Best Table Saws for Small Shop 2023

October 4, 2023

Different types and models of table saws that suitable to use in small workshop, shop and garage.

Even if you’re just starting out in woodworking in small workshop or compact working space, you still needs a table saw. You don’t want one of the most vital pieces of equipment missing from your shop! Any DIY enthusiast can benefit from one. 

So, if you need a table saw fit for your workshop’s size, this is the guide for you. We give you more than the usual recommendations! Read on to find the best products, some considerations, and what to look for before you make a purchase. 

5 Best Industry-Recommended Table Saws for Small Shops

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1) DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS)

Do you need a table saw for both wood crafting and job sites? Look no further. The DEWALT 10-inch table saw is a powerful, compact machine you can incorporate into both settings! The 15-amp motor comes with a telescoping fence, dust collection port, rolling stand, fence adjustment, and guarding components. 

With this table saw, you don’t just have enough power. You can accommodate broader cuts, and the dust collection port is easy-to-use! It can attach to standard 2.5-inch shop-type vacuum hoses. It’s inconvenient to go out of your way just to get an adapter. 

Large, hardwood materials are no issue. You can cut with accuracy with the adjustment features, and you know you’ll be safe with the tool-free guarding components. It’s portable too – the rolling stand makes it easy to set up and break down the table saw quickly!

2) Makita 2705 

Whether you need a table saw for professional use or at-home projects, the Makita 2705 Ten-Inch Table Saw makes everything happen with convenience. The combination of its large capacity and 15 amp power makes it possible to use it for large-scale crafting! 

However, what makes it stand out best is its accuracy and convenience. The flat-top has precision-focused machinery. Then, you discover that the correct extension table for ripping 4×8 plywood sheets! The T-slot gauge has grooves that support all your cutting material, from fine cuts to comprehensive, cross-cutting jobs. Best of all, the rip fence slides smoothly to adjust according to your needs. 

You don’t need to constantly double-check your adjustments, either. There’s an easy-to-read scale for you! You can turn the saw on and off with a large switch. One of the best advantages of this table saw is the total storage capacity. Blades, power cords, miter gauges, rip fences, push sticks, wrenches, safety guards, and dado blades can be put into the storage at any time!

3) Shop Fox W1837 10″

Who says you can’t have two table saws in one? The W1837 proves to be one of the most suitable table saws by mixing features of the contractor and cabinet saws. The weight and size are like the former, but the dust controls are just like the latter. However, the built-in kickstand and mobile base are purely their own. 

The kickstand is quite handy! Pushing down on the foot levers can make the machine rise off its feet. If you want a portable table saw, go for the W1837. You can quickly put it in your desired location.

The quick-change blade guards and anti-kickback pawls can make working much safer and more convenient, too. If you need something portable, powerful, and convenient, the W1837 is a good pick. 

4) SKIL 3410-02

No matter how small workshops are, you must be able to tackle more significant projects. Why let your space limit you? DIY woodworkers can find more direct action and movement with the SKIL 3410-02. However long your boards are, you can easily miter, bevel, or cross-cut it your liking. 

Its features don’t stop at that flexibility. You can slice through 4x the material with this table saw! The 3.5 inches cut height capacity proves to be powerful. Plus, the aluminum table includes:

● A self-aligning rip fence.

● An easy-view measurement system.

● A quick-mount mechanism.

Your work is always supported, your cuts accurate, and you can set this table saw up quickly! 

5) Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031

This table saw beats every product out with its durability and portability. Don’t believe us? Well, you can carry this table saw with one hand! Carry it along to your garage, the neighbor’s shed, or wherever the Jobsite is. While we want every user to treat their table saws with care, the steel base can withstand all sorts of abuse. 

However, it isn’t just a formidable machine. It’s also versatile and convenient! It has enough storage capacity for most accessories, a self-aligning rip fence, and a tool-free dust chute. The rip capacity is at 7.75 inches, and the no-load motor is applicable for all kinds of work! 

What Makes A Great Table Saw for a Small Shop?


Size should be your number one priority when choosing a table saw. After all, you have limited space! You want the table saw to fit with plenty of room for other tools and projects. 

When you first look for table saws, you’ll find that they’re categorized under size, weight, and different features. We don’t recommend industrial cabinet table saws. A small workshop and some DIY projects don’t need something like a cabinet table saw just yet! 

Think about it: if you pick a larger size of a table saw in a limited workshop, you won’t be able to move around. If you choose something too small, you might not be able to work as effectively as possible. You can sort through table saws based on different categories. You can pick from small or large table saws, lightweight or much heavier, plus the extra convenience and safety features.  

