Best Epoxy Resin for Wood Slabs 2023

October 4, 2023

Pouring different colors of epoxy resin into wood slabs to make table top.

Using epoxy resin for wood slabs is the most creative and beautiful wood art for making modern tabletop and other furniture tops. One of the best resins in the market today is epoxy resin. It shows remarkable resistance to heat stress, and its other properties make it a highly recommended resin for industrial use. You can use it as adhesive masses for carbon fiber, walls, metal, fiberglass, plastics, etc. It can also spruce up everything made of wood like chairs, tables, and cabinets with that classy finish. Moreover, it can enhance the durability of your furniture. 

Most companies make use of this material to enhance their furniture products. As a DIY, you can also use epoxy resin in most of your wooden projects to add glamor and bring out the beauty of your projects. If you intend to use epoxy on your wooden projects, you might as well learn how it is applied and which epoxy resin is the best one to choose.

4 Most Recommended Epoxy for Wood Slabs

Given the myriads of epoxy resin brands in the market today, choosing the best for your use might get a bit confusing. Yet, if you know the following most recommended epoxy resins, you can quickly zero in on the ideal epoxy for your use:

1) Clear Tabletop Epoxy Resin

One of the popular epoxy resins in the market today is the Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin. This epoxy resin will provide your wood projects with the needed smoothness and durability that you would surely appreciate. 

It is easy to apply and readily adheres to the wood surface. You will indeed enjoy the glossy finish this resin provides. This epoxy concoction is perfect for tabletops, wood finishes, and bars. 

This formulation features minimal bubbles while producing a smooth surface. It also does away with craters, fisheyes, and other imperfections. It is easy to prepare and apply. Besides, the end project is a tough and glossy finish that is water-resistant.


  • Produces excellent finish
  • This formulation is food safe


  • The mixing process might be a bit complicated

2) RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy

Another excellent option if you’re looking for an epoxy resin is the RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy. You can use this epoxy resin to coat your bar tops, tabletops, and countertops. It offers a formula that levels itself. When it cures, it produces a smooth and tough finish characterized by high glossiness. This coating prevents scratches and damages to the wood surface.

This epoxy resin features a stable formula that isn’t prone to yellowing. With this epoxy resin, you can customize the coating of your furniture by embedding designs and objects underneath this epoxy resin coating. 

You can also create amazing 3-D effects by applying multiple layers of resin. This epoxy resin is easy to mix and use. Yet, before applying, you need to prepare the wood for coating. 

Compared to other epoxy resins, this formulation doesn’t blush, nor would it produce bubbles. The finish it creates also resists UV light, but it will not fare well in 125°F or more. 

It is recommended not to use this product outdoors for continuous exposure to sunlight can damage the finish. Nevertheless, it will resist damage due to moisture and scratches.


  • Quick-drying within 24 hours
  • Impact, scratch, and stain resistant
  • Resists yellowing
  • High tolerance for heat


  • Not intended for prolonged exposure to UV light

3) East Coast Resin Epoxy Resin

If you’re desirous of super gloss and durable finish, you should check out the East Coast Resin Epoxy Resin. This epoxy resin can provide your furniture with that excellent glossy finish that you would indeed appreciate. 

This epoxy resin comes in two parts of one-half gallon resin and one-half gallon hardener. You can quickly mix these two formulations using a one-is-to-one ratio. Applying this epoxy resin may take up to 35 minutes. The curing time, however, may range from sixteen to twenty hours. 

This formulation exhibits less odor. In fact, it is almost odorless. It is also safe for touching and is food-grad, meaning if your food touches it, it doesn’t render the food uneatable. It doesn’t leach chemicals, nor does this formulation breaks down over time. Moreover, you can apply it without wearing your mask.


  • Excellent glossy appearance
  • Uses one-is-to-one ratio of formulation
  • Quickly cures in less than 20 hours


  • Less scratch-resistant formulation

4) Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin by MAS Store

Another excellent option of epoxy resin is the Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin by MAS Store. This is one of the best for your furniture and is the best for river tables. It is wrought in a professional-grade formulation to make sure it provides an optimum finish. If you’re a DIYer, you should always have this epoxy resin in handy. 

