Best Power Feeders for Table Saw 2023

October 4, 2023

Different models of and sizes of table saw's power feeders.

If you have many competitive projects this year, it will be best to buy yourself a table saw power feeder if you don’t have one at present. A power feeder is a tool you can use to hold the table saw blade in place for cutting. It prevents the table saw blade from wobbling or moving while cutting. You usually mount it on your table saw stand to keep the saw blade securely in place. With the power feeder, you can cut wood on your table saw sans using your arms. 

As a tool, the power feeder can take your works on the table to another level. Remember that whenever you engage in a heavy workload, you end up fatigued and exhausted. When you are tired, you tend to become listless and less keen on your work. Moreover, the risk of injuries is higher when you are exhausted and enervated. However, you can minimize fatigue with a power feeder and raise your work’s safety level a notch higher.

Why Is It Important to Have a Power Feeder on Your Table Saw?

A lot of things can happen when feeding dozens of wood strips onto your table saw manually. First, the wood may end up having pause marks when you re-position your hands as you push the wood through the blade. Second, you may end up with sore fingers and shoulders because of constantly applying pressure to keep the workpiece pressed down on the table and against the fence. Moreover, you may end up with injuries as you get exhausted. So, to avoid all these possibilities, you should use a power feeder. 

The power feeder is indeed an excellent upgrade to your woodworking endeavors. It provides constant downward pressure on the wood, providing constant speed against the blade. Hence, you can improve the safety level of your work, considering that your fingers will be away from the saw blade. Besides, you can deliver faster production, for you are not positioned behind the table saw or the feed. 

The power feeder is easy to use and install. You only need to attach it to your tabletop. Afterward, it swivels in place when you use it and swivels back to its original position when you’re not using it. It also features up to four nylon rollers that deliver the necessary downward pressure against the fence and table. These rollers pull the workpiece through the blade. Besides, you can angle the feeder a bit against the fence to keep the workpiece in the correct position.

Most Recommended Power Feeders for Table Saw

Power feeders come in myriads of brands and models, making the choosing process a bit confusing. To facilitate the choosing process for you, you can check out the following most recommended power feeders by the experts:

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1) Powermatic (1790812K)

If you are looking for a reliable and durable power feeder, you should check out Powermatic (1790812K). It is a real power feeder and comes with an excellent design. It is made of superior and durable materials that allow it to withstand the most demanding cutting jobs. 

Moreover, it had been tested for durability and efficiency and had passed all standardized testing. It is fit to match the shop’s needs. Besides, you can change out its rollers quickly. Its build, of course, is excellent with column base, joints, and feeder body made of cast iron.


  • It offers consistent cuts. 
  • It is easy to install.
  • It’s suited for various equipment.


  • It is expensive.

2) Powermatic – Pf-31 Feeder

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a superior power feeder is the Powermatic – Pf-31 Feeder. It has a rugged construction and is a beast when it comes to feeding stocks. It comes with a powerful motor that provides continuous power to the rollers. 

The Powermatic – Pf-31 Feeder provides excellent feeding for your materials. It comes with easy-to-adjust support columns that come with flexible universal joints. 

Moreover, its locking mechanisms are heavy and position the feeder quickly into the necessary feed positions (horizontal, vertical, angle). Its makeup is of cast iron, allowing it to deliver remarkable stability and feeding characterized by no vibrations. 


  • It offers consistent cuts with no or less burning. 
  • It is easy to install and is suited for various equipment.


  • It comes at a higher price.

3) SHOP FOX W1765

This power feeder allows you to make ripping and milling of broader and longer stock quick and easy. It offers you an accurate way of feeding and cutting while raising the level of safety of your woodworking a notch higher. 

It comes with features like Forward/Reverse, XYZ adjustments, and multiple feed speeds. It will let you increase your woodworking production using this power feeder. Moreover, it offers various feed rates because it comes with two gear sets. It also provides a slow-speed set (Optional) that provides 13 FPM. 


  • It features a sturdy product and a quality motor. 
  • Comes with four feed rates and an optional speed set for more flexibility.
  • Suitable for smaller workloads. 


  • It’s a bit heavy.

