Best Miter Saw for Beginners 2023

October 4, 2023

Beginner woodworker learning how to use miter saw.

For beginners, choosing the suitable miter saw model could be challenging if you don’t have certain levels of experience in woodworking. Different categories and models of miter saw may come with different levels of functionality and handling complexity.  

Our 6 Most Recommended Miter Saws for Beginners

Given the myriads of brands and models of miter saws in the market today, you will get confused when buying one. So, to make the buying process easy for you, you can check out the following most recommended miter saws for beginners by the experts:

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DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

If you are looking for a durable miter saw that you could use for learning the rudiments of miter saw usage, you should check out the DEWALT DWS779. This miter saw, of course, is a stainless-steel miter saw that comes with a 12″ blade. It also comes with ten positive stops for a more accurate setup. 

Its miter system is exact. Its base fence support is also remarkable and works well to deliver precise miter angles. Moreover, its sliding fence is tall at 6-3/4″, which provides you with excellent support when cutting. 

The DEWALT DWS779 comes powered by a powerful motor (15amp). This powerful motor works well in providing this miter saw with enough energy to accomplish every challenging task. This motor is likewise reliable and very durable. 

Another excellent feature of this miter saw is its dust collection system. You can expect this dust collection system to capture around 75% or more dust produced by the cutting process. Besides, you can crosscut a 2 “x14″ lumber at 90 degrees while allowing you to cut 2″ x10” lumber at 45°.


  • • Durable construction.
  • • Easy to use.
  • • It is perfect for beginners and amateurs.


  • Price 
  • It is pretty heavy at 56 pounds.

2) Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw, Single Bevel, 15-Amp Motor, 0-52° Miter Angle Range, 0-45° Bevel Range, Large Table, 10" 24T TCT Miter Saw Blade (C10FCGS)

This miter saw, of course, is an excellent option if you’re looking for a beginner miter saw. It comes with a very efficient motor (15amp) that can generate higher RPM (5,000 RPM). This motor provides this tool with substantial power to accomplish every cutting task with ease.

Moreover, its miter angles range from 0° to 52° (left and right), allowing for a precise and clean cut. It also has a wide bevel range from 0° to 45°. You can adjust its bevel stops to allow for precision cutting. 

This saw is quite portable at 24.2 pounds. It also has a horizontal handle equipped with an elastomer handle for reduced shaking and vibrations. It also comes with a bag for collecting most of the sawdust. 


  • • Quality. 
  • • It offers precision cutting. 
  • • It comes with a locking mechanism.
  • • Easy-to-replace carbon brush. 
  • • 5-year warranty. 


  • • It doesn’t have an excellent dust collection system. 
  • • It is only good for beginners.

3) Hitachi C10FCH2

Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

This miter saw comes with everything you would need to jumpstart your woodworking career. It comes with a laser marker that comes in handy when you want accurate cuts. Moreover, this laser marker can improve safety levels because it indicates where you would position your hands. 

This miter saw also comes with a powerful motor (15-amp). This motor, of course, can generate the necessary power to run this miter saw efficiently. Its miter angle range is from 0° to 52°. Its bevel angle range, however, is from 0° to 45°. Furthermore, it comes with a horizontal handle with an elastomer grip for additional control and comfort.

Moreover, it comes with a sizeable pivoting flip fence that you can raise to four inches for making crown molding cuts. It also comes with a dust-collector system for collecting sawdust. Plus, it is portable and lightweight at 26.5 pounds.


  • Precision cutting.
  • Ideal for use by beginners. 
  • It’s pretty easy to operate.
  • It offers enough flexibility. 
  • Laser guide.


• Its laser easily dims when there is sunlight.

4) BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD

BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade , Blue

The brand name Bosch is synonymous with high quality when it comes to the manufacturing of power tools. As such, you can indeed expect that the BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD is also of great quality. This miter saw is powerful. It can also cut precisely and is durable. Moreover, it offers variable speed for better control of the miter saw. 

This miter saw has an Axial-Glide feature that lets you optimize every inch of your workspace. It has a powerful motor (15amp) capable of a maximum of 3,500 RPM. This motor can make this miter saw work efficiently. 

It likewise comes with a dust collection system that can collect up to 90% of sawdust. Its bevel detents are at 0, 33.3 degrees, and 45 degrees (left). Plus, its control systems are easily accessible. However, it is more expensive than the other options.


  • It’s a space-saving option.
  • It has an expanded cutting capacity level.
  • Enhanced level of precision.
  • Incredible cutting flexibility. 


  • It is quite expensive for beginners. 
  • It may not be up for large workloads.

