Best Drill Attachments for Cutting Wood

September 18, 2022

Different types of cutting attachments that compatible with drill.

Yet do you know that you can also use the drill to cut wood? Yes, you can expand the capability of your power drill by investing in the necessary drill attachments for cutting wood. If you happen to forget your saw, for example, and your only tool at hand is the drill, you can use the power drill to cut wood. It may sound preposterous, but there are drill attachments that could enable you to use the power drill to cut wood.

If you are a seasoned woodworker, you would surely know that woodworking is not a job for the weaklings, and it is never easy. Yet, if you got all the modern tools at hand, you could facilitate your woodworking tasks. One such indispensable tool for woodworking is the power drill. Power drills may either be cordless or corded. The power drill, of course, is best for drilling holes.

Is It Really Possible to Cut Wood Using a Drill?

You might find it hard to believe that you can use your drill to cut wood. But as a seasoned woodworker, you will sometimes see yourself cutting wood using your power drill. However, experts would not suggest you cut wood using the power drill. 

Besides, using the power drill outside of its intended use might increase the risk of injury while compromising the integrity of your power drill. But if the occasion calls for you to cut wood using your power drill, you can follow the simple steps on cutting utilizing a power drill. 

The best tools, however, for cutting wood are the power saws. Yet, you can use a specialized bit on your drill for cutting wood. You can use bits with sharp edges and teeth that would allow you to cut holes several times in straight lines or a row. Make sure that the drill bit is sharp. The sharper it is, the faster you can cut through the wood.

The Most Recommended Drill Attachments for Cutting Wood

If you are serious in using your power drill to cut wood, you can begin checking out attachments you can use with your drill. Below are the following most recommended drill attachments for cutting wood:

1) KEMAISI Upgrade saw attachment for drill

One of the most recommended attachments that could readily turn your drill into a saw is the KEMAISI Upgrade Saw Attachment. You only need to install this attachment on your power drill, and it would readily turn your power drill into a veritable cutting tool similar to a jigsaw. 

It features three handle settings or positions with a base plate that is big enough for better safety cutting process. It also features a stable design, perfect for cutting. 

With this attachment, you can cut wood with ease. Using this attachment is also a cheaper alternative to the reciprocating saw. It is also convenient and relatively easy to use. You can also use it on various types of electric drills. However, the speed of the attachment will depend on the speed level of your power drill.

2) Portable Electric Jig Saw Electric Drill Tool

Another excellent option is the Portable Electric Jig Saw Electric Drill Tool. This attachment can readily turn your electric drill into a workable reciprocating saw. It is easy to use and lightweight. You can also easily carry this attachment to where you would like to cut wood. 

You will also find its handle easy to install and uninstall. Besides, you can use this attachment to cut metal and wood. It is also safe to use and is very durable. Its handle is also remarkable for its non-slip property. Thus, you will find this tool easy to grip and handle.

3) BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw Accessory (BDCMTRS)

You can also check out the BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw Accessory (BDCMTRS) if you’re looking for an attachment that could quickly turn your power drill into a reciprocating saw. You can use this attachment for light demolition jobs and cutting scrap wood. Moreover, you can use it for trimming branches and other cutting tasks. 

This attachment has a compact design that allows for one-handed use. You can also use it to access tight spaces. Moreover, you can easily install and uninstall this attachment.

4) Minatee Cutting Wheel Set Disc Drill Blade

If you want a complete set of attachments to your drill, you should check out the Minatee 124 Pieces Set. You will get everything you need to maximize the use of your power drill from this set. You can cut plastic, wood, soft metal, aluminum alloy, and many other materials with these attachments. 

You can get better cutting efficiency and accuracy out of this attachment set. It is also excellent as a gift to your friends on their special days.

This saw blade set is perfect for any rotary tool like the electric drill. The different attachments allow for multi-functionalities. Plus, you’ll be surprised at the myriads of pieces you will get out of this set.

5) KATA 18PCS Hole Saw Kit

Another excellent drill attachment is the KATA 18PCS Hole Saw. The KATA 18PCS Hole Saw Kit features twelve hole saws, perfect for boring holes on wood and other materials. Carbon steel makes up these hole saws. 

These hole saws have sharp teeth for cutting quickly. The saws are also easy to attach and uninstall. Moreover, they rotate at tremendous speed to cut holes in various material types.

The carbon steel for making these hole saws is heat-treated. Hence, they are more aggressive, and they are durable. They are also resistant to corrosion. Besides, you can use these hole saws on softwood, PVC board, and plastic. However, it will help if you do not use them on metal and density boards.  


You should limit the use of your power drill to drilling holes, and it is the ideal application of this tool. Using it for purposes other than drilling might compromise the tool’s integrity and put you at risk of injuring yourself. Yet, as mentioned above, you can also expand its use and utilize it for other purposes like cutting and drilling larger holes using specialized drill attachments. 

Yet, if you got other cutting tools at hand as the miter saw or the circular saw, it will be best to confine your use of the power drill to drilling. But if you are adamant about using your power drill for other purposes, you can always check out the abovementioned drill attachments for cutting wood.

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