Best Angle Grinder Wheels for Metal Cutting 2023

January 4, 2023

Woodworker use angle grinder to cut metal bar for making table legs.

Do you spend some time figuring out which angle grinder wheel is best for cutting metal? Well, you’re not alone, for there are many out there who also have the same question in their minds. Of course, using the incorrect angle grinder wheel to cut metal will make the cutting process a challenge. Yet, if you have the correct angle grinder wheel, you will find metal cutting a breeze. Moreover, you will get precise and polished results. Besides, the cutting process gets faster and easier for you.

Most Recommended Angle Grinder Metal Cutting Wheels or Discs

Choosing the best angle grinder wheel might get a bit confusing if you are a newbie in buying an angle grinder wheel. The reason is angle grinder wheels come in myriads of brands and models. Yet, if you are familiar with the following most recommended angle grinder wheels, you can quickly reduce your options to the best options at hand:

1) DEWALT DW8062B5

One excellent grinding wheel for cutting metal is the DEWALT DW8062B5. You will find this grinding wheel perfect for your metal cutting tasks. This metal grinding wheel is about .045″ thin. Moreover, this grinding wheel is designed for quick and burr-free cutting. 

The DEWALT DW8062B5 delivers smooth cuts with its 13,300 RPM. It is the best angle grinder disc you can find in the market today for cutting metal. This grinding wheel also has a 4.5″ diameter and an A60T grit. 

You will get around five pieces of this angle grinder wheel in a single package. Its abrasive material is made of aluminum oxide, and its color is the typical color of yellow. Additionally, its arbor hole is 7/8″ in diameter. 

Given its tremendous maximum speed, this angle grinder wheel belongs to the best angle grinder wheels in the market today. Hence, you can use it for both heavy and small duty cutting tasks.


  • Offers enhanced durability due to its aluminum oxide abrasive material.
  • The set features five grinding wheels 
  • Its maximum RPM is 13,400 RPM
  • Perfect for grinding, sharpening, cutting, and polishing


  • Compatibility with other angle grinders like Bosch and Ryobi is a problem

2) Thin Cut Off Wheels by Benchmark Abrasives Store

If you are cutting metal, the grinding wheel you are using must be very sharp. One such super-sharp grinding wheel is the Thin Cut Off Wheels. This cutting wheel is as big as the DEWALT DW8062B5. However, its thickness is around .040″, making it slightly thinner than the DEWALT DW8062B5. 

You will get around fifty cutting wheels out of this kit. You can use these grinding wheels to cut fiberglass, steel, plastic, iron, and stainless steel. The wheels come with top-of-the-line abrasive grains for maximum performance. These grains can sharpen themselves. Thus, you will get aggressive wheels out of DEWALT DW8062B5. 

These grinding wheels are faster. Yet, they don’t vibrate much when cutting. Therefore, you will find these grinding wheels highly stable and easy to handle. Nevertheless, these grinding wheels produce more sparks and heat compared to other grinding wheels. Hence, you need to put on your safety gear when using these grinding wheels. 


  • Can cut numerous metals and materials
  • Capable of up to 13,000 RPM
  • Provides higher resiliency
  • Thinner disc


  • Produces more heat and sparks

3) BHA Metal and Stainless Steel Cut Off Wheels

If you are looking for an excellent grinding wheel for cutting metal, you can check out the BHA Metal and Stainless Steel Cut Off Wheels. This wheel is not that expensive. Yet, it will give you excellent performance. 

In this grinding wheel kit, you will get 25 discs. These discs can cut small and medium-sized metal pieces. These wheels also perform well when you use them for sharpening, grinding, or polishing. 

Yet, when you cut metal, these wheels will make the cutting process easy and precise. Each disc is around 3 inches in diameter. It also features a .25″ arbor hole. Moreover, it is around 1/16” thick. These wheels are made of excellent aluminum oxide along with fiberglass mesh to ensure better durability and safe usage. 


  • Comes with 25 discs
  • Excellent quality
  • Affordable and durable
  • Suited to any DIY grinders


  • Takes time to cut

4) Makita Cut Off Wheels

One brand that keeps on rolling excellent grinding wheels is MAKITA. It manufactures amazing grinding wheels. Thus, if you want top-notch grinding wheels, you should check out the Makita Cut Off Wheels. 

These wheels are very efficient wheels. Moreover, these wheels are perfect for cutting hard metals. Each wheel features a 4.5″ diameter. Thus, it is very much compatible with any 4.5″ angle grinders. 

The Makita Wheel features an aluminum oxide grain grit. Hence, compared to lower quality wheels, this wheel can cut three times faster. Its thickness allows for a better balanced and cut-rate. Moreover, it will enable you to produce precise cuts. 

These wheels offer the excellent cutting capability. The grain’s sharpness is commendable and can let you cut through metals quickly. You don’t need to force the cutting process or push harder when cutting. 

