Table Saws With Best Dust Collection, Reviewed 2023

October 4, 2023

Dust collection ports on table saws.

A woodworker’s workshop isn’t complete without a table saw. Besides being an essential, helpful tool, it’s also a powerhouse for many projects. It’s best to own one, but like all tools, it has its drawbacks. 

One of the primary disadvantages of having a table saw is the sawdust. It’s inevitable, and you’ll find them all over the floor, your workstation, on your tools, and clothes. While we can’t prevent sawdust from happening, we also can’t ignore it. 

Benefits of Removing Sawdust While Cutting Wood With Table Saw?

Okay, you can’t avoid sawdust from happening. But can’t you just leave it be? After all, sawdust is minuscule. With enough airflow going in and out of the workshop, surely they’ll all dissipate in the air. 

Well, that’s not the case. Sawdust can dissipate in the air, yes, and you’ll probably inhale its particles. While sawdust is okay to touch, it can cause respiratory problems. The worst-case scenario is you developing cancer from too much exposure. 

But sicknesses are far from being the only reason why we should have a sawdust-free environment. As sawdust floats around in the room, it can get into your eyes! You’ll end up dealing with irritated eyes for a few days to a week. 

Numerous safety issues come from sawdust. They’ll contaminate your project, cause people to slip, and overall, just make woodworking inconvenient. Plus, a dirty environment is never good for your state of mind. It’s also quite unprofessional!

But how can you get rid of sawdust completely? Don’t worry, it isn’t an impossible task. You can have a cleaner environment in no time through table saws’ dust collection features. 

You don’t have to buy something separate for your workshop and cramp your space even more this way. Let’s get started!

Recommended Table Saws With Best Dust Collection

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1) JET 708675PK

The Dust Port: A built-in 4-inch dust collection port is available 

Other Pro Features: 

  • Riving knife with quick-release features 
  • Integrated arbor lock for increased safety
  • Fully shrouded blade 
  • Built-in storage drawer and wings 

Is The JET 708675PK For You?

The JET 708675PK boasts safety and cleanliness best. This cast-iron cabinet table saw has a 10-inch blade you can use for your projects! You can guarantee more efficiency with the quick-release riving knife with an independent leaf safety guard. 

The entire table saw is heavy-duty, chrome-plated, and includes cast-iron extension wings for ease of use. Keep your workplace free of clutter with the deep storage drawer and miter gauge storage. 

Best of all, the built-in four-inch dust collection port is ready to keep your workshop sawdust free!

If you want something durable and safe, get this model for your workshop!

2) Grizzly Industrial G1023RLX

The Dust Port: A built-in 4-inch dust collection port is available 

Other Pro Features: 

  • Riving knife with quick-release features 
  • Integrated arbor lock for increased safety
  • Fully shrouded blade 
  • Built-in storage drawer and wings 

Is The Grizzly Industrial G1023RLX For You?

Need something quiet and heavy-duty? Look no further. You won’t disturb your family nor neighbors with its efficient serpentine belt system. It allows a lot of arbor movement and a diverse range of blades, with a cast-iron finish for durability. 

While the 4-inch dust collection port is standard, its dust extraction is also encapsulated. If you want clean, powerful work, the Grizzly Industrial model is a good pick!

3) DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw DWE7491RS

The Dust Port: Built-in 2-1/2″ dust port with easy vacuum connectivity

Other Pro Features: 

  • Telescoping Fence System
  • Rolling stand set-up
  • Ten-inch 24-tooth blade
  • Anti-restart switch for safety
  • Foldable form

Is the DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw For You?

Do you need something to help you make those narrow, accurate cuts? This table saw is for you! You benefit from fast fence adjustments without sacrificing precision. Plus, hardwood materials are a breeze with the flip-over ripping fence. Large projects are going to be easy to work with! 

Set up the table saw with the rolling stand and bring it around whenever, wherever. Your workshop will remain clean no matter the project with the onboard storage system. Plus, the dust collection port will pick up all debris!

