14 Best Woodworking Money Makers

Woodworker making list of profitable craft projects to make.

Quite frankly, if you will focus on woodworking and raise your woodworking skill a notch higher, you can surely monetize that skill. Woodworking, of course, comes with many benefits. It can give you a hefty workout for your body for free. It also lets you save money by doing your woodworking projects without spending on someone else’s service. You can also gain money out of your woodworking activities. 

Monetizing your woodworking activities may be the least of the benefits you might have thought about woodworking if you are a hobbyist. Yet, you can indeed monetize your woodworking skill. Besides, there are countless woodworking projects you can engage in that can net you additional income.

Most Recommended Woodworking Projects that Can Rake You More Money

If you want to monetize your woodworking skill, you need to enhance it; you need to raise it a notch higher. It will also help if you have a good idea of how you can profit from that skill. Here are the woodworking projects you can engage in to make a profit:

1) Wooden Furniture

Consumable is an item that you buy, use, and replace. In this sense, we can consider wooden furniture as consumable because you buy it, use it, and replace it if it gets broken or damaged. Wooden furniture is hard to resist, especially if it is unique and well-built. As a woodworker, therefore, you can make wooden furniture like coffee tables made of mahogany or any good wood and sell them with a profit.

2) Corner Wall Shelves

Most contemporary homeowners want to have corner wall shelves. So, if you can make a well-made corner shelf, you can surely sell it, and you will have many prospective buyers out there. As a woodworker, you will indeed find making corner wall shelves fun and easy. Selling them will surely make you a profit.

3) Unique Pet Beds

The pet industry is a vibrant industry characterized by a sizeable worth of more than 200 billion dollars. Dogs, of course, are the most favorite pets around the world and dog owners spend a considerable amount of money on providing their pet dogs luxurious beddings and cages. As a woodworker, you can tap this market and build dog and cat beds. You can also build beds for other pet animals like rodents.

4) Birdhouses

Another favorite pet of pet lovers is the bird, and the market for birdhouses will also provide you with a good source of profit. As a woodworker, you can focus on making high-quality birdhouses made from quality wood. You can use your imagination in making great designs of birdhouses.

5) Wooden Toys

Although plastic toys have increasingly become popular nowadays, wooden toys remain a desirable type of toys. Wooden toys are unique and may last longer, and the market for wooden toys is enormous. As a woodworker, you can use your creativity and woodworking skills to make splendid wooden toys. You can make wooden dolls, trains, puppets, and many other wooden toys that can tantalize kids’ eyes. Wooden toys, likewise, are a perfect gift for many occasions.

6) Name Crafts

Name crafts are also popular nowadays. You will find in Etsy several name crafts that are bestselling. Wooden name signs may perch at around $15 to $40, depending on their sizes.

7) Personalized Home Decors

Wood is an excellent material for decorating homes. Hence, it is always a good idea as a woodworker to focus on making wooden home decors if you intend to monetize your woodworking skills. You will find wooden home decors on Artfire, Etsy, and Shopify that are selling well.

You can make plant potters, for example, that sell very well online. You can make personalize plant potters, for example, with the owner’s name on them. Remember that personalized home decor will surely sell well, and you will always find a market for such wooden products.

8) Pet House

Another profitable business as a woodworker is making pet houses. It is profitable because around 67% of homeowners have pets in the U.S., which is tantamount to more than 85 million families in the U.S. Pets are spoiled, and most pet owners provide their pets with pet houses. Hence, if you focus on building pet houses, you will never run out of patrons. 

You’ll surely find someone who will be interested in buying pet houses. Pet houses differ in size, depending on the type of pet you will have in the pet house. If you create pet houses well, you can make a sizeable profit out of it.

9) Wall-mounted Glass Holder and Wine-bottle Holder

Another elegant way to make money out of your woodwork pieces is by making an elegant glass and a wine bottle holder. You won’t need many materials for these products, saved for some wood planks to create a wine bottle and glass holder. 

Your creativity together with your imagination are your only limitations when it comes to making glass and wine holders. Of course, as a woodworker, it will be best to have a working idea of what you would like to make. You can let your creativity take hold of your project to produce an awesome wall-mounted wine bottle holder and glass holder.

10) Beer Bottle Box

Another project that may give you profit, in the long run, is beer bottle boxes. These beer boxes do not require many materials and may not be expensive to make. They can also carry soda bottles aside from beer bottles. They are good decorations, and they can sell well in the market. Making beer bottle boxes may require precision to make the bottles fit into them.

11) Bedside Box

If you can build a perfect square wooden box, you can surely make great bedside boxes. They are cheap to construct and may sell well if you do them well. You can make bedside boxes of various sizes and purposes or use. Moreover, making bedside boxes does not require much advanced woodworking skills.

12) Wine Rack

The wine market is huge, and if you can tap this market, you will surely net a sizeable profit as a woodworker. People indeed love wine, and they would do anything to protect and keep safe their wine bottles. So, if you can make a beautiful wine rack, you will indeed be in for a lot of profit. 

You will have myriads of ways to make a wine rack. Your only limitation is your imagination at this point. As long as you have prolific creativity and reliable woodworking skills, you will indeed create a fantastic wine rack.

13) Storage Beds

Another way to monetize your woodworking skills is by making storage beds. With many people trying to maximize their room spaces, you can build storage beds for them. Storage beds are becoming a necessity, especially for those living in cramped spaces. A nicely built storage bed that is customized for one’s room will surely command a good price. 

Storage beds may not be a project for rookie woodworkers. But if you got what it takes to build a reliable and well-built storage bed, then you should focus on doing these workpieces for a profit.

14) Porch Swing

As a woodworker, you can dabble in projects that would net you profit, such as a porch swing. The porch swing, of course, is a huge project and would sell much. They may take longer to build, but it is rewarding. It will also take higher skills to accomplish and require specialized tools to make. But I assure you that it’ll be profitable if you do it well.


If woodworking is your passion and you are endowed with an artistic mind, you can monetize your skill and artistry, for artistry and skill, when combined, usually produce outstanding products. You can make artistically hand-crafted wood products that can sell well in the market. As mentioned above, woodcrafts have a thriving market. All you got to do is create your distinct products that others would find useful. 

The abovementioned list of wood crafts is non-exhaustive because the market for wood crafts is diverse and huge. Many people have raked profits selling wood crafts, and I am sure there will always be a space for another creative woodworker in this market segment.

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