Best Router Bits for Door Hinges 2023

October 4, 2023

Router a door hinge hole.

Router bits can be surprisingly versatile for router the perfect door hinges. Make sure you get strong, heavy-duty router bits to accommodate different door installation projects. Plan ahead! You want to look for the right thickness and length for woodworking. 

You can use a trim router for door hinges! It’s lightweight and easy to control, so the actual job becomes a breeze. Trim routers allow for smooth entry and even sides. 

There Are Certain Characteristics to Look For 

Wide Diameters 

Woodworkers usually go for shank diameters. They offer the best possible support with enough rigidity. However, should shank diameters not be available, you should look for router bits with wide diameters.

The width and depth must be ample. These measurements will be pivotal for each unique door’s mechanisms!


As a woodworker, you know how many brands, designs, and models there are of router bits! Make sure you get one that’s compatible and fits with the purpose you need for the project. 

Strength and Durability 

The router bit should have the kind of material that’s durable enough to penetrate all kinds of wood. You need to work with soft and hardwoods, so make sure you can use the router bits from different angles. 

To make your purchase an investment, you should also make sure each router bit lasts! Get material that will stand the test of time and won’t lose its strength and sharpness. 

Without a hinge, all our doors will fall apart. Take a good look at your front and cabinet doors! The hinge fixture sits flush on the surface with a notch, and it makes sure everything stays in place. 

When you’re looking to replace, upgrade, or add any kind of door to your home, you need router bits! To ensure maximum quality, you don’t just choose one router bit. You need to see quality characteristics in each one before you use one for any fixture. 

Today, we’ve rounded up a list of the best router bits for your door hinges! Aside from our six recommendations, you can also check out our FAQs to buy better. 

6 Most Recommended Router Bits For Door Hinges

1) CMT 801.128.11B 

Key Features: Durable, carbide body; smooth base; with anti-kickback design; with a ½ inch diameter; with a ¼ inch shank.

The first two things you need the most with a door hinge is durability. The door relies on that hinge! You need to make sure that it doesn’t break down. Otherwise, all your money and hard work can go down the drain.

A good bearing can help, and that’s what this router bit has. Best of all, it has a sturdy, tungsten carbide body. This material is notorious for not rusting, corroding, and holding up a lot of weight! 

You don’t have to worry about hunting for a compatible jig. This router bit has the compatible parts needed! While it’s not as sharp as other router bits, it does the job – and it does it well. 


  • Strong material with the tungsten carbide body 
  • Flawless performance and two cutting edges
  • Most mortising jigs are compatible with this!
  • With bearing to adapt to different projects and versatile work


  • Not as sharp as its more expensive counterparts

2) Wolfride Door Hinge Router Bit Set

Key Features: ¼-inch shank; Carbide blade and carbon steel body; Weights at 6.4 ounces; With preventive coating for sawdust and resin.

Versatility is the name of the game with this Wolfridge Hinge Set. With a combination of the strongest materials on the market, you get smooth cutting that’s fit for whatever project! It also comes in different cutting sizes, so you can just choose what you need. 

We expect you to use these router bits a lot in your project. Normally, you’d expect the router bits to be run-down after a while, but that won’t happen for a long time with these bits! 

It has a preventive coating to prevent any kind of build-up to happen. Plus, the material itself is durable and can be used for years!


  • Perfect for a variety of projects – from trimming to grooving
  • Available in different cutting sizes for your preference 
  • Carbide and carbon steel material makes the bit durable 
  • The preventive coating keeps it in tip-top shape for years


  • Carbon steel can be difficult to work with 

3) Amana Tool – 45475 Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Plunge Template

Key Features: Carbide-tipped router bit; With upper ball bearing; Up and down shear angles; With fast chip removal speed.

You’re on the woodworkers’ right track! This router bit set is a good kit to start off with your projects. 

The diameter is just the right size for cutting through wood effectively. However, it won’t take up as much space as you think! 

The height is also ideal for hinges. You penetrate the wood and stop there, integrating fully and doing its job! Sadly, some router bits can ruin hinges by being too much. 

What’s best about the Amana Tool is how it can speed up your workflow. Two flutes allow you to build all you can and connect hinges in an instant! The geometric design cuts are cleaner and faster than other tools you can get. 

Good news: it’s durable enough to last several projects. Get one for yourself and try it out! 


  • Plunge-cutting is smooth, useful, and versatile for multiple projects
  • Lasts longer than other router bits
  • Durable and strong body for all uses 
  • Can work on all kinds of wood – it has the versatility you need!


  • Can have a delay when cutting through wood 

4) Yonico 14176q 

Key Features: Flush trim template; Top-quality micro-grain carbide blades; Silver induction brazing; With a shallow cutting depth; Center meeting blades.

With or without a router, the Yonico 14176q is perfectly functional. Table mounts work well, too! Put it to the test today and see how well it performs. 

Take advantage of the ¾ inch diameter and ¼ cutting depth. Make it face whatever material you can think of, and it’ll pass with flying colors! If you need to use the router for multiple panels, this router bit is just right. It can take on several panels at once!