Instead, you only need to give it a little nudge to get precise cuts. These wheels don’t produce intense heat, making these wheels last longer. The maximum speed rate of these wheels is 13,290 RPM. 


  • Excellent grain grit 
  • High maximum RPM up to 13,290 RPM
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Can cut stainless steel


  • You need to handle the abrasive well to prevent premature wearing off.

5) LENOX Tools Cutting Wheel (1972921)

The LENOX 1972921 is a grinding wheel that you can use for several cuttings. You can use it more than one thousand times. The Lenox 1972921 features the diamond technology that makes this cutting wheel a type 1 cutting wheel. Hence, this cutting wheel offers up to thirty times longevity than other grinding wheels. 

The diamond edge technology allows the wheels to remain sharp and precise when cutting. Because it doesn’t have abrasion, it produces fewer dust particles and pungent odor when cutting. This cutting wheel is also wrought in solid steel. Hence, this grinding wheel is less likely to break down. 

Moreover, with the abovementioned technology, the wheel doesn’t get damaged quickly. This grinding wheel allows for better control and enhanced precision when cutting. 

The LENOX 1972921 offers a maximum speed of 13,200 RPM. Such a speed rate is equivalent to the best abrasive wheels at hand. Thus, you don’t need to force the issue and force-feed this cutting wheel with such top speed. You only need to give it a light nudge to do everything for you. 


  • Features the most recent diamond edge technology.
  • Offers high maximum speed rate
  • Durable and efficient
  • Diameter is fairly constant 


  • Can’t perform well on aluminum, but it works well with steel

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Angle Grinder Wheel for Metal Cutting

You can quickly narrow down your options to the best choices by simply looking at the abovementioned most recommended grinding wheels for metal cutting. Yet, it will also help if you know the following essential factors you should consider when selecting one:

Disc Size

One factor you need to consider is the disc size. The disc size determines the motor’s power. If the disc size doesn’t fit the grinder, chances are, the motor will find it hard to power the disc. The popular size range is between 115 to 230 millimeters. 


Another crucial factor to consider is the suitability of the grinding wheel in cutting your material. Grinding discs are designed to cut specific materials. Some, for example, are perfect for cutting fiberglass. So, you should choose something that is precisely engineered to cut metal if you would cut metal. 

Look for metal cut-off wheels. Such grinding wheels can cut metals with ease. It will also help if you have something to cut multiple stuff, like a general-purpose grinding wheel. Lastly, it will be best to choose something that suits your grinding tool.

Motor Power

Another crucial consideration is the motor of the grinding tool. Angle grinders used by craftsmen can provide from 110V to 230V AC. The voltage you would use usually depends on your source of power in your place. Nevertheless, if your angle grinder doesn’t get enough power, it will likely not reach its full RPM. So, you also need to ensure that your angle grinder can accommodate the disc you are buying. 

Grade of Wheels

Wheels usually come in different grades. You can find soft-grade and hard-grade wheels. You can use the soft-grade metal wheels to cut carbides and hardened steel. Moreover, they can offer extensive area contact and allow for less stock removals. 

On the other hand, you can use the hard-grade cutting wheels to cut softer metals. With these wheels, you can easily reach narrow and small areas.

Work Speed and Wheel Speed

Your working speed is tantamount to the wheel speed. Before buying a grinding wheel, you should check if the wheel can handle the cutting speed required to cut metals. If it can’t, then it is not a good choice. The recommended cutting range is between 11K to 13K RPM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from being cognizant of the best brands and models of angle grinder wheels and the factors to consider, it will also help if you are familiar with the following FAQs about angle grinder wheels:

Which is The Best Grinder Blade/Cut-off Wheel for Metal Cutting?

The best grinding wheels for cutting metal are the self-sharpening grinding wheels. These grinding wheels can cut through different types of metals including aluminum, steel, and ferrous metals. Yet, the cut-off wheel edges wear down quite easily after heavy cutting loads. 

As such, you need to find something that doesn’t wear off quickly. So, it will be better to look for grinding wheels that come with diamond edge technology. Such grinding wheels can make more cuts compared to the abrasive-made wheels. These innovative wheels can also deliver precise cuts. They likewise stay sharper and durable for a longer time.

What Characteristics Constitute the Best Angle Grinder Disc?

The best angle grinding disc comes with the latest edge technology, ideal cutting and feeding speed, standard diameter, and enhanced durability. Without these characteristics, an angle grinder wheel will never be considered the best angle grinder wheel in the market today.


If the angle grinder wheel you use today carries all the features discussed above, you are fortunate. Yet, if your present grinding wheel isn’t performing well, then it’s time to replace it with the best angle grinder wheel you can get your hand on. In this way, you can raise your cutting level a notch higher.

As long as you know the most recommended brands and models of angle grinder wheels in the market today and take note of the factors to consider, you will never be amiss in your choice of angle grinder wheel for metal cutting.

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