7 Most Popular & Easy Miter Saw Projects for Beginners

beginner working on the small and easy woodwork projects with miter saw.

Several years ago, my best friend was gifted by his wife with a miter saw which kickstarted his penchant for woodworking. Not knowing what to do with that powerful tool, he immediately phoned me asking which miter saw projects he could engage in. So, digging deep into my long years of woodworking experience, I delineated to him the most recommended miter saw projects for beginners. 

If you were like him, a beginner in miter saw’s use, you might also benefit from reading this post about the most recommended miter saw projects for beginners.  

As a specialized tool, the miter saw lets you make accurate crosscuts and bevel cuts. Miter saws, likewise, come in different types. You’ll find standard miter saw, compound miter saw, dual compound, sliding compound miter, and Laser/LED miter saws. Moreover, you can use the miter saw in different DIY projects as a beginner.

Top Miter Saw Projects That Most Suitable for Beginner Woodworkers

As a beginner, you might be aching to make your first miter saw projects, but you are still at a loss as to which project you can accomplish using the miter saw. Below is is a list of the most recommended miter saw projects for beginners:

1) Picture Frame

One of the primary projects you can engage in using the miter saw is making a picture frame. Knowing how to make a frame is fundamental to learning the rudiments of woodworking. You can complement your miter saw with the Kreg pocket hole jig. You can use the miter saw to make a cut on one end of the boards at a 45° angle. 

Ensure that the rabbet runs along the frame’s inside. This means that the rabbeted edges should be positioned opposite the pointier or longer side of the boards. A picture frame is straightforward to make. Besides, it requires only four pieces of wood and four miter joints. You can also complete this project quickly.

2) Coffee Table

One helpful project using the miter saw is a coffee table. As a beginner in woodworking, you need to build your confidence in building projects. So, it will be best to start with a simple project like building a coffee table. Once you do it well, you become more confident to tackle more complicated projects. 

To make a coffee table, you can buy dimensional lumber. Using the miter saw, you can quickly cut the lumber into the desired measurement. Then, assemble them to build a coffee table. Cutting the legs can pose a problem to newbies. But if you make the appropriate measurement and cut well using your miter saw, you can make the assembling process easy. 

You can use pocket screws, glue, and wood filler to assemble the parts. Moreover, you can stain the completed table to give it a rustic look.

3) Bookshelf

Another great project that could help you organize your books neatly is a bookshelf. Of course, if you want to raise your woodworking skills a notch higher, you should plan every project you would make. So, plan and measure well according to your plan. 

You won’t need many wood pieces when making a bookshelf. You will only use several rectangular pieces of wood. Then, you will need metal brackets to support the shelf. You can complete such a project within an hour or two.

4) Storage Box

One problem you can engage in at home is the clutters that accumulate even if you continuously dispose of some things. So, as a beginner in woodworking, you can make a storage box. It is easy to make. Moreover, it helps you store the items you will not use at the moment. 

Furthermore, you can make this storage box artistic by infusing some of your artistic proclivity into the making of the storage box. The storage box is easy to make. You will need four boards for the walls and a base. Moreover, you can finish this project within an hour or two.

5) Wall Art Arrows

Another project you can quickly engage in using your miter saw is wall art arrows. You can use this to spruce up the room of your child. You can likewise utilize the wall art arrows in your home exterior. 

These wall art arrows are made of simple wood that necessitates the use of a miter saw. You can also stain them or paint them to match the decor of the room.

6) Utility Shelves

Aside from storage boxes, you can also make utility shelves. You can build utility shelves for your laundry room, storage shed, or garage. You can also make these shelves attractive to add value to a room or space. 

You would need plywood and a few wood pieces to make these shelves. The miter saw, of course, is handy in cutting your wood pieces. You can use shelf brackets likewise to make the shelves sturdy.

7 Wooden Toolbox

You can also make a wooden toolbox as your first project in woodworking using your miter saw. It will take one hour or two to build this wooden toolbox. Moreover, it is an easy project that could bolster a bit your confidence as a budding woodworker. 

You can use a robust lumber piece for this project. Besides, the toolbox you should make should be sturdy and can withstand the test of time. If you can complete this task well, you will have sturdy and secure storage for your tools. Besides, you can inch closer to becoming a master carpenter.


To become a carpenter or woodworker, you need to learn several skills. You need to learn technical skills such as operating a tool like a miter saw, hammer, and screwdriver. You also need to learn mechanical skills, which entails the ability to follow and read directions. Besides, you should be physically fit and can work independently. Plus, you should know how to calculate. 

It will be good to note that woodworking entails a stepladder learning process. As a beginner, you should learn how to do simple projects like the abovementioned projects for beginners. Once you’ve performed well on the aforesaid miter saw projects, you can transition to more complex woodworking tasks to raise your level of expertise a notch higher.

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