Best Table Saw Miter Gauges for 2023

January 4, 2023

Different types and brands of miter gauges that can be used on table saw.

One power saw that excels best when ripping lumber is the table saw. It is perfect for making long cuts along the wood grain. Nevertheless, you can also use the table saw to make crosscuts, though it could be challenging, and the results might not be that good. Hence, to get excellent crosscut results, you should utilize a miter gauge. 

The miter gauge is an ordinary accessory that can enhance the use of your table saw. You can use it when making cuts against the wood grain at different angles. Since you can set the table saw blade to make angled cuts up to 45 degrees. The miter gauge can keep the workpiece in place while you make angled cuts on the table saw.

Most Recommended Miter Gauges for Table Saw

If you buy a table saw set, you will often get a miter gauge in that set. Yet, if the set doesn’t come with a miter gauge, it will be best to buy after-market miter gauges. Table saw miter gauges can help you make precise and safer crosscuts in any degree. Below is a rundown of the most recommended miter gauges in the market today:

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1) KREG KMS7102

The KREG KMS7102 is one of your best options if you’re looking for a miter gauge. It features an aluminum fence (24″) and a Swing Stop. It offers excellent accuracy of up to .003 margin of error. Its gauge head has been perfectly squared using a CNC machine. 

Moreover, the stop can slide along its T-track on the fence top. You can swing it down to make repeatable cuts. Besides, you don’t need to spend time calibrating your miter gauge. Out of the box, the KREG KMS7102 is already calibrated to provide you with excellent accuracy when making cuts.


  • Allows for precision cutting with its 24″ fence
  • Pretty solid positive lock
  • Allows for precise micro-adjustment


  • Quite a challenge to use if you have a smaller table saw.


One of the highly sought-after miter gauges is the INCRA MITER1000SE. This miter gauge allows for precise cuts. Besides, it comes with a miter bar with six adjustments points. The adjustment gets done through a nylon disc instead of screws. 

Furthermore, it features an optional tab that you can attach to a T-slot miter slot. Its head is of stainless steel. Its positive stops allow for precision angled cuts. 

The MITER1000SE comes with an aluminum fence. It is eighteen inches long and can extend up to 31 inches. Additionally, it features a two-arm flip stop that comes with a positive lock into its fence. 

Besides, its arm flips on its own. You can also set two individual stop positions simultaneously. Furthermore, you can move its top forward to allow for the attachment of a sub-fence.


  • Offers precise 1/32″ accuracy of its flip stop
  • Easily adjustable
  • Won’t scratch the miter slots
  • Comes with standard angles positive stops


  • Features a steel head that is quite heavy compared to aluminum models

3) INCRA Miter1000/HD

Another excellent miter gauge from INCRA is the INCRA Miter1000/HD. It comes with 180° angle stops. Thus, it can provide you with precise cuts at the desired angles. Moreover, these stops allow for consistency. 

It also got a telescopic fence that you can extend from eighteen inches to thirty-one inches. Thus, it will help maintain your workpiece stability when you cut longer materials. 

Its design is excellent, and it can fit snugly into miter slots. You can also adjust it easily while it retains its position. It also features one-degree incremental stops, with a specific stop at 22.5 degrees. 

The INCRA Miter1000/HD is not cheap. Moreover, it tends to flex when you fully extend it. Plus, it is heavy and looks awkward. Yet, it is a worthy investment if you are serious about woodworking.


  • Offers up to 180° angle stops with one-degree increments
  • Features long fence up to 31 inches
  • Provides excellent accuracy
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Its fence tends to flex
  • More expensive than other options

4) Fulton Precision Miter Gauge

Another excellent option when it comes to miter gauges is the Fulton Miter Gauge. This one is durable. It is also not expensive. This miter gauge comes with an aluminum miter fence cut at 45 degrees on each end. This feature lets you set your fence bar up nearer the saw blade. The fence bar also features a mechanism (flip stop) to enable you to make repetitive cuts with ease. 

You can use this product with standard miter slots. It also features 13 positive stops. Thus, you have a broader range of working angles from which to select. 

This miter gauge is made of extruded aluminum. It is very accurate and will surely enhance your use of your table saw.


  • Reasonably priced. 
  • Comes with many features that are best for woodworking
  • Easy to set up and adjust


  • The aluminum fence bar might not be that durable
  • Suitable only for standard miter slots

5) POWERTEC 71142

The POWERTEC 71142 is a feature-rich miter gauge. It features a lightweight design. Moreover, it has an aluminum construction with a large handle. It is also equipped with a universal bracket for mounting the fence. 

