Top 10 Wood Lathe Projects That Sell

April 9, 2022

Making popular and sought-after wood lathe wood products and crafts.

If you are skillful with the lathe machine, you can monetize this skill by creating different lathe projects that sell. However, if you are at a loss as to which lathe projects to engage in, it will help if you get inspiration from existing products sold online to get you started with some lathe projects. After all, it isn’t wrong to get inspired by the ideas of others while innovating these ideas to create excellent wood lathe projects.

If you’re worried that you may find it hard to sell your products, remember that times have already changed. Nowadays, you can sell your products online on sites like Shopify, Bonanza, Etsy, and many other online platforms. Below are some of the wood lathe products you can create that readily sell online:

1) Bowls

You can create bowls using your lathe machine. Of course, Bowls are easy to make and are very useful too. Besides, almost everybody would like to buy bowls of different sizes. Moreover, you can make bowls ranging from simple to lovely and elegant ones. 

You don’t need to be fancy with your creations. But if you are creative enough, you can create fantastic bowls of different shapes and sizes. As you become more versatile in making a bowl, you can surely let your creativity come out.

2) Wooden Spoons

You can likewise create wooden spoons ranging from small spoons to larger spoons. Spoons, of course, are an invaluable and indispensable tool in kitchens. Besides, wooden spoons sell because they don’t alter the taste of the food, unlike metallic spoons, which alter the food taste. 

As with the bowl, your only limitation in making wooden spoons is your creativity. Making a spoon on the lathe is not that difficult. Even if you are a beginner in the wood lathe, you can create spoons.

3) Pepper Grinders

You can also create pepper grinders to show off your artistic skill using the wood lathe. The pepper grinder is an excellent project for seasoned and beginners in using the lathe. You can cut pieces of wood of your choice and drill holes onto them. 

Then, turn these pieces on your lathe. Afterward, you can sand and finish and assemble. As simple as that. You can utilize whatever finish you would like to use. These spoon products would surely sell online.

4) Round Three-legged Stools

Another project you can set your sight on is the round three-legged stool. Such a stool will likewise sell online well because it is handy. Again, it is a very versatile type of furniture that consumers would love to buy. 

You can create various designs for your stools, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to the kind of stools you can make. You can also complement the stool with a footrest as an added selling point.

5) Salt Cellars

Salt cellars or lidded boxes provide a perfect way to showcase your woodturning skills. You can make this salt cellar and provide it with a fitting lid. Moreover, you can make stackable salt cellars, and you will indeed find making salt cellars easy. 

Of course, if you have a CNC machine, you can make quick work of these salt cellar projects. But if you want to go traditional, you can use the lathe machine to fashion out the best salt cellar you can sell online. 

You can use those unique wood pieces too short for your other projects and turn them into lidded boxes. You can sell these crafts at craft fairs or online, and you’ll be amazed at how they sell well.

6) Wooden Vase

You can sometimes let your creative juices flow by making awesome wooden vases if you’re a creative lathe user. You can do it somewhat differently to make your wooden vase stand out from the myriads of wooden vases out there. 

Start with a good idea of a wooden vase. Use contrasting wood inlay and use wood like maple wood to create that stunning grainy look for your vase. 

You can use your bandsaw to make these wooden vases. But you will surely fare well if you use the wooden lathe for this project. Wooden vase, of course, sells like hotcakes, especially if you did them well.

7) Candle Stool 

Another functional wooden product you can sell online is a candle stool. Candle stools, of course, have a broad base market and are pretty easy to make. You can create different sizes of candle stools, and your creativity is your only limitation when it comes to this kind of project. 

You can also make candle tools of different dimensions, and you can use maple or walnut for this project. In my case, I once made a small three-legged candle stool that sold well in an online selling platform.

8) Mortar and Pestle

Another easy-to-make project on the lathe is the mortar and pestle. Mortar and pestle, of course, is an indispensable tool anywhere because you need to have one in your household. If you know how to make a bowl, you can easily do the mortar and pestle project.

9) Round Wooden Boxes

Another potential seller online is the round wooden box. You will also enjoy doing this project if you enjoy woodturning plates, bowls, and vases. You can make lovely wooden boxes with lids. These round wooden boxes may be round. But they are still referred to by woodturners as boxes.

10) Wooden Rings

You can also engage in making wooden rings if you got ample time. These wooden rings are easy to make as if you are simply making bangles. The process, however, is more intricate because the smaller the wood, the more difficult it will be to fashion out or shape. 

Nevertheless, you should carefully choose the wood you will use. Hardwood would be best for making such wooden rings.


I began woodturning several years ago as a hobbyist. But soon after, I began producing great products that sell online. Some of the products I sold include the abovementioned products. Hence, based on my experience, I can say that woodturning is a good hobby that you can also turn into a source of extra income. 

You don’t need to be a marketing expert in selling your products because there are many online selling platforms nowadays. These online platforms let anyone showcase and sell their products. You only need to let your creative juices flow when woodturning to monetize your woodturning skills quickly.

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