Best Table Saw Box Joint Jigs Without Dado 2023

October 4, 2023

Box joint jigs for table saw.

One challenging aspect of woodworking is making joints like dovetail joints and box joints. In fact, your creativity and expertise as a woodworker usually hinge on how well you create those joints. Most jigs for cutting box joints or finger joints are mounted to the miter gauge. So, it will help if you can sometimes tweak the jig every time you reattach it to the miter gauge. 

You can take a different way of making box joints by building a simple sled for cutting the uniform sizes of fingers. This sled ensures that you will be able to repeat the result without tweaking. This sled rides in the miter slots. So, it is not dependent on the miter gauge. It utilizes the same principles as that of the miter gauge jig; nevertheless, it necessitates less setup on the succeeding uses.

3 Most Recommended Box Joint Jigs for Table Saw

Aside from being mindful of the crucial factors to consider, you should also be cognizant of the following most recommended box joint jigs in the market today. In this way, you can quickly limit your options to the best options at hand:


One of the most advanced tools you will ever get out there is the INCRA I-BOX Jig. You can create stunning box joints and finger joints using this tool. In a way, it is revolutionary in design, allowing you a faster setup and greater versatility. It also improves user safety.

The INCRA I-BOX Jig is lightweight and easy to use. As a portable jig, you can carry it around with ease. It is also affordable despite its excellent design. This box joint jig allows you to create well-fitted box joints. Incra is a leading manufacturer of woodworking tool. It is also an innovative one that ensures that they add innovative safety features to their products. 

This Incra jig, of course, is no exception. It comes with many safety features, including a see-through blade guard that readily provide protection to users from flying slugs and wood chips.

2) Rockler Box Joint Jig

Another excellent option if you want to make box joints is the Rockler Box Joint Jig. This jig is a product of Rockler Companies, a known provider of excellent woodworking tools. This box joint jig is perfect for making precise and tight-fitting box joints. Besides, this jig is easy to set up and use. 

The Rockler box joint jig is around 18.5″ wide and 1.8″ tall. It weighs around 10.6 lbs. Furthermore, it has a very compact design that lets you have excellent flexibility and versatility when making joints. With this box joint jig, you can quickly make decorative joinery. 

The Rockler Box Joint jig is perfect for use on router tables. Router tables utilize bits. On the other hand, table saws utilize stacked dado blades, allowing for easy spacing to achieve the necessary pin width.

3) Woodhaven 4556

The Woodhaven 4556 lets you cut sockets and large pins with pinpoint accuracy and a higher level of safety. This box joint is around 1/2″ to 1.5625″ high. The Woodhaven 4556 comes with replaceable MDF sub-fences. It also comes with a twelve-inch Aluminum fence and 2 clamps (built-in). 

You will clamp your workpiece vertically using a vise while this jig finishes over every cut. It also indexes its stops in the last saw cut. Furthermore, you must have a six-inch clamp that you can use when doing the first cut and the final few cuts on the out-of-range part of the clamps (built-in).

What Factors to Consider When Buying a Box Join Jig?

When choosing a box joint, you need to consider several factors that can help you zero in on the right box joint jig for your needs. Here is a rundown of these important factors to consider:


One factor you need to consider is the capacity of the box joint jig. It should be characterized by versatility enough to deal with different types of projects. Moreover, it should not be restrictive. Its thickness should be capable of accommodating various material thicknesses. It should also be better than other options when it comes to its top end.

Precision Alignment and Ease of Control

One sterling characteristic of an excellent box joint jig is the ease of control and precision alignment. It should exhibit a smooth sliding feature and incremental backer sled. It should also come with indexing keys (precision-machined). Moreover, it should deliver precise cuts and repeatability. The best box joint jig will offer such a capability.


Another factor you should consider is the build and make of the box joint jig. The jig should be sturdy so that you can maximize its use for years. The box joint jig usually takes a beating over time. So, it must be of more robust material. Thus, it will help to go for a brand with a known reputation for producing quality products. 

Check the user reviews to know which box joint jig brands and models have garnered good raves. In this way, you will see how each option stacks against other options. 


You need to consider the compatibility of the box joint jig with table saws. It should be compatible with a standard router table and its miter slot. Hence, it will be best to check for the specifications at the onset before you even shell out your money for a box joint jig. 

Jigs often require specific dimensions from the miter track. So, make sure that you check the miter track before you choose a box joint. Remember that the ideal box joint jigs will provide you maximum flexibility when it comes to compatibility. Besides, your choice should be versatile enough to accommodate various configuration styles.

What is the Most Recommended Dado Alternative Blade for a Box Joint?

If you want to achieve a successful joint, you need to ensure that the cutter’s width should fit snugly between the slot and the pin. The joint will not work if there is slop, even if you would make lateral fence adjustments. To avoid such a problem with the jig construction, you must ensure that your cutter is precisely set with repeatable width. 

If you engage in making many box joints, you can set up a dedicated cutter set like Freud’s. Freud cuts precise flat slots and precisely squared fingers at widths of 3/8″ and 1/4″. You can also make quality joints with the Forrest and CMT. With the use of these sets, you won’t need to make awkward adjustments and shimming.


Making joints is indeed a very challenging aspect of woodworking. Besides, your skill as a woodworker is best challenged by the types of joints that you make. So, if you wish to raise your woodworking skills a notch higher, you need to invest in excellent jigs like the box joint jigs mentioned above. 

These box joint jigs have proven themselves to be effective in producing excellent box joints. They are not hard to set up, and they are easy to use. With their use, you will see a remarkable improvement in your joinery. Moreover, others will surely appreciate your woodworking skills if you can harness the use of these helpful box joint jigs.

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