Best Rollers for Staining Deck & Fence

Home owner staining and painting deck with roller.

You would surely love to while away your time basking in the sunlight and enjoying the beautiful outdoor surrounding while seated on your Adirondack chair on your wooden deck. But your leisurely sightseeing usually gets interrupted by the sight of the faded deck boards littered with scratches and moss. Upon seeing your shabby deck, you … Read more

Best Stains for Outdoor Furniture

Staining outdoor wood furniture.

When designing your patio, for example, you need to consider several factors like deciding on a focal point, finding the purpose of your deck, figuring out the appropriate placement of your outdoor furniture, and how your furniture would blend with the environment. But when it comes to prepping your furniture for the outdoors, you also … Read more

Best Wax Polish for Antique Wood Furniture

Use wax to polish wood furniture.

Although antique furniture increases in value over time, its value can also depreciate if it gets damaged or if you have repolished it incorrectly. So, you need to correctly polish or refinish it to protect it from damage and improve its appearance and condition. Polishing antique furniture, however, entails a lot of work and is … Read more

Tung Oil Vs Teak Oil Vs Danish Oil

Tung Oil Vs Teak Oil Vs Danish Oil

This article will teach you the benefits of each type of Teak oil, Tung oil finish and Danish Oil. You will be taught how to apply each as you read on. But, please allow me to give you a heads up on the reasons why investing in wood oil is considered one of the best … Read more

How To Waterproof Painted Wood Furniture for Outdoors

Waterproofed wood tables and chairs exposed to rain.

To be honest, the word “weatherproofing” is misleading. When we see the word weatherproofing, our minds immediately jump to rain and water damage. While wood can rot from water damage, there are other elements that weatherproofing can work against quickly!  Some of these elements include UV light, heat, frost, and insects. And yes, every single … Read more

Best Oils for Antique Wood Furniture

Staining the antique wood furniture with oil finishes.

The current market for antique furniture may not be that bullish compared to those of the previous decades, but it doesn’t mean that you should no longer invest in antique furniture, for the best pieces of antique wood furniture still sell well despite the bearish sales of other antique furniture. So, if you have great … Read more

Best Protections for Outdoor Wood Furniture

Protector coatings for outdoor wooden furniture.

So, you have seen how the paint of your outdoor furniture crumbles and flakes off under the intense effects of harsh outdoor elements. And now you have decided it’s time to rethink the protection of your outdoor furniture, and now you are asking about the best way to protect your outdoor wood furniture?  Of course, … Read more