Best Professional Scroll Saws 2023

October 4, 2023

Industrial heavy-duty scroll saws.

You might be engaged in woodworking as a DIYer, building and fixing some furniture and things to maintain and enhance your home. And maybe, you haven’t transitioned yet to monetizing your woodworking skills. But if ever you decide to monetize your woodworking skills, you will indeed find the scroll saw useful.  

A scroll saw, of course, is a tool that is either pedal-or electric operated. You can use it to cut intricate patterns and curves on a block of wood, metal, or any type of material. It comes with a very fine saw blade that lets you cut more delicate materials and patterns than a jigsaw.

Best Scroll Saws for Professional Use

Aside from knowing the key factors and features to consider in a professional scroll saw, it will also help if you are cognizant of the following most recommended scroll saws in the market today:

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1) Hegner Scroll Saw (18”)

You might be wondering how those intricate artworks got produced. Well, you might not know it, but such designs are wrought using scroll saws. One such scroll saw for making such designs is the Hegner Scroll Saw. This one is an 18″ scroll saw that features a double tensioning lock system. 

With this scroll saw, you can engage in precise and highly detailed works. It will also enable you to achieve smooth finishes and edges sans sanding. This scroll saw is one of your best options, if not your best option at hand. It also comes with a seven-year warranty.


  • Offers ease of blade replacement
  • Equipped with a durable saw blade
  • Allows for excellent control when cutting


  • Its speed isn’t adjustable

2) JET JWSS-22 22″ 

The JET JWSS-22 is a reliable scroll saw and is one of your best options at hand. It is a 22″ scroll saw that features a stand for an easy setup. Moreover, it allows for easy blade change without using any specialized tool. It also comes with upper clamps that tension the saw blade automatically. 

This scroll saw comes with a removable lower saw blade holder that snaps securely and quickly. Thus, the saw blade is held tightly in place while you use the scroll saw. 

JET JWSS-22 22″ features a speed range from 400 to 1550 SPM. Thus, with this scroll saw, you can easily match the blade speed with the working material. With this scroll saw, you can easily make bevel cuts because you can tilt the saw head up to 45 degrees (right) and 40 degrees (left). 


  • The lower blade holder can be removed.
  • The table comes with a slot for the saw blade
  • It is tiltable for easy beveling


  • Quite expensive

3) Excalibur – EX-21 21″

Another excellent scroll saw option is the Excalibur – EX-21 21″. This one can provide you with precise cuts. You can use it for making intricate designs that require meticulous cuts. 

The Excalibur – EX-21 21″ features a 32″ x15″ x 15″ dimensions. It is around 65 pounds. With such a weight, it can reduce vibrations. Moreover, it offers an extensive table surface for easy work. It also features a 21-inch throat clearance, while its tabletop is 13-1/2″ wide.

Its base comes with a wider stance compared to other products of the same price range. This base also features a 4-point configuration. Thus, the scroll saw gains additional stability which is essential when you deal with wide panels. 

Its upper arm, which tilts, allows for beveled cuts (left or right) at a 45-degree angle. Moreover, you can easily adjust the connection height of this scroll saw blade. Besides, you can maintain with ease the tension of the blade while you cut. 


  • Features a tilting head for easy beveled cuts
  • Comes with a four-point base. 
  • Offers excellent stability 


  • The vacuum hose can get in the way when you tilt the head
  • Customer service might be an issue


The DEWALT DW788 is highly recommended to carpenters and woodworkers engaged in fine cutting of intricate designs. It comes with variable speeds and measures around 29.5″ x 19.5″ x 12.1″. It also weighs around 56 lbs., which is less heavy than the abovementioned scroll saw. Thus, this one has a more manageable weight for most woodworkers and carpenters. 

The DEWALT DW788 comes with a 20″ throat depth. Such a throat depth is enough for most cutting in the construction site. A 1.3-amp motor also powers it. Besides, its variable speed range is from 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute. With this scroll saw, you can deal with up to two inches of material thickness. 


