Best Drill Bits for Door Hinges 2023

January 4, 2023

Drill bits that suitable for drilling door hinge precisely.

Sometime around 2010, I was just a struggling “wannabe” woodworker, trying to look confident to my wife as I attempted to fix the stripped screws of our front door. My wife looked skeptical at me and would instead call a handyperson rather than let me lay my hands on those stripped screws. Gone were those days, however, when my wife would readily doubt my woodworking capability.

Nowadays, I can confidently say that I could fix anything my wife would ask me to fix, including a door with stripped screws. So, if you would ask me about which drill bits to use for door hinges, I would tell you with alacrity my primary choices, which incidentally coincided with what woodworking experts would recommend to you.  

Which Drill Bits Should You Use for Door Hinges?

Drill bits come in different brands and models, which makes the choosing process difficult for newbie woodworkers. So, if you are one of these newbies who searches the net for the best drill bit sets for door hinges, you might as well check out the following most recommended drill bit sets in the market today:

1) EAGLES Self-centering Hinge Drill Bits

This drill bits set comes with four pieces of self-centering bits, five pieces HSS Countersink bits, along with a (quick change) hex shank. This set of drill bits allows you to drill accurately pilot holes while ensuring that the screws are flushed for precise hardware installation. 

With these bits, you will find the sawdust automatically drained from the hole’s both sides. Thus, you don’t have to manually remove or clean the wood chips, allowing you to increase your work efficiency while doing woodworking.

Its drill bits (countersink) will allow you to drill countersink holes quickly. This drill countersink bit set also lets you keep both on the right and the similar axis once you’ve screwed it on. The cap of the screw is just right below the board’s plane. Moreover, you can adjust the drilling length depending on your screw’s length via the use of its wrench.

2) QWORK Vix Bits

Another great option when it comes to drilling bits for hinges is the QWORK Vix Bit set. It is excellent for doing handles, hinges, drawer slides, and other drilling tasks. Professionals and DIYers will surely love this set of drill bits. 

You can easily use these drill bits because they sport a self-centering capability. They are capable of precise placement, and drilling sans the need to go around. Its quarter-inch hex shank (click-change) design allows for fast and one-hand release and load of the bits. 

The QWORK Vix Bit allows for quick removal of sawdust without jamming because of its drill-bits cylinder cover. Moreover, it is handy. It also accurately drills pilot holes and it is also less expensive.

3) CDIYTOOL Self-Centering Hinge Drill Bit Set

This drill set consists of twenty-two pieces. These twenty-two pieces include ten center drill bits, ten replacement drill bits, one hex key, and one center punch. Moreover, the hinge drills have eight different sizes, and every drill bit corresponds to a particular shell. The shell has the size marked on it. 

The center drill bits are wrought in steel with a quenching-treatment design of the shell. They are wear-resistant, which makes them quite durable. They also have anti-corrosion and anti-rust characteristics.

This drill bit set offers multi-functionality for its users. You can use this drill bit set for to install handles, hinges, drawer slides, and other woodworking tasks that require drilling. Moreover, it can quickly discharge the wood chips from the hole’s top on both sides. The center punch, on the other hand, allows for accurate positioning of the drill bit.

4) BicycleStore 9PCs Drill Bit Set

This drill bit set comes with eight hinge screw sizes. So, you got enough choices of sizes at hand. The drill bits are self-centering and offer high hardness. They are solid, rustproof, and durable. Moreover, they provide superior drilling performance and are perfect for pilot-hole centering. You don’t need to worry about wood chips because it comes with hole design that is double-sided. 

When dealing with different materials with different hardness, you can utilize the hex keys to replace the drill bit with a new one. You can also utilize this drill bit set for fixing kitchens, furniture, window, and door and when engaging in other woodworking tasks.

5) A-XINTONG Drill Bit Set

The A-XINTONG Bit Set offers great reliability and accuracy in drilling and centering of holes. You can use it for mounting different types of materials and hinges. Its drill bits come with a unique design along with an excellent punch effect. 

This drill set comes with two hinge screw size options of 5 millimeters and quarter-inch. Moreover, you can use this bit set for various applications like cabinet making, furniture making, carpentry, and other woodworking tasks. Its drill bits are made of high-grade steel 4241, characterized by high wear resistance and hardness. They are solid and durable.

Steps for Door Hinge Cutting with a Drill

If you are a first-timer DIYer when it comes to scoring and cutting for your new door hinges, you will indeed find yourself beset with several questions as to how to go about with the process. It will be best to be familiar with the following steps on how to go about this task:

Step 1: Measure Twice or Thrice

The very foundation of good woodworking is accurate measurement. So, before you even use your drill or make a cut, it will be best to spend time making precise measurements using a measuring tape and marking your measurements with a pencil. Afterward, you can position the door on your sawhorses with the hinge outline and measurements facing upward.

Step 2: Set the Drill’s Depth

Once you’ve positioned on the sawhorses the door, you should ensure that you precisely set the drill’s depth. Refrain from digging deeper than necessary.

Step 3: Start Drilling

When drilling, you should start slow and steady to achieve an accurate score for your hinges. Start at the outline’s edge to avoid any damage to the door. Then, drill slowly towards the middle. You’ll only need a few minutes to achieve a mortise cut. 

Once done with the cut, you can clean the edges using a chisel. Of course, you can also utilize your drill to clean the rough edges, but using a chisel affords you better control and accuracy. 

Step 4: Try the Hinges Out

When you’re done cleaning the rough edges, you can then try out the hinges to ensure that you get a perfectly fitting hinge. You can utilize a screwdriver or an impact driver to secure the hinges into the door and jamb.


Scoring and cutting with door hinges can be a daunting task if you are a newbie who wants to dabble in woodworking. Besides, the thought that you will only use your hammer, chisel, and drill to achieve it is mindboggling and daunting. That was my experience too, when I was first trying my hand on fixing my front door in 2010. 

But once you’ve gotten into the groove and become confident through experience, you will easily breeze through these tasks. Moreover, knowing the abovementioned tips and the most recommended drill bit sets in the market today will indeed facilitate the process for you.

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