Softest Woods For Carving

Carving wood pillars using woodworking hand tools.

Wood carving hobbyists are increasing in numbers. It is a great way to bond with the young ones and teach them new skills. This is also a productive way of passing time that can result not only in many beautiful works of art but also for objects that has practical uses inside our homes. Beginner … Read more

Is Aspen Wood Suitable for Carving?

A Truck of white aspen wood.

If you’re a beginner in woodworking, you might be wondering whether you can use Aspen for woodcarving. Well, the answer, of course, is “Yes, you can!” Experts and amateur woodcarvers love to work on Aspen because it is easy to carve. Besides, its fine grains exhibit less resistance to carving tools. Moreover, it is a … Read more

How To Straighten Warped Wood

Workers checking the warped wood board.

Wood usually warps as a result of stress, uneven shrinkage, or drying. Sunlight, uneven finish, or airflow may also be a factor in wood warping. Moreover, grain orientation, temperature, or wood species may be a contributing factor as well. Using warped planks, however, is difficult and problematic, especially if you are framing a home or … Read more