How to Store Miter Saw

April 6, 2022

Most practical ways and ideas to store your miter saw properly.

If you’re an avid woodworker, you will ensure that your miter saw is correctly stored because you know the value of every device in your tool arsenal. Besides, you know that power tools like the miter saw can be susceptible to damage due to the vicissitudes of weather. If the winter in your place is unforgiving, some of the components of your miter saw might get damaged. Moreover, moisture and dust can damage your miter saw over time.

There are many miter saw storage ideas to keep your miter saw protected from the cold, dust, and moisture, you need to know the best ways to store your miter saw. You’re lucky if the miter saw—you’ve bought—has a particular storage shelf, for you will no longer need to look for something to protect it. If it doesn’t come with such a shelf, you can build one for your miter saw. Aside from that, it will be best if you cover the miter saw when it is not in use.

Where Should You Store Your Miter Saw?

Where you will store your miter saw would usually depend on your miter saw’s type, design, size, and many other factors. You might consider hanging your miter saw to maximize space if you got a cramped workshop. Yet, many miter saws are enormous enough, making it difficult to hang them on the side walls. It will be best to mount them on a fixed stand in such a case. 

Nevertheless, you should ensure that the place is free of dust and moisture and is secure. If the area is susceptible to moisture, you can cover the miter saw with a waterproof cover.

Furthermore, if your workshop is prone to pilferage, it will be best to store it in a burglarproof place. Besides, it will always be best to lock your miter saw when you’re not using it. Power tools, like the miter saw, can be costly. Thus, the miter saw should be stored safe from breakage. 

If you don’t have a place sealed from moisture, it will be best to configure your workshop to control its temperature and humidity level perfectly. 

Freezing temperature, for example, can weaken the plastic and metallic parts of your tool. Such exposure to extreme cold might damage your miter saw. So, ensure that you keep your miter saw well-stored.

The Best Ways to Store Your Miter Saw

If you want to ensure that your miter saw is well-protected when you store it, it will be best to be cognizant of the following valuable tips on how to store your miter saw when not in use:

1) Miter Saw Storage Cover

It is important to cover your miter saw when not in use. In this way, you can prevent moisture from damaging your miter saw. If it has a waterproof case, you should always keep your miter saw inside its case. 

Some miter saw cases come with a handle to let you carry your miter saw from one place to another. You can also set your miter saw inside a locking cabinet when not in use. In this way, you can keep your miter saw protected, whether that cabinet is metal or wooden. 

Remember that covering your miter saw can make a lot of difference in its longevity. The covered miter saw remains protected from dust and other factors that could damage its components. 

Ensure, however, that the cover is moisture-proof or waterproof. In this way, even if your shop has a high humidity level, you can keep your miter saw protected. Moreover, if it is covered, you can protect your miter saw from accidental liquid spills. 

Nevertheless, if the cover is waterproof, it might still trap moisture inside. So, it is best to keep moisture out of its waterproof case.

2) Miter Saw Storage Box

A wooden storage box is a safe option for a miter saw. It can protect the miter saw from moisture. You can find wooden storage boxes with a handle, allowing you to carry the miter saw from one location to another. 

If you can’t find a wooden storage box, you can build one for your miter saw. Remember that if you store your miter saw in a rigid wooden box, you can rest assured that it will not get dented if something falls onto the box. 

You can build a box sans a bottom if your primary concern is to protect your miter saw from flying debris when working in your shop. Yet, if you travel and carry your miter saw to your workplace, a wholly covered box with a handle would be your best option.

3) Miter Saw Storage Shelf

One best way to organize your tools is via storage shelves. To keep your devices organized, you can mount these storage shelves on your workshop’s walls. With such storage shelves, you can quickly retrieve any tool you need. 

You can also store your miter saw in one of these storage shelves. Stored in a shelf, your miter saw will be above the ground, minimizing its exposure to moisture. This shelf should be a designated shelf for your miter saw when it is not in use. In this way, you can quickly access your miter saw when you need it.

4) Storage Case

Another excellent option if you want to keep your miter saw in perfect condition is the use of a storage case. You can find a wide array of storage cases in the market. You can select the best one to protect your expensive miter saw from damage. Besides, you can carry your miter saw anywhere you need it with an excellent storage case. 

It will be best to go for a hard-shelled case. It might be more expensive than a box case, but it is more compact and lightweight than the box case. 

If ever you will be buying your miter saw for the first time, you can go for a model bundled with a miter saw case. Yet, you can also have a customized hard-shelled case for your miter saw.

5) Miter Saw Wall-mounted Storage

Another excellent option is wall-mounted storage. You can, of course, hang your miter saw on your workshop’s wall. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the mounts are sturdy enough to bear the weight of your miter saw. 

You can utilize an MDF or plywood as your mounting base. Ensure that the base can hold your heavy miter saw. Since your miter saw is mounted, it will not be prone to damage by moisture and spills. Besides, your miter saw will get protected from dust and water. 

6) Storage Cabinet

One safe way of storing your miter saw is by stacking it away in a storage cabinet. You can lock this cabinet when the miter saw is inside. Besides, you can stack away your other tools inside these locked cabinets. 

You can build a cabinet specifically for your miter saw. Moreover, you can line this cabinet with anti-rust liners for added protection.

The miter saw cabinet is the best storage location for your miter saw, and some brands, for example, offer cabinets that could store your tools. You can avail of any of these off-the-shelf cabinets. Furthermore, if you are creative enough, you can make a cabinet that can function as your miter saw station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing your best options for storing your miter saw when not in use, you can also check out the following FAQs about the miter saw storage, for such questions might also be the questions you have in mind:

Can You Just Leave Your Miter Saw on Its Stand?

If you got a good stand for your miter saw, then you can leave your miter saw on it when you are not using it. You can use, for example, a Bosch T4B for your stand. This stand is sturdy and features a broad base. Thus, it is stable enough to support your miter saw when not in use. Yet, such a stand might take too much space in your workshop, and if you have a cramped workshop, it could be an issue. 

Can You Store Your Miter Saw Vertically?

The answer to the abovementioned question depends on the type of miter saw you have. You can fold the miter saw and store it in a vertical position if it has such a foldable design. Yet, you can leave the miter saw on its stand if you use bolts and nuts to secure it. 

Can You Just Put Your Miter Saw on Table?

Yes, you can set your miter saw on any sturdy table, for the miter saw is such a portable device. You can also set it on the floor when using it.


If you own a power tool as a miter saw, you know perfectly well that it is expensive. Hence, it will be best if you store it correctly and safely. If you don’t keep it well, the components of your miter saw will likely rust or break. Remember that repair or replacement is costly likewise. If possible, you should store your miter saw inside its original box when not used. You can place a silica gel inside the storage box to absorb any excessive moisture from the atmosphere. 

You can also store your miter saw inside a tool chest or cabinet. But make sure you equip the cabinet with anti-rust liners for added protection. 

Ensure that your miter saw is off the ground. But if you’re still unsure how to store your miter saw adequately, you can try any of the abovementioned methods of storing the miter saw when you’re not using it.

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