Best Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Plexiglass 2023

October 4, 2023

Using the right blade to cut Plexiglass with circular saw.

Plexiglass has been here for almost a century now. It was first made in 1928 and commercialized in the 1930s. Soon after, it was used in aircraft windscreens and submarine periscopes. It got even used in World War II in gun turrets and canopies. Nowadays, however, Plexiglass is almost everywhere, and if you are an aspiring woodworker, you will surely deal with Plexiglass in some instances.

One tool perfect for cutting Plexiglass is the circular saw. But when cutting Plexiglass using a circular saw, you should carefully choose the saw blade you will use. Circular saw blades, of course, come in different varieties. Some are perfect for cutting concrete or metal, and some are for cutting wood, Plexiglass, and other plastic materials. So, when choosing a circular saw blade for cutting Plexiglass, it will help if you are guided in the process.

Facts on Cutting Plexiglass You Should Know

Plexiglass is one of the plastic materials made from methyl methacrylate polymers. These polymers are methacrylic acid polymers. Plexiglass is technically referred to as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Yet, plexiglass got other trade names like Acrylite, Acrylplast, Perspex, Lymacryl, Altuglas, Lucite Acrivill, Vitroflex, and Trespex. Nevertheless, its most popular trade name is that of Plexiglas.

Plexiglass is an excellent alternative to glass materials. As a plastic material, it is popular and is almost everywhere. It doesn’t shatter, however, and is very flexible. Moreover, it is transparent but may come in different colors with a 0.93 transmittance factor. For this reason, Because of this, Plexiglass is also referred to as acrylic glass.

What Made A Perfect Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Plexiglass?

When choosing a circular blade for cutting Plexiglass, you need to be cognizant of several factors to zero in on the ideal circular saw blade. Here is a rundown of these factors to consider that could help you choose the best circular blade for such type of material: 

Teeth Count

When cutting Plexiglass, it will be best to use blades with more than 70 teeth because Plexiglass needs fine cutting. With more teeth, you can produce more delicate cuts. But with blades with fewer teeth, the cut quality will never be that good. You better reserve your saw blades with fewer teeth for rough-cutting. But for more delicate cuts without chipping, the ideal saw blade would be more than 70 teeth.

Coated Blade

When choosing a saw blade for plexiglass cutting, go for coated blades. With the suitable coating material on the blade’s surface, the saw blade will not generate too much heat as you cut through the Plexiglass. Additionally, when cutting Plexiglass, you should be mindful of heat because Plexiglass is highly reactive to heat. If your saw blade overheats, you will likely see molted edges after cutting. So, it will be best to go for a saw blade with excellent coating against overheating.

Most Recommended Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Plexiglass

Aside from being mindful of the abovementioned factors to consider when choosing a saw blade for cutting Plexiglass, it will also help to know the most recommended circular saw blades by the experts for cutting Plexiglass. In this way, you can immediately narrow down your choices to the best options at hand:

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1) Freud LU94M010

The Freud LU94M010 features a very dense carbide blade that comes with an MTCG tooth design. This design allows this blade to cut smoothly without melting the material. Its hook angle is negative and produces an excellent finish without binding. 

You can cut materials with a maximum thickness of 1-5/8″ thickness. It also features vents that minimize vibrations while extending the life of the blade. This saw blade is perfect for cutting chipboard, plastics, plywood, laminates, and Plexiglass.  


  • It can cut through Plexiglass with ease. The cut features a smooth edge.
  • It doesn’t produce intense heat 
  • It produces fewer vibrations.


  • It’s expensive.

2) Diablo D1080N

The Diablo D1080N is a saw blade rolled out by Diablo, a pioneering company in the manufacturing of circular saw blades. This blade is perfect for non-ferrous metals as well as Plexiglass and plastic. This blade features a shock-resistant carbide. This carbide protects the blade’s body from quickly wearing. 

