Best Safety Glasses for Woodworking 2023

October 4, 2023

Woodworker wear protection glasses when drilling holes on wood.

In woodworking, most buying guides focus on the best power tools. What they don’t cover is the safety wear you’re required to have in your workshop – or you’re risking injuries and illnesses. 

The very first thing you need is a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes. Woodworking requires a lot of cutting, and sawdust gets everywhere. You can install dust collection systems and get a high-power vacuum, but there’s still a significant risk involved! 

You may suffer minor discomforts, but other cases can lead to blindness. Get a pair of the best possible safety glasses from our list below! 

Our Top 6 Recommended Safety Glasses for Woodworking

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This pair of safety glasses guarantee security and durability! Instead of standard ear hooks, the DEWALT DPG82-11C has an elastic band. The cloth strap adjusts to your head size and prevents it from falling off. 

As a result, you can concentrate better on your work. You don’t need to constantly adjust your safety glasses. 

These safety glasses are also quite durable! It has anti-scratch properties that can make them last longer. The tough protection also aids your vision in the long run. 

Usually, wearing safety glasses limits us. Our peripheral vision and breathing get affected. However, this isn’t the case with the DEWALT! You can see clearly, and the vent holes encourage proper airflow.


  • Hard-coated lens resists scratches for clearer vision
  • Dual-injected rubber allows enough comfort to mold around the face and provides high-level protection 
  • Elastic headband adjusts to head size to make it fit properly
  • Built-in ventilation maximizes breathability and controls fogging 


  • Needs adjustments to become less foggy when used.
  • Quite slippery in hot weather due to sweat.

2) NoCry Work & Sports Safety Sunglasses

Well, all we can say is that these safety glasses stay true to their name. You really won’t cry from any kind of dust or debris getting into your eyes! 

The wrap-around design has durable polycarbonate. This material protects you at every angle from all kinds of dust and debris. A layer of UV protection keeps the sun from doing any damage! In addition to UV protection, the green tint also reduces glare. 

The anti-scratch coating makes them long-lasting and allows better visibility. It’s perfect to use outdoors! Plus, the fit is comfortable. It’s as if you’re not wearing a pair of safety glasses in the first place. 

The anti-slip properties offer better grip, while the overall construction guarantees custom fit and comfort. 


  • Made with durable polycarbonate with UV protection
  • Curved, adjustable arms designed for comfortable, anti-slip wearing
  • Lens are scratch-resistant and green-tinted for glare protection
  • Six-inch frame width fits a wide variety of head sizes 


  • Can fog up easily 
  • Not the ideal pick for indoor jobs

3) NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti Fog

Stay protected from dust, debris, and UV glare! The polycarbonate is sturdy and durable, so you’re covered either directly or peripherally. Working on job sites with a lot of sawdust indoors or outdoors will be a breeze. 

The clear lens has glare protection and maximum visibility. You won’t suffer from any scratches or light distortion! Focus on your work and get it done safer and faster. 

The safety glasses won’t slip away from your face either. The arms can be adjusted at any angle and length, plus the nose and side pieces keep them in place. With such a comfortable fit, you don’t have to worry about it slipping mid-way into your work. 


  • Durable polycarbonate wrap-around lenses with 90-100% UV protection
  • Anti-slip side and nose pieces
  • Scratch, fog, and glare-resistant with double-coating
  • Adjustable arms for length and angle 


  • Can fog up in certain temperatures 

4) ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses

ToolFreak’s Safety Glasses is one of the most reliable and well-constructed eyewear you can get! Most safety glasses look odd and bulky on anyone’s face, but ToolFreak isn’t just functional – it’s also stylish. 

Though stylish, it doesn’t sacrifice any usability. It’s comfortable when put on and comes with a full accessory pack. You can clean up grime with a microfiber cleaning cloth, store it away in a hard case, and attach a head strap when needed. 

The safety glasses all have foam padding to make long sessions of working comfortably. The wrap-around lens gives you all the visibility you need while working! It has anti-distortion, anti-glare, and anti-UV radiation protection in place. 


  • Stylish, multi-purpose, and completely functional glasses 
  • It comes with an accessory pack with a cleaning cloth and adjustable arm lengths
  • Has foam padding for comfort 
  • Distortion-free wrap-around lens 
  • With an impact-resistant lens and frame 


  • Not a snug fit for most heads
  • Can fog up easily 

5) SolidWorks Safety Goggles

SolidWorks Safety Goggles beat its competitors by providing a science-backed safety guarantee, comfort, and visibility in one perfect package! 

It has multiple safety certifications from leading tool and machinery standard systems. You know this product will last, won’t break upon impact, and can withstand some rough handling. 

It won’t even get the chance to potentially fall from your face! The headband has a firm fit and the soft rubber contours to your face shape. As it wraps around your features, it also protects your eyes from all sides and angles. 

No pressure points to be found here – just a comfortable, snug fit. You wouldn’t think you’re wearing any goggles at all! The panoramic view of your glasses allows you to see absolutely everything. 


  • Has multiple safety certifications: ANSI rating of Z87+, DIN EN 166, and EN 170.
  • Contoured, soft rubber sealing molds to fit your face 
  • Adjustable, elastic cloth headband for any size 
  • kin-neutral material to prevent irritation or allergic reactions


  • No complaint this price point.

6) 3M Virtua CCS Safety Glasses

Prescription-glasses-wearing and rejoice. You no longer have to suffer discomfort from your safety goggles! Instead, the 3M Virtua CCS Safety Glasses provide one of the most comfortable and clearest experiences with protective eyewear. 