If we scale down in size, we might find contractor table saws suitable. They’re not that big, but they may still not be ideal for small workshops or garages. A table saw isn’t the only thing you have in your workshop. After all, you need storage space for tools when you’re in between projects, too. 

What about a hybrid table saw? They combine the advantages of cabinet saws while incorporating the main feature of contractor table saws. However, they still aren’t suitable for small workshops. 

So, what do we have left? Portable saw models. They’re compact, economical, and get things done. Everything fits in the small space, and it’s great to work on! 

Look Into The Benchtop Category

Benchtop table saws are a common denominator among many beginners. Novice woodworkers love how compact these table saws are, and they don’t cost that much either. Manufacturers manage to bring the price down by using plastic and aluminum instead of heavy construction material. 

One downside to choosing benchtop table saws is the accessories. You might have to buy different equipment! They won’t have the accuracy of the expensive versions. The smaller table also limits how many projects you can perform. Crafting and constructing small pieces or furniture items are usually suitable for this kind of saw, but it still limits safe rip cuts. 

Jobsite Table Saw

You may be familiar with Jobsite models as the more expensive portable option, but it’s honestly worth it. They come with more durability, so you can trust this table saw to have a long life. The components and accessories are better in terms of quality. Then, they can endure heavy, construction-type use. However, don’t expect the high-quality accessories to come in an increased number! The limits are still in place.

The table surface is more significant for the budget you invest into it, so you have safety as a guarantee. You can do all kinds of rip cuts to suit the project. Practical construction is both possible! Do note that they cost more. However, it’s worth it: you can collect dust better, access safety features, and benefit from durability for more significant projects. 

Things To Consider Before Buying a Small Table Saw 

What Are The Cutting Features?

The cutting features have to come first. However, you first have to determine what type of projects you can do. If the tasks require a lot of rips, you may want a larger surface for your table. 

It boils down to a tricky balance: you want something portable, compact, but still large enough for cuts and projects. 

So, consider your options. For entry-level bench saws, you can expect rip capacity to start at 18 inches. If you look at professional cabinet saws, the measurements go up to 60 inches!

Rip capacity is the number one feature you must look at when buying table saws. You want to accommodate as much as possible of the projects you wish to undertake. 

What’s The Cutting Depth, Blade Size, and Blade Height?

Along with the rip capacity, you want to consider the height of the blade, too. There are usually maximum and suggested bevel cut angle heights always included with the products. 

Speaking of blades, you should also take blade size into account. The blade size dictates your cutting depth. If you for ten-inch blades, you can cut up to 3.5 inches. A twelve-inch blade can reach up to 4 inches! 

You’ll find the circular blade size in the table saw labels. Again, think about the most common projects you do to make the deciding process easier. 

Are There Enough Fence Options?

Are you unfamiliar with what a fence is? It’s a practical, adjustable guide that holds your projects in place, so you can cut safely and quickly. Most fences are T-square fences, and they’re suitable for most cuts. You can find T-square fences in most table saws, small or otherwise. 

If you’re the type that likes more structure and adjustment, there are specialty fences for you. For example, micro-adjust fences allow a user to fine-tune measurements. If you need to cut up larger pieces of wood for your projects, extendable fences are the go-to feature. If you have sight problems, table saws can have embedded magnifiers for your convenience. You can see where you can actually fine-tune your measurements and make sure everything is accurate! 

Dust Collection

For dust collection, you might find dust ports in your machines. The sizes of these dust ports vary, and ultimately, the choice is up to you. Unlike other table saw features, dust ports don’t have an industry standard. 

We recommend measuring ports and matching them to shop vacuums and hoses. If you can’t make it happen, you’d have to buy an adaptor! The adaptor will make the shop vac and hose fit in the port, but it’s another expense. It’s better if you get something that matches right away. 

Are There Any Safety Features?

All users should follow safety tips when working on a project. Operating a table saw is no joke, and you need to prep before you can make sure no accidents will happen during the project. 

Thankfully, safety features in table saws can make woodworking more convenient! 

Invest in the guard systems. They have covers for the blade, making it easy to not have skin contact. Sometimes, some machines incorporate on/off buttons to quickly press when you’re sitting down on the table. Blade brakes can become beneficial, too. Accessories – like riving knives, for example – can keep you safe, too. 

In Conclusion

Small shops benefit from portable, powerful table saws. Whatever the size your workshop space is at right now, there’s a table saw for you! As consumers, we recommend you don’t bite at the first compact table saw you see. You must consider different features, like safety and mobility, before you commit to a purchase. 

We wish you luck with your woodworking projects! Whatever your project will be, make sure you get one of the products from our recommendations. They’re all excellent buys you can tailor-fit to your needs. 

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