4) SHOP FOX W1764

You will indeed find the ripping and milling of broader and longer stock safe, accurate, and straightforward with SHOP FOX W1765 power feeder, it comes with a Forward/Reverse feature too. It also comes with multiple options of feed speed. Plus, it comes with an XYZ axis adjustment. 

Thus, you can increase your production using this power feeder. It is also ISO certified and comes with a two-year warranty. Besides, it features rubber wheels (three) that are synthetic, allowing for a grip that doesn’t slip. You can quickly replace its damaged or worn wheels. Moreover, the replacement wheels are easy to install.


  • It’s suitable for use on a router table and a table saw. 
  • It’s easy to install and assemble. 


  • It’s pretty light as a power feeder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from knowing the most recommended power feeders by the expert, it will also help if you are cognizant of the following frequently asked questions about power feeders:

What Feeder Size Should I Choose?

You would often use the table saw in cutting materials and stock. It comes with power feeders, yet, the power feeders that come with it might not be designed for wood. It may be for cutting plastics, metal, and masonry. So, if you want to cut wood, you can look for a power feeder meant for wood. 

The most recommended feeders come with a design for specific applications. For example, the power feeder for the table saw is ideal for cutting crown molding and other wood stock. So, when choosing a table saw power feeder, it will be best to figure out the lumber type you are cutting. 

The size of the feeder also matters when cutting stock. If you engage in cutting smaller lumber, it will be best to settle for a smaller feeder. You should also consider the rollers that come with the feeder. The rollers can increase your productivity, but you should go for more accuracy than enhanced productivity when cutting, for example, crown molding. 

The feeders can be grouped into three categories:

  1. There are industrial ones with three-phase motors. You can use this for a maximum of ten hours per day.
  2. There are feeders for hobbyists. You can use these feeders for three to four hours a day.
  3. There are router table grade feeders, which are like baby feeders that are perfect for your router table.

Should I go for Three Rollers or Four Rollers?

One crucial option when using a plank-making machine is the rollers. As you check out most power feeders, you will discover that most come with four rollers. The three rollers come with a narrower footprint and necessitate less space. The four rollers, on the other hand, are more comprehensive and can fit big wood sheets. 

Which wood sheets you should use usually depends on your machine and the wood type you will work on. The four rollers are more expensive, of course, and thus, if you are on a budget, you should go for the three rollers.

What Wood Type Will You Feed?

You can expect a power feeder to work well with different materials using the table saw. You can use it to feed different types of wood while allowing you to cut the wood into similar sizes. You can also cut hard-to-cut materials using the table saw, such as cutting framing lumber. 

If you’re a beginner in woodworking, you might as well start with thicker pieces to get the hang of using your table saw and the power feeder. But if you are a pro, you can deal with different types of wood pieces when using the power feeder.

When Should You Use a Power Feeder?

Power feeders can come in handy when feeding wood onto your table saw, miter saw planer, router table, and other tools that work on wood. When feeding, however, you should never run the feeder dry. You should instead keep the feeder at 1mm (1/32″) deep. If you got heavy workloads, you would quickly understand why you should never run your feeder dry.

When Should You Use Your Power Feeder?

Power feeders come in handy if you want to create accurate blade length on your table saw. It lessens the risk concomitant with the use of table saw and the fatigue that goes with its use. Nevertheless, you can also do away with the power feeder, but its use will surely make your work easier and better. 

The initial feeders used on the table saw, and power routers were incomparable to the present power feeders. Those old feeders were inefficient and fragile. As such, they did not deliver what was expected of them when used with power tools. They were inefficient and fragile. 

With the introduction of power feeders, feeders became more efficient and durable. Moreover, you can now quickly install these power feeders on your table router sans any problem.


When working with the table saw or table router, the risk of getting yourself injured is always there, especially if you become fatigued and listless. So, you need to bear in mind your safety. To lessen the risk associated with a heavy workload, it will be best to use accessories and tools like the power feeder to minimize the risks concomitant with the use of the table saw. 

The use of a power feeder is an upgrade to your woodworking endeavors. As such, if you have money, don’t hesitate to avail of one. Moreover, the power feeder has been configured to make the use of table saw and router easy. It also helps you make accurate cuts. So, you should never hesitate to buy a power feeder to raise your woodworking level a notch higher.

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