Can An Angle Grinder Cut Wood?

December 17, 2022

Use an angle grinder to cut the wood board.

Cutting through metal, masonry, and even concrete is easy with a high-quality angle grinder.

However, there are a few essential considerations to make before using your reliable angle grinder to demolish that potential piece of timber.

Angle grinders are portable power equipment used for rock, steel, and cement grinding and polishing tasks. On the other hand, some individuals use them to cut wood with a circular saw edge attachment, which may lead to accidents. Angle grinders are often used to cut wood. We wanted to find out what causes the damage and how it happens.

Our Experiment on Cutting Wood with Angle Grinder

Can You Use Angle Grinder to Cut Wood for Your Woodworking Projects?

Angle grinder wood cutting poses several obvious safety risks. On the other hand, using an angle grinder is a possibility if you’re careful, use the proper wood cutting discs that are designed to use with the angle grinder, and need to trim a few little edges here and there.

However, do woodworkers in the real world advocate utilizing angle grinders daily? Well, they do, after all. When it comes to woodworking, an angle grinder is just like that side chick you use once in a while for fun but never disclose to anybody for fear of embarrassing yourself.

Angle grinders are ideal for cutting, polishing, and shaping because of their wide working range. With an angle grinder fitted with a hardwood carving disc, you can sculpt wood like a pro. With an angle grinder, you can cut, grind, deburr, finish, and polish metals in various fabrication tasks that would otherwise need a larger power tool. Angle grinders that run on electricity are the most popular, and they may be corded or battery-powered.

Using the appropriate disc for the job and an angle grinder, even the most laborious, labor-intensive tasks may be simpler and faster with the correct disc. Even better, angle grinders are simple to use for beginners who take the proper safety measures.

However, did you frequently use an angle grinder to cut wood materials efficiently? If you want to cut wood efficiently, I doubt a grinder is the most powerful tool. Table saws, circular saws, and miter saws are all superior options for cutting the wood into the desired shape and size.

If you’re using a three-toothed cutting disc to cut tiny wood pieces, then yes, go for it. That’s OK. I’d need a specialized power tool for anything more than that.

Either way, while using a grinder, always remember to wear protective PPE equipment, including safety goggles, earplugs, and cut-resistant gloves.

It would help if you were careful when using power instruments since they could result in significant damage. On the other hand, grinding machines are responsible for approximately 5,000 severe accidents every year in the United States. Thus extreme care should be used while working with one.

I want to provide the last piece of advice is never to remove the guard from an angle grinder unless the power source is separated.

Cutting any material with a grinder without the need for protection may leave you needing stitches in your face or a broken hand. 

Possible Angle Grinder Safety Issues When Cutting Wood

When safety measures have been taken, and an accident still occurs, it’s a tragedy. However, did you know that in the United States, more crashes happen in the houses of people who do DIYs?

Accidents happen because independent workers monitor construction and industrial sites.

In fact, in all of my years in the woodworking business, I’ve never seen anybody use an angle grinder to cut wood. What gives? 

You may be in for a world of trouble if an accident occurs while using an angle grinder to cut wood. Grinder wheels burst when they shatter because they spin at such a high RPM, inflicting severe injuries, blindness, and in some cases, death.

In any case, why take a chance? Two much more cost-effective power tools are available for cutting wood that don’t have the same dangers.

If you’re a DIY fanatic with a lot of timber to cut and you’re constantly working on something, invest in a miter saw, or a circular saw.

Risks of Using an Angle Grinder with a Circular Saw Blade

Wood is chopped using a circular saw. Wood chips are removed by digging a trench known as a “kerf” by the edges around the blade’s perimeter. The single block of wood is split in half after the cut is complete. The substance hacked away by the blade’s teeth is represented by the sawdust that is left behind.

Circular saws must be used when installing circular saw blades. The circular saw seen in the picture below has many different components.

The guards shield the user’s hands from accidental contact with the blade. The saw’s controls are located on the handles. In addition to giving the saw a solid resting point on the workpiece, the base also restricts how far into the workpiece the blade may be exposed.

A circular saw and an angle grinder are both cutting tools, but an angle grinder isn’t. Instead of blades, angle grinders have abrasive wheels attached. The wheels are powered by rubbing the surface they’re on. Because they lack teeth, these wheels are useless for cutting wood. Instead, they’re utilized for various things, including removing grout between bricks, smoothing rough surfaces, and shortening bolts.

When the angle grinder is used carelessly, the grinding wheel is removed, and a circular saw blade is installed in its stead. Angle grinder manufacturers have a policy of not allowing this kind of use. The picture below illustrates just how egregious this abuse is.

How to Use an Angle Grinder Safely

An angle grinder is a fantastic tool for carving, sanding, and shaping when it comes to woodworking. The grinder is equipped with a large number of grinding discs specifically designed for working with wood. The proper cutting disc will be determined by how much wood has to be removed and how quickly.

Conclusions: Is it Safe to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Wood?

Is it safe to use an angle grinder to cut wood after reading this?

No, this should only be a last-ditch attempt if you already have no other choice. With this tool’s increased danger of harm from kickback, it’s not worth the extra risk.

Your life is in danger even if you’re using a woodcutter’s blade.

For those who have no other choice than to use this method, we’ve included safety advice and precautions that will assist you in avoiding being hurt while working on your project. All of these factors should be kept in mind when working to ensure your safety at all times.

Angle grinder injuries from cutting wood are most often the result of a lack of understanding on the part of the operator that cannot use an angle grinder to cut. Hand surgeons must provide enough input before manufacturers are compelled to implement safety precautions.

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