Best Link Belts for Table Saw 2023

October 4, 2023

Link belt sizes.

The single best thing that you can do to make an old table saw run smoothly again is to replace its belt by installing the correct size of link belts into it. As you make this beneficial change, you will notice a remarkable drop in vibration levels of your saw. Link belts are of simple design. They come in separate links that fit together. 

Moreover, link belts, compared to standard belts, absorb vibration. In this way, it dissipates the forces that generate vibration. Link belts are also better than V belts because they are more flexible. Of course, vibrations are pretty natural when using a table saw, but these vibrations do reduce accuracy. Hence, with the use of link belts, you can reduce vibrations.

Urethane elastomer makes up a link belt, and polyester fabric usually reinforces the urethane elastomer to add durability to the material. You can assemble the links by hand, but you can utilize needle nose pliers to facilitate the assembling process. You can thread the belt around the pulleys and connect the ends. 

This type of installation is more straightforward than other methods of installation. Moreover, if you got a long belt, you could slip off a link, and if it is too short, you could add additional links to the belt. The 1/2″ (A/4L) is usually the correct width for most woodworking machines. Besides, you will find the link belts very useful on any belt-driven tool.

Most Recommended Link Belts for Table Saw

Link belts come in various brands and models, and if it is your first time buying a link belt for your table saw, you may end up a bit confused when choosing. Here is a rundown of the best link belts in the market today to facilitate the choosing process for you:

1) Grizzly Industrial T21992

V-belts are made of polyurethane elastomers, and the Grizzly Industrial T21992 is no exception. It comes reinforced with many polyester fabric drives that make it more durable. This link belt provides you with an alternative to the traditional rubber v-belts that feature wedge cross-sections. 

The Grizzly Industrial T21992 offers a unique design that incorporates composite materials that provide excellent benefits. It comes with a longer lifespan and is easy and quick to install. For this reason, you can reduce the vibrations of your table saw with this V-belt. 

You will notice that the T21992 requires a break-in period to allow it to settle and stretch to its normal length. With this V-belt, your table saw will be quieter and will run smoother.

2) Jason Industrial A-LINK-5 Accu-Link V-Belt Belting

The Jason Industrial A-LINK-5 is a type of link belting that is detachable. With a simple twist, you can make an endless link with this belt. You won’t be needing any tool to install this link belt. 

The Jason Industrial A-LINK-5 is made of polyester fabric that comes with a premium polyurethane compound. Jason made this link belt a very accurate and precise link belt with a highly precise and carefully thought of method. 

This link belt comes in 25 and 100 feet cartons. Moreover, you can buy A-link and 3 L in five-foot sleeved length. You can also buy B-link in a five-foot-sleeved size.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Adjustable Link-Belt

Upon knowing your best options when it comes to V-belt, you can narrow down your options to the best options at hand. Nevertheless, it will also help if you know the crucial things to consider before buying an adjustable link belt:

You can Use an Adjustable Link Belt on Many Tools

You can use the adjustable link belt on other tools that make use of the V-belt. Hence, you can use it to replace worn belts of your table saw, drill press, sander, and other belt-driven tools. You can also use the link belt to replace your bandsaw’s slipping belt.

Reduce Vibrations

The adjustable link belt claims that it reduces vibration. Well, this claim has a basis because as soon as you replace the old belt with an adjustable link belt, you will notice that there is a remarkable reduction in vibrations. 

I tried it on my bandsaw, and it was effective in reducing vibrations. Moreover, you will notice a significant decrease in your table saw vibrations after replacing the old blade with an adjustable link belt. 

So, with the newly installed adjustable link belt, your belt-driven tool will operate more smoothly. You’ll get surprised at how a simple change of belt will make a big difference in the efficiency and operation of your equipment.

Even Without an Old Belt, You Can Fit in the Adjustable Link Belt

When buying a replacement belt, sometimes you need to use the old belt as a guide when buying a new one. The size of the old belt will serve as the size guide in your choice of a new one. Yet, in the case of the adjustable link belt, you can buy an adjustable link and install it even if you don’t have a size guide from the old belt. 

You only need to separate the belt as mentioned above. Then, you only need to wrap the belt around the pulleys. Afterward, you only adjust the belt’s length to install it, and you’re good to go.

Easy to Install

One thing you will notice when installing an adjustable link belt is its ease of installment. In fact, you can quickly replace the worn belt on your equipment without engaging in disassembling anything. This ease of installation is very remarkable. You don’t need to sweat yourself out too much in installing the adjustable link belt. 

Moreover, you can attach or connect two of these adjustable belts to achieve greater length. So, even with one purchase, you can replace your bandsaw belts using this adjustable link belt. For this reason, it is named adjustable link belt because it can adjust its size to the required size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing more about the pros of using the adjustable link belt and being cognizant of the most recommended adjustable link belt options, it will also help to know the following frequently asked questions about adjustable link belts:

Why Do V-belts Produce Vibrations?

If you are using rubber V-belts, you will notice that they produce a bit of vibration. The belt must wrap around the small pulleys so that you can use them. Once you have used them for quite some time and stopped for a certain period, the belt takes the pulley’s shape. 

Once you rerun it, the unbent and bent parts of the belt can create uneven tension as the belt moves around the pulley. This uneven tension can make the motor struggle a bit and bobble awkwardly up and down. These erratic motions will cause the saw to vibrate and shake.

How to Know if Link Belts Suitable To Use on Specific Equipment?

To know whether the link belt is appropriate for your machine, you can detach the drive belt and start your tool. If the motor begins smoothly and remains smoothly operating, it means that the noise might have originated from the belt. So, the way to check whether your hunch is right is to replace the belt with a new one. 

If vibrations remain low, then it is really the belt that is at fault. If vibrations persist, the cause of the problem is somewhere else than the belt. So, you need to check further. Try to remove the saw blade and restart the equipment.

If the saw continues to vibrate vigorously, then the problem might be in the arbor area. Inspect the arbor if there is a run-out. If there is a run-out, you should replace the bearings of the arbor. Most bearings have standard sizes. So, you will not have a hard time finding a replacement for the bearings.


The adjustable link belt will provide the strength needed to make your table saw and other belt-driven equipment run smoothly. It reduces vibration caused by the worn-out belt. Moreover, it is adjustable to ensure that it would fit well into the pulleys. You don’t need to do any disassembling when using this belt. Compared to other belts, it is more vibration-resistant than other conventional belts. Furthermore, you can connect two belts to increase the length of the belt.

You can use the adjustable link belt on any woodworking equipment that utilizes V-belt. It is pretty easy to install, and you’ll see many videos online that will show you how different links function. Moreover, the instructions that come with it are pretty much easy to understand and follow. So, it will be good to try this one to figure out for yourself whether it stacks up against the conventional V-belt.

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