4) Evolution – RAGE5-S

The Dust Port: Integrated dust ports above and below the blade, best paired with the Evolution vacuum system 

Other Pro Features:

  • Hi-torque motor
  • Japanese TCT blade for cutting different materials 
  • Adjustable parallel fence
  • On wheels – with a collapsible frame for portability! 

Is the Evolution – RAGE5-S For You?

If you work with many materials and in different places, it’s time to invest in this table saw. Cut through weld-ready steel, aluminum, hardwood, plastics and wood with embedded nails 

It’s also cost-efficient – you don’t have to spend on other cutting materials. This one table saw can do it all. As the entire system can be on wheels, you can bring it around wherever with no issue! 

It also has a powerful motor, vibration-resistant clamp, and precise angle settings. The best part comes when you work on wood. The integrated dust ports are placed above and below the blade so you can catch all sawdust in time. 

However, you do need a vacuum system in place. Just have that, and you’re all ready to go!

5) SKIL TS6307-00

The Dust Port: Elbow dust port that redirects all dust to a container

Other Pro Features: 

  • Integrated folding stand for portability and convenience
  • Fence rails
  • Parallel blade for micro-adjustments
  • Large bevel capacity

Is the SKIL TS6307-00 For You?

Working in a small place? Or maybe you need to transport a table saw to multiple job sites. Get this table saw for convenience and portability! Fold the legs and transport it anywhere. 

Quick cuts have never been easier. The lever quickly releases amounts with bevel capacities between 0 to 45 degrees! 90-degree cutting is a breeze, too. Adjust everything with accuracy and finish your projects fast. This is best for professional workers who consider time as their gold. 

Besides quick, accurate cuts, the tabletop saw is durable with aluminum cast surfaces. Should a power outage happen, you remain safe with its anti-restart setting. Tidy up with the elbow dust port! 

Additional Tips To Improve Your Table Saw’s Dust Extraction & Collection SystemUse New Tools 

Overarm Dust Collector 

Sure, you notice most of the sawdust underneath your feet. However, you’ll know from experience that many of them float around the air. They can get into your respiratory passages and eyes. 

To make sure you get all the dust possible from your projects, install an overarm dust collector. It’ll be efficient, and you’ll benefit from it, too! You can go the DIY route or get it ready-made from the shop. 

Ceiling Hooks 

Ready to buy an overarm dust collector? Mount it up with some ceiling hooks. You don’t want to constantly have your project interrupted – add the shop vacuums to the ceiling hook, too!

Choose something handy and sturdy. You want this purchase to make workshop times much easier for you. Make sure you can access your dust collectors and vacuums easily without having to interrupt your progress.

Dust Collection Bags

Something extra that can go a long way with dust collection is some dust collection bags. They don’t need complicated set-ups, and they don’t cost too much to replace. Just fit it on and have all your dust and debris in one bag!

However, having dust collection bags does have to fit with the type of table saw you have. Double-check if you can have this ready first. 

 Get Rid of Gaps and Hose Clutter 

Use duct tape or upholstery foam to block gaps with your dust collection port. You’ll benefit from the added suction power and find more dust collected as a result! 

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to block everything completely. Air must still flow in! 

As you block gaps from your port, make sure to reduce clutter around your space, too. Organize everything. Hooks for your dust collection hoses can be hung on hooks to eliminate any tangling. 

Consider Remote and Automatic Dust Collection

No one wants to stop working just to clean up. Sometimes, dust collection must happen. However, you can always get around this by adding automatic systems to your workflow. 

Besides, walking through sawdust all the time will just send them up in the air. 

Try to rig dust collection remotely. It doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey. Under-table foot pedals work well enough. 

If possible, you can get an automatic system for your clean-up process. That way, it can stop and start without interference. 


There are many table saws available with some of the best dust collection ports. When looking for a table saw, make sure it fits the rest of your needs. While a dust collection port is great, look for other features that will serve you well! 

Look for other ways to maximize dust collection in your workshop. A clean workspace is ideal! 

We hope we helped you out. Which table saw are you going for! Tell us in the comments!

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