5) Genesis GMS1015LC

Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Laser Guide and 9 Positive Miter Stops

Another viable option if you’re looking for a workable miter saw for beginners is the Genesis GMS1015LC. Well, this one comes with innovative features that you would surely love. First, it comes with an electric brake that makes the blade stop if it hits anything akin to the flesh. It also comes with an arbor lock for easy changing of blade. Aside from these two features, it also comes with a laser guide for more accurate cuts.

The Genesis GMS1015LC also comes with a carbide-tipped blade installed in this miter saw. This blade has 60 teeth. Furthermore, it comes with two extension wings, a dust bag, a clamp, and a blade wrench. 

It also features nine positive (detent) miter stops, allowing for a quick setup and precise cuts. Moreover, its base is of die-cast aluminum for enhanced portability and durability. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Perfect for cutting crown molding.
  • • It comes with safety features like an electric blade brake.
  • Powerful motor. 
  • 2-year warranty.


  • It can’t cut taller boards beyond three inches in height. 
  • It is not ideal for heavy workloads.


DEWALT Miter Saw, Single Bevel, Compound, 10-Inch, 15-Amp (DWS713)

DEWALT DWS713 is another excellent option if you are looking for a miter saw for beginners. It features a detent plate made of stainless steel. Its blade is 10 inches in diameter and features 14 positive stops. 

It also comes with a miter system that delivers precise cuts. Besides, it features a base fence support (machined). Its sliding fence can support its 4-1/4″ base. 

The bevel angle range is from 0 to 48 degrees (to the left) and 0 to 3 degrees (to the right). Moreover, this miter saw comes with incredible speed and eleven positive stops for better accuracy and durability. 


  • It has enough punch, being capable of 5,000RPM. 
  • Perfect for beginners. 
  • Ergonomic and easy to maneuver. 


  • It produces intense vibrations when run at high speed.

Critical Factors to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw for Beginners

You will find the choosing process for a miter saw a tad confusing if you are not cognizant of the abovementioned recommendations of experts. Yet, aside from knowing the most recommended miter saws for beginners, it will also help if you are familiar with the succinct factors to consider when buying a miter saw for beginners:

Miter Saw Types

Miter saws come in different types: standard, compound-miter, dual compound-miter, sliding compound-miter, and laser/LED miter-saw. Each type of miter saw can cut and finish the work for you. Nevertheless, each type also comes with its pros and cons. Nevertheless, you will indeed find the compound miter a better choice. However, I would suggest choosing something that is not complicated to operate if you are only a beginner. 

The standard miter saw, for example, is maybe the less appealing option as you shop around for a miter saw. It is simplistic in design and offers straightforward operation. Yet, it can be your best option as a beginner to learn the rudiments of the miter saw’s use. 

You can also choose the single compound miter saw. Of course, it can cut at various angles. It is also perfect for beveling and for cutting crown moldings. You will also get surprised that most miter saws you can see in the market are single compound versions. The downside of using the single compound version is that you must flip the workpiece over to cut the other side. 

The dual-compound miter saw, however, allows you to cut in both directions sans flipping the board. Such capability will save you time and effort. You can also go for a sliding compound miter saw if you intend to cut wider boards. Besides, it comes with handy sliding rails to let you cut through the entire board with ease and precision.

Size and Portability

As a beginner, you may get daunted by the heavier and bulkier options of miter saws. Yet, it is not the weight of the miter saw that determines its size. It is the size of the blade of the miter saw that indicates its size. So, you will find 10″ and 12″ miter saws in the market. You will also find 8″ and 15″ miter saws. 

If you would work with thicker boards, you should choose the 12″ miter saw to allow you to cut through your materials without jamming. However, if most of your materials are six inches wide and three-quarters-inch thick, then you should go for a 10-inch miter saw.

When it comes to miter saws, it will also be a plus factor if it is lightweight. A lightweight miter saw, for example, will favor the beginner who is just learning the basics of using a miter saw. After you have learned the rudiments miter saw cutting, you can transition to heavier stuff if you want to raise your skills a notch higher.


The brand of miter saws doesn’t belong to the essential features of the miter saw. Yet, it is a factor you should include in your list of essential factors to consider. Some brands, for example, deliver consistent quality products. Hence, consumers often join the bandwagon and buy more often from these brands. 

Moreover, manufacturers of known brands make sure that the sound of their brand names elicits respect and excellence. So, they ensure that their products are often of excellent quality.

Cutting Capacity

Another essential feature you should look for in a miter saw is its cutting capacity. If you have a miter saw with a more powerful cutting capacity, you can indeed do better in your works. Thus, if you are serious about making a career in woodworking, I guess you should choose something with a higher cutting capacity.