Besides, it has a locking system that pivots. It also comes with a (removal) plate that lets you use the miter gauge with non-T- and T-slotted miter slots. Plus, it comes with discs (expansion) that you can quickly adjust. 

The POWERTEC 71142 offers excellent precision with twenty-seven locking stops in five-degree increments. Lastly, it has a universal design, allowing you to use it with any full-sized table saw.


  • Comes with positive stops
  • Its nylon adjustment discs don’t scratch its miter slots
  • Features T-slots miter and rectangular slots. 


  • Doesn’t come with a fence in the kit
  • Offers not enough adjustment with some miter slots.

Tips on How to Find the Most Suitable Table Saw Miter Gauge for Your Project

The market is awash with many miter gauges, all claiming to be the best. Yet, you don’t want to splurge into buying whatever you get your hand on. You want to choose the best for your woodworking use. To zero in on the best miter gauge, you should know the crucial factors you should look for in a miter gauge:

Bar Adjustment

When choosing a miter gauge, you should choose something that is suited to your table saw. The usual table saw slots are 3/4″ and 3/8″. So, if you choose something that is minimally different in size, it could lead to much movement. Thus, the bar size and the slots should perfectly fit with each other. Inordinate movement, of course, will lead to inaccurate cuts. 

To solve this issue, manufacturers have incorporated a bar adjustment feature into their miter gauge designs. Thus, many miter gauges come with adjustable plates in the bar. These adjustable plates let you slide the gauge with ease into the slot. Afterward, you can expand the plates to do away with movement, allowing you to make precise cuts. 

Most miter gauges come with four adjustable plates. The INCRA Miter3000SE and other miter gauges, however, come with up to 8 adjustable plates.

Miter Head

When it comes to miter heads, you got two primary options: metal or aluminum. Of course, aluminum is not that bad, but it is not comparable to the durability of the metal. If the miter head is made of metal, you can expect it to absorb vibrations well. Moreover, it is more challenging to flex, which means it is better to use.

Miter Slot

The miter slot may differ depending on the table saw type you are using. So, before buying a miter gauge, check for the miter slot of the table saw. Make sure that the miter gauge you will choose will fit snugly into the miter slot. 

If you get something that doesn’t work well with the miter slots, you will have a problem with accuracy. Additionally, you will also find miter gauges with an adjustable fence bar. Such a miter gauge can fit a broader table saw range.

Stops and Adjustments

If you have a miter gauge, you can enhance the precision of the table saw. Yet, the level of accuracy can also get dictated by the miter gauge you will use. So, it will help if you choose miter gauges that offer ease of adjustment and special stops that provide excellent incremental alterations. It will be best to go for something that provides the most precise possible cuts.

Other Features

You should also check the smaller components of the miter gauge, like the knobs. These knobs should be of high quality; otherwise, they can compromise the quality of the whole miter gauge. So, make sure you go for more durable knobs. 

You should check the other components to ensure that they are of excellent quality. Besides, if you don’t have budget issues, you should always settle for quality ones.

Why Should You Select the Best Miter Gauge for Your Table Saw?

As a woodworker, the quality of your woodworking results usually boils down to how accurate you cut the workpieces. The lesser the error margin, the better the results would be. Any slight mistake can affect the outcome. 

Thus, if you are desirous of raising your level of woodworking a notch higher, it will help if you have the best miter gauge. With a precise miter gauge, you can have a secure platform and make accurate angled or mitered cuts with a table saw. Besides, you can improve your level of safety. 

Miter gauges come with many features. Though some have better components than others, depending on the models you will choose. Such essential features include expansion points, stops, and many other features. Yet, the safety level provided by the miter gauge is often overlooked. 

The fact is that the use of the table saw is a risky one. If you don’t follow the safety precautions, you might end up with injuries due to kickbacks and binding. Yet, using the miter gauge, you can prevent these issues and minimize the risks of injuries when using your table saw. 

The miter gauge holes the workpiece in place while you push it toward the table saw blade. Thus, it prevents the piece from being flung by the saw blade. With the miter gauge, you can reduce the risk of kickback. It can indeed help raise the level of safety of your work. But you still need to follow the safety precautions when using the table saw.


Once you’ve learned to use the table saw, you will soon find that its use is fraught with risks. So, any accessory that could facilitate its use and enhance the level of safety of your work using the table saw will be a welcome addition to your tools. Thus, a miter gauge is a welcome accessory when working with your table saw.

Given the many miter gauge models and brands in the market today, you might get confused in the choosing process. Yet, if you know the most recommended miter gauge models and the factors to consider, you can quickly zero in on the best miter gauge for your table saw.

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