Can You Use Lysol on Wood?

Using Lysol cleaner on wood furniture.

Wood furniture is a staple in most homes. It’s an effort to get furniture that isn’t made out of wood! You can find them in your kitchen as cabinets or tables or in the living room as your chair and decoration.  But like all furniture, we can’t escape germs. They develop on all surfaces, including … Read more

Best Waterproofing for Pressure-treated Wood

There are times the wood we’ve got doesn’t hold up. To make it functional and equipped with adequate strength, you can pressure-treat wood as your best bet. After, it can support anything heavy during construction. Even if it’s pressure-treated, you still need to provide the wood’s protection especially the waterproofing protection that also prioritize decay, … Read more

How To Protect Wood Outdoors

Weather-proofing and outdoor wood care.

If you put indoor furniture outside, you can expect weathering damage. You won’t get the same life from indoor furniture compared to its pressure-treated and rot-resistant counterparts! However, protection from the elements still matter.  Are you planning to place your favorite wooden table set as a picnic place outdoors? Or maybe there’s a beautiful garden … Read more

Best Clear Finishes for Exterior Wood Doors

Outdoor door finishes

Believe it or not, the finish dictates the ultimate aesthetic of your door. Most people may take it for granted, but it affects the entire look of your home. Plus, the finish also dictates how much weathering your wooden door can take!  Whether you want your door rustic, refined, matte, or glossy, there are two … Read more

How To Clean Wood After Sanding, Before Staining

Carpenter cleaning the sanded wood for staining.

The strongest enemy of a smooth and seamless finish is dust. Don’t you know that blowing off the sanding dust through brushing or using an air compressor can still end up to a wet finish or stain? As a replacement for all these, grab a bristle and attach a vacuum on it. This helps you … Read more

Sanding Stained Wood To Restain

Restaining the wood table.

The most practical way of making wood look like it’s brand new is restaining it. Like the rest of the common people out there, you want your wood floor to look great, don’t you? You want your pieces of furniture and other wood fixtures to shine as if they are new.  If you are thinking … Read more

Can You Paint Woodwork With Emulsion?

Apply emulsion paint on woodwork.

The emulsion paint is a kind of paint that is water-based. It is primarily used for interior walls, though you can also use it for exterior surfaces and ceiling. It is thick, and you can’t use it right out of its container. You need to thin it first with water before you can use it.  … Read more

What Grit Sandpaper for Wood Before Painting?

Sanding wood surface before painting.

Sanding requires knowledge of what sandpaper to choose over the other. The wrong choice for sandpaper can mess up the opportunity to create a masterpiece. When we speak of sandpaper grits, coarseness matters. In particular, the coarseness of sandpaper’s abrasive particles is utilized in categorizing them.  In every woodwork or project, sanding is indispensable. It … Read more