You will find this epoxy resin easy to prepare and apply. You will also have a complete guide in the kit on how you should apply it. With this epoxy resin, you can create a glossy and crystal-clear finish on a wooden surface. 

You can use it to provide that sterling finish to your tabletops and bar tops. This epoxy resin offers an excellent finish and durability. Moreover, it is UV-resistant and is water-resistant. 


  • Offers excellent glossy finish
  • UV-resistant
  • Water-resistant likewise
  • Easy to prepare and apply


  • Requires longer curing period

Factors to Bear in Mind When Selecting Epoxy Resin for Wood Slabs

You’ll get closer to selecting the perfect epoxy resin for your use once you know the most recommended epoxy resins in the market. Yet, you can quickly zero in on the best epoxy resin if you are cognizant of the following factors to bear in mind when selecting epoxy resin for slabs:

It Should Be UV-resistant and Water-resistant

One crucial factor is whether the epoxy resin provides resistance to UV light and water-resistant. These properties can come in handy if you intend to position the furniture outdoor. The UV light, of course, is harmful to the resin and wood. Hence, the wood needs to be protected from UV light. Moreover, it should be water-resistant to ensure that moisture and water will not damage the wood slabs. So, when choosing epoxy resin, go for something that has these properties.

Glossy and Neat Finish

Another factor to consider is the finish that the epoxy resin produces. It should create a high gloss finish that is good to look at. Moreover, it should have a crystal-clear appearance that lets the natural color of the wood come out.

Ease to Apply

You should look for something with a thick formula, for it makes the application process more manageable. It doesn’t require you to create multiple coatings to ensure that the wood surface is completely covered. It will be good to look for something with self-leveling characteristics. This property facilitates the application of epoxy resin along the edges and corners. 


As mentioned above, the appearance should be neat and crystal-clear. Likewise, it will be best to look for something that doesn’t become yellowish over time. Nevertheless, what is important is that it provides the wood surface with an excellent appearance. 

Reduced Bubbling

Even if you are an expert, you will sometimes find bubbles or unsightly air pockets after applying an epoxy resin on a wood surface. Hence, it will be best to look for something that lets bubbles rise to the upper surface. In this way, you don’t need to use a torch or heat gun to do away with bubbles on the epoxy resin coating. 


Even if you don’t intend to use the furniture outdoors, chances are, the furniture may get soaked by water due to spills over of water from bowls or glasses. So, it will be best to look for an epoxy resin that is one-hundred percent waterproof. In this way, unsightly watermarks will not develop along the wood surface exposed to water. 

Durability and Materials

Check and know the type of wood you will be working on. Moreover, it will be best to know what level of durability the epoxy resin provides. Check likewise the ingredients used in the formulation of the epoxy resin.

What Type of Resin Should You Use for Wood Slabs?

Resins come in three types: Polyester, Epoxy, and Vinylester. Each of these types comes with pros and cons when used. But if you will use the resin on wood slabs, your best option is epoxy resin. The reason is that epoxy resin is three times stronger than the other two. 

Moreover, it can seal the wood surface and prevent water from damaging the wood. It also readily adheres, and thus, the application process becomes easy. Besides, you can expect the epoxy resin to be transparent, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to come out.


When applying epoxy resins, it will be best to remember that you need to take extra precautions. Epoxy resins, along with their curing agents, can be skin irritants. Hence, you should avoid direct contact with the epoxy resin. Instead, you should wear face shields and gloves when applying epoxy resin. You might also develop asthma after regular handling of epoxy resins. 

So, it will be best to wear a mask and other protective gear when working with epoxy resin. The epoxy resin, of course, provides an excellent finish if you apply it correctly. Moreover, if you use the most recommended epoxy resin, you can expect the best finish for your wood.

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