Fencing System

Another factor to consider is the fencing system. It is the part of the miter saw that secures your workpiece while you cut. One indicator of the best miter saw is how good its fencing system is in pressing tightly on those materials you would like to cut. 

If your material gets firmly affixed to the fence, you can indeed cut well. So, when shopping around for the best miter saw, you should choose something with an excellent fencing system that has the proper heights.

Bevel Cut

As a beginner in woodworking, you may not be familiar with the bevel cut. Moreover, you might get confused with bevel and miter cuts. But as you become familiar with different cuts, you will quickly distinguish between these two cut types. 

However, you should choose a miter saw that could cut more than a 30-degree angle in both directions. Such a bevel cut range will let you make different cuts on your workpiece.


When it comes to the blade, you would surely want a sharp blade with carbide tips to ensure better and more precise cuts. It should be easy to replace. Moreover, you should check the blade’s number of teeth. The more teeth it has, the more refined it can cut. 

You should also choose the right size of the blade and take note of the height and depth that the blade can cut.

Dust Collection System

Another important feature that you should have in your prospective miter saw is the system for dust collection. It should have a system that can collect more sawdust up to ninety percent. The dust collection system allows you to have a clean workspace after finishing your work. Moreover, it can prevent you from developing any health problem due to constant exposure to sawdust. Besides, it can help prevent your saw from getting jammed or stuck.


You can power a miter saw by plugging it into the nearest electrical outlet or by using batteries. Miter saws usually feature a 10-amp, 12-amp, or 15-amp motor. Of course, it will be good to choose the 10-amp miter saw if you are a beginner. A miter saw with a 10-amp motor can handle trimming tasks with ease. Nevertheless, a higher amp motor can do better with a large workload and thick boards. So, your motor choice matters here. 

You can also choose a cordless miter saw powered by batteries. However, you need to charge these batteries more often. A corded miter saw, of course, can help you make up to 275 cuts per charge. 

One advantage of the cordless miter saw, however, is its portability and ease of use even when you’re away from an electrical outlet.

LED Lighting

LED light is another great feature that you can have in your miter saw. With LED lighting, you can work well even in a dark corner or during nighttime when the sun’s natural light is not available. This feature, however, is optional. However, you can purchase an additional third-party attachable laser guide if it doesn’t come with the built-in LED lighting or laser guide.


Knowing the voltage requirement of the miter saw will be critical to your choice. Different countries have different voltage standards. In Japan, for example, most tools and appliances you can buy are in 110V because the voltage standard in that country is from 100V to 120V. In the Philippines, most equipment and devices are in 220V. So, you need to ensure that the miter saw—you would buy—is appropriate to the power standard of your place.

Vibration Reducer

The vibration reducer is not an important feature that you should fuss about. Nevertheless, it is an excellent addition to the features of a miter saw. It will be best if your choice has a vibration reduction system to help you make a clean cut more often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing the most recommended miter saws for beginners and the important factors to consider can lead you a step closer to the right choice. However, it will also help if you familiarize yourself with the following FAQs about miter saws for beginners:

What is the Ideal Miter Saw for Beginners?

The ideal miter saw for beginners should not be complicated to operate. It should also be lightweight for easy handling. Moreover, it should be more affordable and portable. It should also have more safety features to ensure that it is less risky to use for beginners. In a way, it should have the essential factors to consider mentioned above.

Should I Go for a Dual-bevel Miter Saw?

As a beginner, I would not suggest that you go for the dual bevel miter saw. But if you want to raise your skills a notch higher, you can aim for the double bevel version. Of course, it can help you make great angled cuts in both directions without the need to turn or flip over the wood. It can also accomplish such a task quicker than that of the single bevel miter saw.

Would I Need a Sliding Miter Saw as a Beginner?

It would not suggest that you go for a sliding miter saw unless you would engage in cutting broader and thicker boards. If you’re a tyro in woodworking, it will be best to use the less complicated miter saws. Of course, the sliding miter has more moving parts, which makes it riskier to use for beginners. But as you familiarize yourself better with the use of miter saw, you can surely level up and buy yourself a sliding miter saw.


The miter saw is undoubtedly an essential and handy cutting tool for a woodworker. It can help you make precise and versatile cuts for your different woodworking projects. Yet, buying one can be a bit confusing, given the myriads of options at hand. However, if you are cognizant of the abovementioned factors to consider and the most recommended miter saws for beginners, you can quickly zero in on the ideal miter saw for your use as a beginner. 

Of course, there’s a learning curve in the use of a miter saw. Moreover, it is not enough to learn to cut using a miter saw; you should also be wary of safety protocols when cutting using a miter saw. In this way, you can reduce the dangers and risks concomitant with the use of a miter saw.

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