This router bit has a hinge template. Aside from the materials it can work with, it’s also flush-trim and functions just like a straight bit. Use it to trim, square, and build furniture! You’re covered from doors, dressers, and bookcases. Make anything you like – it’ll be effective! 


  • Meets the needs of many projects – it’s versatile!
  • The length accommodates multiple square panels at once
  • Flush-trim router bit can be fit for different templates and patterns 
  • Maximum strength and durability with the material allows enough longevity for your projects


  • Can slow down after maintaining a constant speed

5) Yonico 14169q

Key Features: Micro-grain tungsten carbide blades; With ¼-inch shank; Shank bearing for hinge templates; With two flute carbide cutters; With silver induction brazing.

Sharpness won’t be any problem with this router bit! If you need the cleanest possible cutouts – whether for hinges or other projects – the Yonico 14169 can be the answer. 

And yes, we mean it when we say other projects. It’s perfect for hinges, but you can maximize its use whenever, wherever. You can have your choice of medium, too: it works with either a mount or a handheld router. 

The micro-grain premium tungsten carbide blades can handle every tough project you’ll ever face. The ¼-inch shank and shank bearing is ideal for hinge templates! 

Overall, the Yonico model does its job – it’s practically an expert on it! You can even adjust the up and down functions in the router like you would a plunge one. 


  • Flush trim works with every project under the sun
  • Built to last longer, even with tougher projects
  • Versatile enough for table mount and handheld router use
  • Strong and durable for all kinds of wood 
  • Sharp and won’t tear 


  • The bearing collar can arrive loose, so the buyer must tighten everything and potentially delay the project 

6) Dremel 692

Key Features: Made with a high-speed steel body; Comes with reusable plastic storage; Comes in a set of six; Each bit is for a different woodworking function.

Carbide is one the best picks for router bits, but its popularity turns people blind to cheaper, stronger, and more efficient alternatives. This router has high-speed steel and can get through softer woods! 

The durability is guaranteed. Not only are the bits strong, but they also won’t rust over time. 

The set comes in a plastic storage unit. Whether you choose to work in job sites or workshops, you can bring it around safely! Router bits can get lost due to their sizes, so you can make sure no one goes astray.

 This set offers both convenience and versatility. Each bit has its own place in woodworking, from functional uses to personal flairs. It’s impressive how you can use them for practically everything – from routing to edging. 

The one drawback is that you need different router bits if you’re working with hardwood. This set is great for softer woods, so keep it in mind as you go for your project!


  • The high-speed steel body is durable, anti-rust, and strong 
  • Plastic storage unit makes portability a breeze 
  • Allows access to different router bits for easy versatility 
  • Best for routing, molding, edging, mortising, and inlaying 


  • Not great for hard species of wood 

How To Choose A Suitable Router Bit Size 

There are many size options for router bits. While it’s up to your preferences, we recommend trying out ½-inch router bits first and foremost. 

½-inch router bits have the most history of stability. With this stability, you can trust that the router bits have better performance! To create a hinge mortise, a ½-inch router bit is more than enough. 

Whether you try out a ½-inch router bit or not, use a bearing guide. You can trust your skills to make everything accurate, but it’s best to have a precise pattern. 

Aside from a bearing guide, make use of plunge routers and hinge dimensions. You want the hinge flush against the surface! So, set the depth and see the perfect measurements that will lead you to success. 

Additional Tips on Routing Perfect Door Hinge with Router Bits

Door Hinges Need To Be Recessed

Recessed door hinges are what makes functional door hinges in the first place! If you check cabinet doors and cupboards, you’ll notice the recession. The doors must close fully and not hang open. After all, you don’t want a gap between the door and the frame. 

The hinge mortise makes the door hinge function properly. Without it, the door won’t close fully and leave a gap. Before routers were made commercially available, along with other power tools, woodworkers used chisels and hammers.  

You needed to make the mortise shape based on the door and the jamb, measured its depth, and chiseled out a notch. But you couldn’t rely upon each hinge mortise to be of perfect measurements, leading to a waste of tools and time. 

Now, you can make perfect, uniform hinges with routers. You only need to get the possible router bit for your project! 

Use Hinge Templates for Mortise Cuts 

You want the best possible measurements for your mortise cuts. Some router bits have hinge templates included in them! Use it to measure, map, and set the right spots for the dimensions you need for your door hinges. 

Measure the hinge template where you have it set up. The distance from the top of the hinge placement and the bottom should equal the proper balance. Of course, not all doors or hinge templates are made the same! Exercise discretion to make necessary adjustments.

If you have square corners, make use of a chisel as well. Many templates use round corners only, so a chisel should finish the square corner jobs. 

Use a Dremel 

Dremel is convenient, versatile, and efficient. After you use it to cut a door hinge, you can also use it for a sand machine!

Final Words

Installing any kind of door in your home relies on hinges and router bits. At the very least, we gave you some top recommendations to get your work started! 

Make sure you set aside time to put the right amount of energy into your project. The right router bits can make all the difference! Keep the characteristics you need to look for in mind, and you’re bound for success in your project.

We hope you enjoyed this article! We love helping you out. 

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