With this feature, it can maintain its sharpness over time. This blade also comes with Perma-Shield coating (non-stick) that provides strong resistance to corrosion and heat. Moreover, this saw blade also features 80 TCG teeth. It will also hold well even with a heavy workload. This blade is also suitable for different circular saw brands, making this saw blade a very appealing option. 


  • It’s durable.
  • Suitable for a heavy workload. 
  • Versatile and is suited for different circular saw brands. 


  • When cutting aluminum, you need to lubricate it with wax.

3) Freud LU94M008

The Freud LU94M008 is an 8-inch circular blade saw that is perfect for cutting plastic and Plexiglass. This blade is a heavy-duty blade (industrial) that can provide you with smooth and clean cuts when dealing with plastics and Plexiglass. It is an eight-inch circular saw blade that comes with sixty-four teeth. 

With its high density, it can last longer and is durable. It also comes with an excellent coating that reduces friction during the cutting process. Moreover, it does not overheat compared to standard saw blades, and thus, it will not melt the Plexiglass. 


  • Produces clean cuts with no melted edges.
  • Durable and is dependable. 


  • Cut slower.
  • It may be a little challenging to use when working on the edge of the sheet.

4) Oshlun SBNF-072560

The Oshlun SBNF-072560 is a reasonably priced circular saw blade that you can use for cutting Plexiglass and plastic. It offers excellent cutting performance and is a perfect option for cutting Plexiglass. Moreover, you can use this saw blade for cutting metal like copper, brass, and aluminum with its unique tooth configuration (3-chip tooth). 

The Oshlun SBNF-072560 features a 7.3″ saw blade. This saw blade has sixty teeth that are laced with tungsten carbide. This feature makes the cutting process easy and efficient. Its carbide material keeps it shiny and clean when you use it. 

The SBNF-072560 produces beautiful smooth cuts. Moreover, it doesn’t make much noise and features reduced vibrations. Hence, when you use it, you feel comfortable, given its fewer vibrations. Besides, its heat vents keep this saw blade cool during operation. 


  • It’s suited for cutting most types of metal and plastic. 
  • It features reduced vibration and noise. 
  • It doesn’t overheat with its heat vents. 


  • It doesn’t cut well with some plastic materials.

5) Irwin 11820ZR

Another excellent option if you are looking for a circular saw blade for cutting Plexiglass is the Irwin 11820ZR. The Irwin 11820ZR is a 6-1/2″ circular saw blade that comes with 140 teeth. With its many teeth, it can indeed produce outstanding cuts on Plexiglass. This saw blade is perfect for framing applications. Nevertheless, you can use it for cutting Plexiglass with ease. Its 140 teeth are carbide material, providing you with clean and smooth cuts that you would surely like. 

It also comes with very thin kerf, making it easy to slice its way through the material. It is also durable, and its thin kerf helps in prolonging the life of this saw blade. It also comes with a plate that is fully hardened that lasts longer. You can use this saw blade for precision cutting. Lastly, it is very much affordable.


  • Suitable to cut different plastic types. 
  • High-precision cuts.
  • Affordable. 


  • It doesn’t last longer when compared to other products.


The use of Plexiglass has quickly become widespread since it was first commercially introduced in 1930. Nowadays, it is almost everywhere, and if you are a dedicated woodworker, you will surely get the chance to cut Plexiglass using your circular saw. The Plexiglass tends to melt when the blade overheats, so you must choose a saw blade that doesn’t overheat. 

Moreover, it would chip if you use a saw blade with fewer teeth. So, you should select saw blades with higher tooth counts. Plus, as mentioned above, you should choose saw blades with a specialized coating to reduce friction and heat. 

When cutting Plexiglass, you should not stop while cutting so as not to create enough heat that can melt it. Moreover, you should fasten the plexiglass sheets firmly using clamps to prevent injuries due to kickback. The thing is, you should choose your saw blade wisely when cutting Plexiglass.

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