  • Features an oversized table with a teardrop shape
  • Comes with a cast-iron tabletop
  • Features a tabletop that tilts 45-degree on each side. 


  • Hold-down arm tend to move
  • Doesn’t allow for front to back adjustment of the tabletop

5) Delta Power Tools 40-694

If you’re looking for a scroll saw with enough versatility and power, you should check Delta Power Tools 40-694. This one is a 20-inch scroll saw that comes with variable speed for better control of cutting. Its 20-inch throat capacity is enough for handling different dimensions of materials. It is also capable of tilting its table up to 45 degrees (left and right). Besides, it comes with a LED light along with an air blower. 

The range of its stroke speed is from 400 to 1750 SPM, allowing you to cut different materials at various speeds. 

It also comes with a dual-arm assembly for reduced vibration. It also offers ease of blade change with its upper arm lifting and locking out of the way. This scroll saw can accommodate plain-end blades. It also comes with a hold-down foot made of thin metal. Moreover, its controls, including speed adjustment, power switch, and tension control, are found at the tool’s front. 


  • Features excellent speed range 
  • Exhibits less vibration and noise


  • Doesn’t come with a dust collection port
  • Bereft of work light

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Professional Scroll Saw

If you intend to work with the scroll saw and monetize your projects, it will help if you choose the best professional scroll saw in the market today. The best scroll saw will enable you to raise your level of woodworking projects a notch higher. However, finding the best scroll saw might prove confusing, given the myriads of options at hand. So, knowing the following key factors to consider when choosing a scroll saw will help you zero in on the ideal scroll saw in the market today:

Variable Speed Control

One important feature you should look for in a professional scroll saw is the variable speed control feature. When cutting different materials, you will need to adjust the speed of the scroll saw blade to correspond to the material you will cut. It should come with a large knob for this purpose, something that requires fewer turns. In this way, you can save time and effort while you cut using the scroll saw.

High Visibility Markings

When working in your shop, you might overlook the sun’s setting and might end up working in a poorly lighted environment sans turning the lights on. Hence, it will surely help if your scroll saw comes with high visibility markings with large and printed numbers. 

Professionals utilize scroll saws in warehouses and factories. In such a setup, professional workers can barely afford a minimal error in cuts. So, with discernible markings on your scroll saw, you would end up with minimal mistakes when cutting.

Additional Lighting

Most workshop lights are installed on the ceiling and might cast shadows on your workpiece. If that is the case with you when working with a scroll saw, you might as well look for a scroll saw with additional lighting. In this way, you can minimize eye fatigue when working with tight scroll lines.

Dust Blower

Another key feature you should look for in a scroll saw is its built-in dust blower. When working with the scroll saw, you might get exposed to billows of dust produced by the cutting process. If you inhale dust, you might compromise your health, especially your lungs. So, you need to prevent the dust from billowing out of your workpiece and scroll saw. A scroll saw with a dust blower and a dust port to which you can connect your vacuum is an excellent option. In this way, you can minimize the health hazard concomitant with the use of the scroll saw.


Another aspect you should look into when selecting a scroll saw is its durability. If you intend to use it to monetize your woodworking activities, it will be best to choose durable. It should be capable of handling long sessions of cutting.

Moreover, you should consider the throat size of the scroll saw. Plus, you should consider a sound clamping system for your scroll saw. Besides, it should have a tensioning lever for quick changing of a saw blade. 

It will also help if it has a blade holder for accommodating different types of cutting saw blades. Likewise, you should check its base and look for something with a cast iron base for reduced vibrations and better accuracy.


The working principle behind the operation of the scroll saw is similar to that of the bandsaw, wherein you would move the workpiece against the scroll saw to achieve a cut. Yet, the main difference between these two power saws lies in the saw blade. The bandsaw blade features a continuous loop, while the scroll saw comes with a reciprocating saw blade. 

This reciprocating blade design allows the scroll saw to make internal cuts on the wood. You only need to drill a hole and insert the saw blade onto the whole. Having the best scroll saw at your disposal will surely raise your level of woodworking skills a notch higher.

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