Can You Use An Impact Driver As A Drill?

Using drill bit on the impact driver.

If you want to jumpstart your woodworking career and are just building up your arsenal of woodworking tools, you’ll get surprised upon learning that the prices of woodworking tools are costly. So, you might want to maximize your budget by buying only the necessary tools to kickstart your woodworking career. You might be asking likewise … Read more

Best Drill Bits for Door Hinges 2023

Drill bits that suitable for drilling door hinge precisely.

Sometime around 2010, I was just a struggling “wannabe” woodworker, trying to look confident to my wife as I attempted to fix the stripped screws of our front door. My wife looked skeptical at me and would instead call a handyperson rather than let me lay my hands on those stripped screws. Gone were those … Read more

How to Drill a Large Hole in Wood

Drill bits that are suitable for drilling big holes in wood.

As a newbie woodworker, there will always be instances wherein you will need to cut precise and large-diameter holes in your woodworking projects, and doing so could be very challenging. Fortunately, projects like that seldom come by. But when such a project comes and requires you to cut a large circle, you don’t need to … Read more

Drill Bit for Metal Vs Wood

Bits to drill metal and wood.

Are wood drill bits and metal drill bits the same? Can I use my wood drill bits to drill into metal?  These questions and similar variations are some of the most common we’ve encountered in recent times. Indeed, the metal vs. wood drill bit debate is one that has caused many controversial arguments in workshops … Read more