Best Router Bits for Sign & Letter Making 2023

Different types of sign-making router bits.

Wood engraving is a popular wood decorating technique. When done right, even the simplest signs and letters grab your eye!  If you’re looking to start on wood engraving, letter-making, and sign-making, then you need the best router bits. Just like any other hobby, you benefit from the best results when you use high-quality products. It’s … Read more

Best Routers for Table Mounting 2023

Ways to mount the compatible router under the table.

The router is undoubtedly the second most important tool in the modern workshops, next only to the contemporary table saw. But let’s cut through the nonsense and try to figure out if the router you have been eyeing or using is the best for table mounting. Remember that this post is not about brands, but … Read more

How To Cut Steel Pipe With Sawzall

Do you know what a Sawzall is? Well, if you don’t, you’re not alone, for the term Sawzall appears to be like a foreign word to many. Nevertheless, you might have already encountered this word if you are familiar with metallurgy or metal works.  Of course, Sawzall is a trademark of Milwaukee, a well-known power tool manufacturer … Read more

How to Cut Straight Line with Router

Cutting Groove Straight Line.

With almost everything in life, mastery comes with learning. Not surprisingly, the same logic applies to woodwork. Therefore, as a new, or maybe longtime wood and craft enthusiast, acquiring further knowledge in the field is crucial. Thankfully you’ve taken the first step towards learning more. This article will give you insight into how to cut … Read more

Cutting Small Circles With A Router

Router jig for cutting wood circles.

Of course, any dedicated woodworker can cut large circles using a handsaw, jigsaw, or a router. Yet, if you want a real circle, you should use a router that comes with a spiral or straight bit.  The circles created by the router require less edge cleanup. Additionally, when cutting smaller circles using a router, I … Read more