Best Jigsaws and Blades for Coping 2023

October 4, 2023

Use jigsaw for coping the molding crown board.

As a beginner in woodworking, you might have seen some woodworkers do a finishing cut on dovetail joints or make matching baseboards using the jigsaw for coping. And you might have realized quickly how important the jigsaw is to woodworking upon seeing those woodworkers. The jigsaw is a tool for cutting intricate designs, curves, and shapes. Yet, you can fully harness the potential of the jigsaw for coping if you are using the appropriate jigsaw blades for actualizing your intricate conceptual designs.

A coping jigsaw, of course, is perfect for creating intricate patterns, designs, and shapes. It is also perfect for cutting any form ranging from S-shapes to circles in the wood center. Moreover, it is ideal for creating joints and shaping molding edges.

Most Recommended Jigsaws for Coping

Jigsaws used for coping come in various models and brands. Hence, if you’re a beginner, you might get confused about which model or brand to choose. To facilitate the choosing process for you, you can check out the following most recommended coping jigsaw by the experts:

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1) Dewalt DCS334B

If you’re looking for a professional portable jigsaw for coping, you should check out the Dewalt DCS334B. This jigsaw gets powered by a massive battery (20V MAX) that would allow you to work for several hours. It features a brushless motor, and it is cordless, being run by its battery. With this jigsaw, you can ensure a powerful performance for a longer runtime. 

This jigsaw offers up to 3,200 strokes per minute, perfect for difficult and tricky coping tasks. You will also find not much challenge if you use this jigsaw for cutting tiles and other challenging materials. 

The Dewalt DCS334B comes with variable speed control (dial) and trigger. Hence, with this control dial, you can have perfect control of its remarkable power. You can easily adjust its cutting power to correspond to your cutting needs. Thus, you can easily transition from cutting hard materials to delicate materials with a single turning of its dial. Moreover, it features a four-position orbital action that allows you to adjust the blade for optimal cutting of any material. 

Besides, it comes with other sterling features like Its LED lights for late-night working and dim-light spaces. Moreover, you can quickly replace the saw blade of this jigsaw. It also comes with a dust blower for clearing your line of cut. Besides, you can rely on this jigsaw, and it indeed belongs to the best options at hand. 


  • Comes with a brushless motor
  • Capable of remarkable maximum strokes
  • Features built-in LED lights
  • Exhibits fewer vibrations


  • Doesn’t have a lock-on button
  • No vacuum attachment

2) BOSCH JS260

One of the reliable brands for jigsaw manufacturing is Bosch, and one of its sterling jigsaw products is the BOSCH JS260. This jigsaw is a corded one equipped with a 120V motor. This motor delivers a powerful cutting capability for this saw. It also works on a 6-amp motor that can power it up to 3,100 strokes per minute. 

The BOSCH JS260 is relatively less expensive than other options-. This jigsaw also features a complete package of key features for coping related to kitchen projects. Among these sterling features is the variable speed of this jigsaw. This feature is crucial to the effective use of the coping jigsaw, especially for making coping joints. Using a dial for maximum speed and its accelerator trigger, you will get excellent control of the cutting pace of this jigsaw. 

Other features include a blade-change system that lets you alter the saw blade without using any tool. This feature is an advanced one that facilitates the replacement of saw blades. This advanced system makes it safer likewise to change saw blades. 

It likewise comes with a dust blower that improves the visibility of the cutline and allows for precision cutting. Moreover, it features steel footplates (heavy-gauge) for wood and metal cutting.


  • Offers enhanced performance and durability
  • Provides steady grip with its top handle grip
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Features a dust blower
  • Offers excellent sturdiness. 


  • Doesn’t come with LED for working late at night

3) Makita XVJ01Z

If you’re looking for an ergonomically designed jigsaw for coping, you should check out the Makita XVJ01Z. The Makita XVJ01Z features a barrel grip for more precise cuts and better control of this jigsaw. It comes with electronic control, allowing you to optimize the use of its battery. Hence, you can expect this jigsaw to have a longer runtime than another battery-operated jigsaw. 

