Best Sanding Discs for Table Saw 2023

October 4, 2023

Converting table saw to a sanding station.

The sanding disc is one of the tools you can use to smoothen the contour of wood ends with ease. Besides, having a sanding disc for your table saw allows you to turn into a sanding station quickly. The disc sander, of course, is a must tool in any shop. You can use them to make quick work of smoothing and shaping your stock. Moreover, with the sander disc, you can quickly shape the edges and ends of your material. 

If you don’t have a flap sander or belt sander, you can always turn your table saw into a ready disc sander by using replaceable sandpaper that comes in a circular shape. Its use is perfect for those with cramped workshops who want to maximize the use of every square foot of their shop.

Best Table Saw’s Sanding Discs

If you intend to convert your table saw into a sanding station every once in a while, you should find the best and most recommended sanding discs in the market today. Below is a rundown of the most recommended sanding discs for table saw:

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1) FREUD Calibration & Sanding Disc

This sanding disc is a ten-inch sanding disc that allows for easy calibration with your saw. You can transform your table saw into a veritable sanding disc using this sanding disc in no time. You only mount this sanding disc into the Freud calibration. 

With its use, you don’t need to spend much to purchase another sanding tool. It doesn’t come with teeth. Moreover, you can use this sanding disc on radial saw, table saw, and miter saw. This sanding disc is also very much affordable.

2) WoodRiver Table Saw Sanding Disc Mounting Plate

This sanding disc and mounting plate is a ten-inch table saw mounting plate for sanding discs that allow you to sand angled edges and square ends. It is 1/8″ thick and is 10 inches in diameter. It is precision machined, and you can use it as a reference for accurately setting up tables and fences. 

You can use it to align the table saw arbor relative to the miter slots. Moreover, you will find that one side is a bit tapered, but it is not so much tapered as the other sanding disks. The good thing is that its even side is really flat.

3) CMT 299.111.00 8″

The CMT 299.111.00 is another excellent option if you are looking for a sanding disc that you can use to convert your table saw into a sanding station quickly. It features an eight inches disc that comes with a (balance) blade likewise. You only need to set the blade along with the sanding disk onto your saw and align it accurately using a square.

Then, you can detach the blade (balance) and set the table saw blade for precise cuts. If you want to sand, you only need to attach the (self-sticking) sandpaper disc. Like the CMT 299.112.00 10″, Additionally, its bore is 5/8 inches in diameter.  

4) CMT 299.112.00 10″

The CMT 299.112.00 10″ is a ten-inch sanding disc that you can use for a table saw. CMT rolled out this sanding disc, and with it, you can transform your saw into a working sanding station. To convert your saw into a sanding station, you can set the blade in the table saw using the CMT (balance) blade along with the (Sanding) Disk. Then, mount this disk onto your table saw and make sure that you align it well. 

Afterward, you can remove the balance blade and once again set your saw blade to create precise cuts. You can use this disc as a sander by attaching to it the self-sticking sandpaper disk. Additionally, its bore measures around 5/8″. It is also quite affordable.

Why Should You Convert Your Table Saw into A Sanding Station?

Sanders may not be that expensive, and you will never spend $200 for an excellent and reliable sander. But if you don’t have enough space in your workplace and you want to maximize every inch of your workspace, you might as well turn occasionally your table saw into a workable sanding station. For just $35, you can buy a balance blade along with a sanding disk. You can mount this disk onto the table saw. 

These sanding discs come with a 5/5″ standard arbor. They also use self-stick standard sanding disks. So, it will be a worthwhile alternative to buying a dedicated sander. The sanding disks and balance blade come in sizes of ten and eight inches. You can buy eight inches version for only $20, while you will only spend up to $30 for the ten inches one. 


The use of the sanding disc comes with some advantages. It is fast and easy to install and is cheap. It is also space-saving and can come in handy when you need a sander. Nevertheless, its use also comes with some downsides, such as it can burn wood if not handled properly, as the rpm of the table saw rotation is higher than the dedicated sanding machines. Besides, it can quickly chip away a lot of material. Moreover, it may be inconvenient to use for newbies.

Regarding the potential issue of the motor getting damaged by converting the table saw into a sanding station and the possible burning of the motor, I believe this is a non-issue. In fact, this converting of the table saw into a sanding station had been practiced for some years in the past without any adverse effects on the health of the motor.

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