How To Join Wood Planks For Table Top

Arrange, glueing and clamping the wood planks for making tabletop.

For a beginning woodworker or even a tenured woodworker, making a tabletop is one of the simplest yet exciting projects you will embark on.  Joining at least two wood boards to form a tabletop is the first and main challenge in forming an everyday indispensable home item–the table. Every project exercises your problem-solving skills.  Among … Read more

What Is A Biscuit Joint?

Woodwork is installing and glueing a biscuit joint.

A Biscuit Joint is made up of pieces or flakes of wood that are compressed into an oval-shaped chip that is processed through a Biscuit Cutter. These are inserted in grooves made by a Biscuit Joiner to connect or join two pieces of wood by the edges or sides. A biscuit joint is usually made … Read more