It also offers a fast-charging battery system. With this system, the jigsaw draws a varying amount of energy from the battery. The power it draws, however, depends on the needs or demands of the present task. It also features six different stroke speeds ranging from 800 to 3500 SPM. 

Its trigger features a double lock-off and lock-on buttons. It also features three settings for its orbital movement, speeding up the cutting process. Moreover, it features an aluminum base that can swivel several degrees for a more enhanced cutting experience. 

Compared to other jigsaws in the market, it is not superfluous to say that this is the best jigsaw today. It is not heavy on your hand, and it has an ergonomic design. Its quality and smoothness likewise are remarkable. Besides, it is a favorite of professionals. 


  • Comes with a brushless motor
  • Offers three settings for its orbital movement
  • Features dual LED lights
  • Ergonomically designed. 


  • Doesn’t come with the battery and charger


The PORTER-CABLE (PCC650B) comes with a design for industrial applications. This jigsaw can operate at 2500 strokes per minute. You can likewise control the speed of this jigsaw with its trigger (variable speed). So, the transition from one rate to another is smooth and swift. Moreover, you can change speed even during the cutting process. Thus, with this tool, you got perfect control of the cutting speed. 

For its orbital movement, it comes with three settings. With these three settings, you will have ample circular-like motion with your saw blade to achieve aggressive cuts. You can also change its blade without needing any tool. Thus, the operation and the work process become quick. 

Since this jigsaw is manufactured for industrial usage, you can expect high performance from this jigsaw. Its bevel adjustment requires no tool. Thus, you can swivel its base plate with ease to 45 degrees or less. It also comes with (common angles) positive detents. 


  • Inexpensive but powerful
  • It is lightweight
  • Offers variable speed control 
  • Features tool-less blade change
  • Comes with a dust blower


  • The battery and charger don’t come with the package
  • Doesn’t come with LED light

Most Recommended Jigsaw Blades for Coping

After knowing the most recommended jigsaw for coping, it will also help if you get to know the following most recommended jigsaw blades for coping tasks to complete your coping toolset:

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1) DeWalt DW3765H

With its precision ground teeth, it can cut with ease and stay sharper for a long time. It also delivers smooth and clean cuts. 

This saw blade comes with deeper gullets and enhanced free space for removing material to allow fast cutting. It features a T-shank design that is suited for all DeWalt and Bosch jigsaws. Moreover, it is perfect for trim and coping works in wood as thick as one inch or more.

2) BOSCH T244D

The BOSCH T244D is an affordable option compared to other jigsaw sets of blades. This jigsaw exhibits a fast cutting. You can also use it for curved cutting on soft and hardwood and plywood ranging in thickness from a quarter-of-an-inch thick to two-and-three-fourth-inch thick. It comes with 6 TPI for an excellent cutting experience. Though less expensive, this blade doesn’t compromise on quality and strength. It features a steel construction (high carbon) for longevity and durability.

The BOSCH T244D features a T-shank design. This design provides this jigsaw with excellent stability and easy fitting to different jigsaws. 

Moreover, it can cut smoothly light metal, hardwood, and softwood. It can also cut other materials. Furthermore, it is perfect for coping corners and other similar projects. 

You can use this jigsaw blade for making specific cuts. You can use it, for example, to make straight cuts, workarounds, and notching. Moreover, this jigsaw blade produces excellent curved and rough cuts. 


  • Durable and strong
  • Less expensive
  • Offers high performance and precision


  • Doesn’t come with a blade storage


The TAROSE T101AO is a 30-piece set of jigsaw blades that is perfect for coping. So, you will get a lot of jigsaw blades in a single package. With this wide variety of saw blades, you can work efficiently and precisely on metal, ceramic tiles, and wood. With more options of jigsaw blades, you can choose the ideal one for your use. 

