Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Wood with Nails 2023

January 4, 2023

Using demolition blade to cut through wood full of nails.

A circular saw is a versatile tool that you can use to cut wood, laminate sheet, concrete, and even metal. Because it can cut metal, many beginners in woodworking would often think they could use the circular saw for cutting nails. But cutting nails using the circular saw is not advisable unless your circular saw has a blade for cutting metal. Moreover, as an experienced woodworker, I would not recommend using the circular saw in cutting wood with nails. 

But occasionally, you may hit an embedded nail while you cut wood. Occasional cutting of nails would not hurt your circular saw blade that much. But it would never be a good habit to develop. Instead, if you want to cut nails, you should use a reciprocating saw. The reciprocating saw blade is far more expensive, and it is perfect for cutting nails.

The Most Recommended Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Nail-embedded Wood

Saw blades come in various models and brands. Moreover, they have different applications, which makes the choosing process a headache. So, to enable you to zero in on the perfect blade for cutting wood with nails, you can check out the following most recommended framing & demolition blade for cutting wood with nails:

1) Freud D0724DA

The Freud D0724DA Freud D0724DA is a good choice if you want to cut wood with nails embedded in it. This saw blade is a 7-1/4″ blade that comes with 24 teeth. This framing/demolition saw blade can deliver excellent performance and superior control. You can utilize it in both cordless and corded saws. 

This saw blade features a high-density carbide that could extend the usefulness of this saw blade up to 10 times than a regular blade. This property also makes this saw blade doubly durable when compared to standard blades. 

The D0724DA comes with a grind system (three-tooth grind) that allows for excellent tracking control. It also features a thin kerf that delivers more cuts (65%) per charge. This saw blade showcases one of the most reliable tip-blade connections. Hence, it can handle extreme impact when dealing with abrasive materials like bolts, embedded nails, and shingles.  

2) DEWALT DW3191

This saw blade is capable of cutting through rough materials like nails without deflection. It comes with 18 teeth that allow it to make smooth cuts through rough materials. 

This circular saw blade is also a 7 1/4″ blade that is easy to handle. It features carbide teeth, allowing for maximum resistance and longevity. It also features reinforced shoulders for additional durability. 

Its rim also features anti-stick capability for reduced friction and gumming up. Moreover, it comes with a thin kerf for a smooth cut, less sawdust production, and less splitting and chipping.   


The DEWALT DWA31724D is a demolition saw blade with a shoulder design reinforced for resisting impact. It features carbide teeth that last long. Moreover, it is a 7-1/4″ saw blade that can provide you with excellent cutting performance. 

You can use this saw blade for framing applications. You can also use it for demolition applications, and it can deal with wood with embedded nails. This saw blade is very much affordable and reliable.

4) DEWALT DWA1714243

Another saw blade offering from DEWALT that is perfect for cutting wood with nails is the DEWALT DWA1714243. The DWA1714243 comes with a reinforced shoulder that provides this saw blade with additional strength and durability. It is an impact-resistant blade that can cut through nail-embedded wood with ease and facility. 

The DWA1714243 features a tough coat that has an anti-stick feature. This feature reduces gumming up and friction while allowing you to optimize the use of this blade. You can use this blade with corded and cordless circular saws. 

The DWA1714243 is perfect for framing and demolition applications. Moreover, it comes with slots for reduced vibrations. It also comes with a thin kerf for delivering excellent cuts.  

5) Amana Tool – NC-820 Cutting & Demolition Saw Blade

Amana Tool (NC-820) is the best budget saw blade for demolition applications. You can deal with rough materials like nails using this circular saw blade. Moreover, the saw blade features a low tooth count. 

This Amana Tool comes can enable you to make quick ripping. It also comes with angle hooks (negative) for easy cutting. Plus, its shoulder design is excellent for preventing the breaking of its carbide tips upon hitting embedded nails. Moreover, this saw blade is seven-and-quarter inches in diameter saw blade with fourteen teeth. Thus, you can easily fit it into a seven-and-a-quarter inches circular saw. 

6) Luckyway 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blade

Another excellent option for a saw blade for cutting wood with nails is the Luckyway 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Blade. This saw blade is an affordable option that you can use to cut wood with nails. It has an ATB offset design for its teeth, allowing the tooth angle to score the wood’s surface in advance for a better and cleaner cut. 

The teeth will then remove the chip. Hence, this saw blade can provide you with a smoother cut that showcases less splintering. 

This saw blade comes with a hardened steel body that delivers accurate cuts. The blade’s body is also resistant to deflection and bending. This saw blade also features tungsten carbide for its teeth that resist heat and wearing off. It is, therefore, an excellent option if you want to cut rough materials. 

How to Safely Cut Through Nails Using a Circular Saw

When cutting wood with thick nails, you should not push hard the circular saw when it passes a nail. Remember that cutting through nails can be a dangerous process. The reason is that nails can fly in various directions. These fragmented nails can shoot at high speed when hit by a circular saw and may act as a projectile that can hit your body. 

Thus, when cutting wood with nails, you should ensure that you follow the safety protocols and tips when using a power tool. Make sure that you are wearing the proper safety gear. Moreover, it is advisable to use the correct blade for cutting wood with embedded nails.


A circular saw meant for cutting nails is like an ordinary circular saw. However, it comes with a specialized blade that is ideal for cutting nails underneath the wood surface. You can also use this circular saw for cutting nails that stick out of the wood. 

It will be good to remember that you can damage the blade and your circular saw when cutting wood with nails. You can also expose yourself to the risks of being injured if you are not using the correct saw blade. I would suggest removing the nails before cutting wood to reduce the risks involved in cutting wood with nails.

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