5 Different Types of Miter Saws

Miter saw on the bench top.

So, you have decided to try your hand at woodworking for a change. And to jumpstart your woodworking career, you have started to buy the necessary equipment and tools like the miter saw. But when shopping around for the best miter saw, you’ve found out that there are myriads of miter brands and models of … Read more

What is Miter Saw Used for?

Miter saw in the workshop.

Sometime around the last quarter of 2015, I was just like you—an aspiring woodworker—who was raring to build my first workshop. One question I had then was what primary tool I would buy to jumpstart my woodworking projects. Fortunately, an expert woodworker told me first to buy a miter saw. Taking a cue from his advice, I … Read more