10 Easy Jigsaw Projects for Beginners

making wood craft and woodworking products with jigsaw.

The jigsaw can cut faster than the hacksaw and the handsaw. As such, it is a favorite by many experienced woodworkers and hobbyists. They love it because of the many benefits, concomitant with its use. One such benefit is safe usage. It is safer to use than other power tools. It is also very efficient … Read more

How Deep Can A Circular Saw Cut?

Use 7 1/4" circular saw to cut 1" thick wood board.

The cutting depth of the circular saw is relative to the size of its saw blade. The most common circular saw blade’s diameters include the 6-1/2″ and the 7-1/2.” The smaller 6-1/2″ can cut up to two-inch deep, while the 7-1/2″ circular saw can cut up to 2-3/4″ deep. You can also find circular saws … Read more

What Is A Table Saw Sled Used For?

Use table saw sled on different types of cut.

The table saw often serves as the centerpiece of most workshops from where most of your woodworking activities emanate. Thus, purchasing a table saw is always a smart option when you want to make precise cuts on wood. Besides, if you are desirous of raising your level of woodworking a notch higher, you need to … Read more