshop to have the best possible dust collection. It’s all for your safety! 

Get the best miter saw from our list above. There’s bound to be something there for you! 

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