Best Jigsaw Blade for Plexiglass 2023

October 4, 2023

Cutting Plexiglass sheet with jigsaw blade.

The jigsaw is a convenient tool to use when you’re engaged in wall framing, flooring, and many other tasks. It can cut with ease through various materials like plywood, metal, and lumber. Moreover, it is designed to cut curves, circles, and other non-standard cutting patterns, which a circular saw and other power saws can’t do. So, you will indeed find the jigsaw a handy tool in your woodworking tasks and it is also perfect for cutting plexiglass.

You would indeed find the jigsaw a good option when cutting curves and circles on plexiglass. However, not all jigsaw blade types are suitable for cutting plexiglass. The reason for this is that plexiglass has its distinct properties. First, its melting point is around 320°C. It’s also transparent and is practically unbreakable. If it is 20mm thick, it is almost bulletproof. Besides, it is heat-insulated. So, it is radically different from plywood and other boards and would require different types of blades.

What Made A Great Jigsaw Blades for Cutting Pixelglass?

Jigsaw blades come in different varieties and make, and thus, you need to zero in on the type of jigsaw blade that is perfect for cutting plexiglass. It’ll be best to go for a very fine blade with at least 10 TPI teeth count to ensure that you will achieve a very smooth cut on plexiglass. If you go for a not fine jigsaw blade, you may end up with the blade chewing the plexiglass up. The excellent jigsaw blade can start at full speed as it approaches the material. 

You can go for a jigsaw blade with ten teeth per inch. This jigsaw blade should be bi-metal. You can also go for a hollow-ground and sharp-wood blade. Refrain from using metal blades that are very fine, for these blades may clog as you cut, eventually melting the plexiglass plastic component. Remember that your selection of jigsaw blades will be the single and most important decision you will make when cutting plexiglass.

3 Best Jigsaw Blades That Most Suitable for Cutting Plexiglass

Aside from knowing the properties that a jigsaw blade should have when cutting plexiglass, you can also check out the following most recommended jigsaw blades for plexiglass in the market today. In this way, you can facilitate the choosing process to zero in on the ideal jigsaw blade for plexiglass:

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1) BOSCH T101A

If you are looking for a perfect jigsaw blade for cutting plexiglass, you can check out the BOSCH T101A. This jigsaw blade is meticulously designed for cutting plexiglass with thickness from 5/64″ to 3/4″. It can make excellent straight cuts, allowing you to cut plexiglass without melting the plastic of plexiglass.

The BOSCH T101A is made of durable steel that can make it last longer. Moreover, it is four inches long and offers a two and three-quarter of an inch working length. This jigsaw blade kit comes with a five-piece pack. 

The BOSCH T101A is also lightweight at .05 pounds. Each saw blade comes with fourteen sharp teeth, allowing you to cut quickly and smoothly. Since this saw blade is for cutting plexiglass, you won’t regret buying this jigsaw blade.


  • It’s engineered for plexiglass cutting. 
  • It’s wrought in high-speed steel. 
  • It offers less downtime, being a fast-speed sawblade.


  • It’s not suited for cutting plexiglass thicker than 3/4″.

2) Diablo DJT102BF5

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a jigsaw blade for cutting plexiglass is the Diablo DJT102BF5. It offers a superior cutting edge that is durable and long-lasting. This jigsaw blade comes with properties that reduce melting when cutting plexiglass. This is because it has a Perma-Shield coating (non-stick). 

The Diablo DJT102BF5also has a T-shank feature that is also suited for U-shank and combo jigsaws. You will appreciate this jigsaw blade because it offers maximum performance. It also provides smooth cuts that you would appreciate.


  • It offers a smooth cut on 3/8″ plexiglass or less. 
  • It doesn’t produce any chips, nor does it overheat. 


  • Make sure that the end cut comes with support to avoid end chipping.


The BOSCH T102BF is another excellent option for cutting plexiglass. Just like the abovementioned BOSCH T101A, this jigsaw blade is specifically engineered for cutting plexiglass. It can cut sheets of plexiglass from 5/64″ to 3/4″ thick. 

Made of durable steel (high-speed), the BOSCH T102BF jigsaw blade is perfect for long-time usage, even for several years. It also offers less downtime and allows you to be more productive. It also comes in a pack of five pieces. Thus, you will get five blades in a single package. 

These blades are four inches long and come with fourteen sharp teeth for easy and smooth cutting on plexiglass. You can also use it to cut steel with a maximum thickness of 3/4″. So, if you are still searching for the perfect blade for your jigsaw, you can opt for this jigsaw blade. 


  • It’s perfect for plexiglass cutting. 
  • It’s durable and is of steel (high-speed).
  • It also offers less downtime. 


  • It’s not suited for cutting plexiglass that is thicker than 3/4″.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are cognizant of the most recommended jigsaw blades for cutting plexiglass, you can quickly narrow down your options to these recommended options. However, it will also help if you read the following frequently asked questions about jigsaw blades for plexiglass:

Which Jigsaw Blade is Best to Use for Cutting Plexiglass?

If your jigsaw blade heats up, it may end up melting the acrylic in the plexiglass. This melting may lead to a messy finished, characterized by a semi-fused line at the edges instead of a clean and smooth-edged cut. Of course, a little heat may come in handy when cutting plexiglass, but too much heat may burn. 

The thing is, you want to have a decent blade that is neither dull and has a higher tooth count of at least ten or more. You also need to use a jigsaw blade that is best for cutting plastic and acrylic sheets. 

You can also use a bi-metal jigsaw blade with a medium tooth count between ten to sixteen and sharp teeth. When using these types of jigsaw blades, you should watch your speed. Maintain a moderate pace for optimum results.

On the other hand, if you’re using a fine-toothed jigsaw blade, you need to work slower to prevent the jigsaw blade from heating up too much. Jigsaw blades with carbide edges may offer you the finest cuts. But they likewise generate intense heat quickly. Hence, they are not suitable for plexiglass cutting. So, your best option is to go for jigsaw blades designed for cutting PVC, plastic, and plexiglass.


The more experienced you become as a woodworker, the better your choices of saw blades would be. As a woodworker, you will sometimes deal with plexiglass cutting, and knowing which jigsaw blade to use when cutting plexiglass helps you save time and energy. It will also help you make excellent cuts on plexiglass.

As mentioned above, there are jigsaw blades designed for cutting plexiglass. So, you need to choose these jigsaw blades to ensure that you will end up with quality cuts. Being mindful of the unique properties of plexiglass and knowing the most recommended jigsaw blades by the experts, you will indeed make the cutting process for plexiglass a breeze.

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