The lenses wrap around your face and are scratch-resistant. The material won’t break or shatter, either! It has an anti-fog coating, so you know it’ll be well-ventilated. The temple design allows you to wear earplugs and prescription glasses without worrying about tangling and pressure points. 

And guess what? They’re vetted by ANSI. Yup, this product was built to last! 


  • Has additional defenses and coating up against any form of dust or debris
  • Wrap-around design for an unobstructed viewing experience
  • Stellar temple design creates comfort with earplugs and prescription glasses
  • Meets ANSI standards of impact and safety 
  • Polycarbonate material is durable and absorbs 99.99% of UV rays


  • Arms can’t be adjusted 

What to Look For With Safety Glasses in Woodworking

ANSI Safety Rating 

We’re talking safety here, and it isn’t something arbitrary. You want something with a high grade at the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

If you’re not familiar with ANSI, they’re a pretty straightforward organization. They’re private, based in the US, and set up the system for tools and machinery. 

All your tools and equipment should exceed ANSI standards. If they don’t, they should meet these standards at the very least. ANSI certifications should be available when the product is purchased! Just look at our recommendations above. 

Basic safety standards are as follows: 

● The safety glasses must prevent particles (such as dust or debris) from entering the user’s eyes in any form or manner 

● The safety glasses must be heat-resistant 

● The safety glasses should protect even against chemical splashes 

Usually, a rating of ANSI Z87 is enough for woodworkers. This rating sets glasses that have stronger frames, lenses, and overall material. They’ve been tested to withstand impact, whether by falling or through foreign objects. 

Comfortable When Worn 

Sign up for some padded foam! Aside from covered and comfortable side tips and nose pieces, sizing should also be a factor. Anything too small or too big for your face will end up in a lot of discomforts. 

You want something that’s not too tight but not too loose. If they can contour to the shape of your face, that’s even better! You can have maximum comfort while getting the most visibility. 

Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare, and Anti-Scratch Properties

 Safety glasses are going to have to handle rough wear and tear. While they won’t break down, some safety glasses may end up getting scratches. 

If they fog up a lot or put glare within your line of sight, it affects your visibility. Not only does it impair your vision, but it also puts you on the line for possible mistakes in your work and injuries! You don’t want to suddenly cut off a finger or two. 

Look into safety glasses with the proper protective coatings. It’ll help them in the long run!

Prevents Sawdust Above, Below, and From All Sides 

Wrap-around lenses and safety glasses that look into the peripheral vision are the best picks. We can’t tell which way sawdust will blow into your face. Plus, there are other sorts of debris we may need to be mindful of. 

Make sure your safety glasses cover all directions and use them to your advantage. 


Not all safety glasses are made the same. Instead of settling for fixed, ill-fitting safety glasses, maximize your purchase and look for adjustability. If the arm lengths can extend, contract, and are customized to whatever angle… You’ve got a winner! 

There are extra points if you wish to have two ways of wearing them. If the safety glasses offer arm hooks and adjustable straps, then that’s a better choice!

Impact Resistance 

Ideally, your glasses should have polycarbonate. It will have better endurance to any kind of rough handling – especially one that leads to falls. You don’t want material that shatters and ends up as something dangerous! 

Since we usually do woodworking outside and accidents can’t be helped, you want impact resistance to be top-notch! If not, you’ll end up costing yourself more by buying too much. 

UV Protection 

Mostly, woodworking tends to be done outside. Some of these tasks are required to be outdoors! So, you need to take the necessary precautions. 

While you can lather on sunscreen every few hours, it definitely helps if your safety glasses have the necessary UV protection. Depending on the brand and model, you can get anywhere from 90-99% UV protection with your safety glasses. 

Check how much protection it provides. Aside from the percentages, you can also check what kind of UV rays it protects you from. We’ve got UVA, UVB, and UVC! 

Durability – Is It Made to Last?

To make the most of your purchase, it has to be around for the long run. Buying easily breakable items for cheap will cost you a lot more… Especially when compared to expensive but quality items. 

Durability always has something to do with other characteristics mentioned in this guide. If it’s impact-resistant and has a high safety score, then it’s probably more durable than you think. It should withstand wear and tear. After all, you’re using it for woodworking.


Before you buy anything, you have to consider your budget. Your wallet is even more crucial when you’re buying protective eyewear! 

So, you want something affordable. But you shouldn’t let price dictate quality – or compromise the protective features just to get a sale. 

So, remember to weigh your options whenever you look into purchases. Our list has a good balance between expensive pieces that are worth the price and more affordable options that still boast stellar quality!

Frequently Asked Questions on Woodworker Glasses

What If You Wear Prescription Glasses?

Some people assume that prescription glasses are enough protection. In a way, your eyes are covered, but it’s nowhere near enough what safety glasses provide. Your prescription glasses don’t hold the same strength, durability, and lab-tested resistance. 

Choose safety glasses that slide right over it so you can still see well. The fitting is crucial if you have safety glasses. Without proper vision through a comfortable fitting, you might end up injured anyway!

Do You Need Special Glasses for Woodworking?

Common safety glasses with ANSI certifications are the special glasses you’ll need. It seems unnecessary now, but trust us – you’ll thank our recommendations in the long run. 

The Verdict 

Let us know if you enjoyed our round-up of the best safety glasses for woodworking! Remember: your health, life, and safety are all priceless. Whatever purchase you make to protect yourself is for the future – and for your financial health as well. 

We hope we helped! Try out our recommendations now. 

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