These blades feature a T-shank design for optimal stability and grip. These blades fit almost all jigsaws in the market today. Moreover, the teeth of these blades are designed for the reduction of splintering. You can also use these jigsaw blades for cutting laminates, double-sided laminates, MDF, laminated substrate, hardwood, and softwood sans any issue.


  • Comes with 30 pieces in a package
  • Excellent for coping tasks
  • Perfect for multipurpose applications


  • Relatively expensive

Key Factors to Consider when Selecting Coping Jigsaw and Jigsaw Blades

Having known the most recommended jigsaws and concomitant jigsaw blades, it will also help if you know the following key factors to consider when selecting jigsaws and jigsaw blades for coping:

Power Source and Jigsaw Power

You can figure out the jigsaw power rating by figuring out the wattage of the jigsaw motor. The power of a motor gets measured in Watts. The power rating range of jigsaw is from 350 watts to 1000 watts. Moreover, the power requirement of your jigsaw will correspond to the material you will cut. 

If you cut softer materials, you will only need a 500W jigsaw. It will also help consider the source of the power of your jigsaw. Would it be battery-powered or corded? Moreover, jigsaw motors are mostly AC motors (either series or universal motors).

Stroke Length and Cut Depth

Another key factor to consider when choosing a jigsaw and jigsaw blade is the depth of cut and stroke length of the jigsaw and blade. The cut depth refers to the thickness of the material that the tool can cut. The range of cutting depth of most jigsaws is from 1.5″ to 6″. 

You will not require maximum cutting depth when engaged in coping tasks. Moreover, if you go for the longer jigsaw blade, the saw blade might bend or even snap when it gets unintended sideway pressure. 

Most coping tasks will only work on ply sheets. These sheets, of course, are less than 45mm. Hence, you will only need an entry-level jigsaw model for such a task. If you are a professional or contractor, you may go for thicker cutting depth. The reason is you would engage in deeper coping tasks. Besides, you can select the right tool depending on your requirements.

Furthermore, it will help if you consider the saw’s stroke length. The stroke length will factor well in your coping jobs. Remember that the shorter the stroke length, the slower the saw will cut and the lesser vibration it will produce.  

Stroke Rate or Variable Speed

When using your jigsaw, you will sometimes cut in different stroke rates, depending on the material you would cut. Some materials you will cut are brittle, while some are characterized by toughness. When you engage in trimming operation, you often need to strike a balance between steady hands and power. So, it will help operate the saw at a moderate or manageable speed.

Orbital Action

Since coping is a woodworking technique that deals with shaping the frame component or molding end, it requires precision. 

So, you might shy away from using the orbital action feature of the jigsaw. This orbital action allows for the blade rotation like a pendulum, leading to rougher and aggressive cuts. You might not need this feature, likewise, if you would use your jigsaw only for coping.

Extra Features

When choosing a jigsaw, you might want to have some extra features that enhance your cutting experience or raise the level of safety of your work. One such feature is the LED light that many jigsaws have. The LED light can illuminate your work surface, allowing you to see the cutline. You can also go for a jigsaw with a laser marker of cutline that can come in handy when cutting. 

Yet, both these extra features might prove disadvantageous in some instances, especially when you want to clear out your trims. You might also look for jigsaws with safety features like the auto-stop or blade brake. Moreover, you can choose something with a trigger lock.


The coping technique enables you to make clean joints between two or more intersecting members. You can use coping for internal as well as external corners. Moreover, the coping technique takes into consideration the shrinkage factor of the timber, minimizing the shrinkage. One best tool for a coping job is the jigsaw. Yet, as mentioned above, you should look for a jigsaw that is best for coping. Besides, it will be best if you equip it with the best coping jigsaw blade.

When shopping around for the best jigsaw and blade for coping, you should consider the most recommended jigsaws and blades for coping jobs and the key factors to consider. If you are properly guided, you will never be at a loss, and you can quickly zero in on the ideal jigsaw and blade for your coping tasks.

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