Best Demolition Blades for Circular Saw

March 6, 2022

Demolish and tear down wood board structure with demolition circular saw blade.

Home renovation may sometimes require demolishing a portion or part of your home. In such a demolition task, you will need demolition tools like sledgehammers, reciprocating saws, and pry bars. Yet, you might not think of using your circular saw as part of your demolition arsenal. Yet, the circular saw can quickly do the bulk of the demolition cutting, serving as your guide for using a reciprocating saw.

But before you can use your circular saw, you need to equip it with the right demolition saw blade. With the right saw blade, you can use your circular saw to cut concrete, roofing, rebar, fiber cement, and steel doors. You can even cut embedded nails without any problem at all. The appropriate saw blade for such a demolition job is the demolition saw blade. Using the demolition saw blade, you can cut shingles, roofing, sand, wood, nails, and non-ferrous materials. Moreover, this saw blade type comes with dual reduction serrated bushings.

Best Circular Saw’s Demolition Blades

As you search for the best demo saw blade, you will soon get confronted with several options, which could make the choosing process a bit confusing. Yet, if you know the following most recommended demolition saw blades for circular saw in the market today, you can quickly choose the best one for your demolition needs:


The DEWALT DWA31724D is a demolition blade characterized by a strengthened shoulder (reinforced) to resist impact. Its excellent carbide teeth last longer, allowing for extended use. Moreover, this demolition saw blade comes with an improved plate (laser-cut) with excellent body slots. 

Its design is ideal for framing and demolition usage. So, if you know you will hit several nails while cutting, you should use this saw blade. It can last three to four times longer than its nearest demolition saw blade competition.

This demo saw blade is a beast that can rip through various materials. Nevertheless, you must wear your safety gear when cutting using this saw blade to ensure your safety when cutting.

2) DeWalt DW3191

Another demolition saw blade from DEWALT is the DEWALT DW3191. This saw blade is a 7-1/4″ saw blade that allows ease of use. It is manufactured in China and comes with carbide teeth.

Like the abovementioned DWA31724D, it also comes with a reinforced shoulder for resisting impact. Its teeth are of carbide material and last longer. Thus, you can benefit from this saw blade’s extended use. It also features an excellent rim (anti-stick) that lessens gumming up and friction. The arbor of this saw blade is five-eighth inches. Besides, you can put this saw blade through many cutting tasks, and you will surely appreciate it.


The DEWALT 2X DEMO is a 24-tooth saw blade perfect for framing and demolition applications. With its tooth count, it doesn’t leave a pretty cut. But it is ideal for challenging demolition tasks. The 18-degree hook angle of its teeth is perfect for aggressive and quick-cutting jobs. 

The DEWALT 2X DEMO also comes with a thin kerf and is suited for corded and cordless circular saws. It also has a reinforced shoulder to resist impact. Moreover, it features a non-stick coating for reduced vibrations and shaking.

4) Freud D0724DA

The Freud D0724DA is another excellent option if you’re looking for a demolition saw blade for your circular saw. It is ideal for framing and demolition and comes with awesome features. It will afford you excellent control as well as maximum efficiency when used with a corded or cordless saw. 

It also features an extended cutting life compared to standard blades. Moreover, it features an innovative tooth design that provides this saw blade with exceptional performance while making its teeth impact-resistant. Besides, it offers improved cuts and fewer vibrations.

5) Oshlun SBR-140030

Another demo saw blade you can check out is the SBR-140030. This circular saw blade can cut through various materials, including shingles, roofing, and even materials that are not ferrous. You can use this saw blade to cut through embedded nails. Firefighters love to use this circular saw blade. 

Moreover, you will find this saw blade used in general demolition tasks. When using this saw blade, the circular saw should have a guard to for additional protection when using this demo saw blade.  


Creating a home structure is more challenging than demolishing a home structure. This is because tearing down is easier than building something. You can tear down a structure using demolition tools like reciprocating saws, pry bars, and circular saws. The circular saw, of course, will not be your primary option for the demolition job, but it could be a handy tool for such tasks, provided you equip it with the right saw blade.

Given the myriads of options at hand, you might get confused in the selection process. But if you know the abovementioned demo saw blades, you can quickly zero in on the ideal demolition saw blade for your circular saw. Equipped with the right demo blade, your circular saw will complement your other demolition tools, giving you more options at hand.

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