What Is A Table Saw Trunnion?

Hybrid table saw with adjustable trunnion angle features.

A table saw is made up of numerous components. Every single feature has contributed to the value of a table saw. One of them is the trunnion. The trunnions are noteworthy because they align the blade with the rip fence and miter slot machine. Shape the blade and motor into the bulk of the table … Read more

What is the Arbor on a Table Saw?

Table saw arbor shaft.

If you read through a woodworking forum for the first time, you might come across some terms like the arbor of the table saw, and you might be scratching your head in utter ignorance as to what this term means. Arbor, of course, may also mean “tree branches” or “vines” in the Webster Dictionary. Yet, in woodworking, … Read more

What Is A Table Saw Sled Used For?

Use table saw sled on different types of cut.

The table saw often serves as the centerpiece of most workshops from where most of your woodworking activities emanate. Thus, purchasing a table saw is always a smart option when you want to make precise cuts on wood. Besides, if you are desirous of raising your level of woodworking a notch higher, you need to … Read more

How To Keep Table Saw From Rusting

Rusting condition of a table saw exposed to outdoor environment.

The table saw is susceptible to rusting because it features components that are wrought in cast iron. Cast iron, of course, is commendable for its durability and stability, but it can corrode over time. Hence, you should protect these cast-iron components from rusting. During its shipment, the table saw gets shipped with a particular protective … Read more

How Thick Is A Table Saw Blade?

Use proper thickness and kerf of blade to cut through MDF board.

Many professional woodworkers would intuitively ask themselves how thick the table saw blade is when cutting a wood piece. Well, I think they are asking this question because they like to figure out in advance how wide the cut will be. As a woodworker, knowing the width of the saw blade is essential in how … Read more

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

Different designs and models of hybrid table saws.

A hybrid table saw features a design that mixes the typical characteristics of an ordinary cabinet saw and the conventional contractor saw. It adapts the heavy-duty design of the contractor saw and comes with a powerful motor (3-5 hp) that sits inside its cabinet. Besides, it mimics the traditional contractor saw’s lighter weight and straightforward … Read more

What Table Saw Size Do I Need?

Different sizes of table saw that woodworker use on different sizes of wood and furniture projects.

The table saw size is one of the significant factors that affect the woodworking project sizes you can make. The table saws you will find in the market would generally fall under the following categories: portable or “jobsite” table saws, hybrid table saws, contractor table saws, and cabinet table saws. Besides, as you shop around for the ideal … Read more